Beauty forever
 "Mirror, mirror, tell me the truth but to report! How to look fresh and radiant? Yes, and a date on the nose ... just like those bruises and swelling. "But they will not ruin your night if you pass special training course to learn how to properly care for the skin around the eyes.

More than eighty percent of the world you perceive through the eyes. The surrounding skin is most pupils vulnerable to external influence, in fact, the day of your eyelids makes from 12 to 25 thousand movements, plus you complicate their lives and make-up remover.

Often the appearance of "bags" and "bruises" caused by stress and fatigue banal. The body with a shortage of forces and the rest does not have time to carry out the metabolic processes in the right rhythm. For example, there are swelling due to accumulation of toxins and fluid in the eye, "dimples" and dark circles appear due to insufficient fast conductivity cells in the blood vessels, which "shine" through the thin layer of skin.

The point in the tube

Of course, many women resort to "first aid" - cosmetic tubas with means that are called "skin around the eyes." They need to be applied to the skin before going to sleep, but it is very important that you thoroughly cleans her makeup on. Remember that, when mixed with coloring components may be serious irritation!

Tools creamy often cause redness and burning. In such case, the transition to a hypoallergenic gel is a light and transparent texture.

Extracts to help

There are a variety of lines of caring for the skin around the eyes kremo- and gelatinous texture. Such preparations contain different extracts, a combination of which have anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing, soothing and "absorbing" the action (what the doctor ordered). Choose tools that include the following extracts:

- Ginseng cnimaet swelling of the eyelids, making the skin supple.

- Aloe has moisturizing and soothing effect. It removes dark circles under the eyes.

- Cucumber extract refreshes the skin and gives it a velvety texture.

- Cedar oil provides the skin with nutrition, it speeds up the "transport" function.

- Beeswax restores the structure of the skin, softens and nourishes.

- Grape seed oil prevents the formation of excess moisture in the skin, protecting it from aging.

- Parsley protects the skin from wrinkles, removes toxins and relieves swelling.

- Cornflower soothes and regenerates kozhu.Snimaet redness, swelling under the eyes, improves skin color.

If you missed the smell of field grass, prepare the contrast compresses of chamomile, fennel, linden flower or parsley, are perfectly cope with bruises and swelling. Pour two teaspoons of medicinal herbs with boiling water, leave for 10 minutes, drain. Half infusion refrigerate half slightly heated. Saturate 4-5-layer gauze or cotton pad with hot broth and put on eyelids for 10 minutes. Then apply a cold compress well for 10 minutes. After the procedure, do not wash, let the skin dry and apply moisturizer.

Everything is at hand

Sometimes the "improvised" means are a lifeline. Pros them that they always have in your house, and the result will not keep you waiting. Memorize five rapid funds to help make your eyelids beautiful.

Express - 1: Potatoes

Potatoes eliminates dark circles under the eyes, gives the skin a healthy appearance. Cut one raw root vegetable in half and attach to the century. The use of these "masks" will give the skin elasticity.

Express - 2: The teabag

Black tea relieves swelling eyelids, the skin becomes velvety. The bag after welding to attach to age and hold for ten minutes. By the way, if you wipe your face with tea bag, the skin will remain light tan.

Express - 3: Ice

Ice has immediate toning and refreshing effect. Ice Cube will pass through the skin in the direction of the nose to the temples. This daily "washing" gives the skin freshness, elasticity and healthy appearance. You can make ice in the broth chamomile or other herbs, from which the skin just do not want to give up.

Express - 4: Cheese

Cheese helps to reduce dark circles. On gauze put 1 tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese chilled, roll in the "bag." Compress hold 15 minutes. After wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked in milk.

Express - 5: Cucumber

Cucumber makes the skin velvety and "pull" of her toxins. Sliced ​​cucumber circles on leave on face for 20 minutes. During cucumber mask relax and breathe deeply - it is also very useful for the regeneration of the skin.

Starry example

Do you think the stars of show business use only expensive drugs for skin around the eyes? Not at all. They have a lot to learn.

Marilyn Monroe,   coming home after the shooting, the first step removes makeup and cleansed skin smeared with olive oil.

The secret of velvety skin singer Valeria - in her sour cream mask. It should be applied with a thick layer on the skin, leave for 10 minutes and wash off with water.

Pop diva Carrie Meraya   swarthy partial to shade the face and use a cream for skin around the eyes with the effect of tan and gold, which has developed itself.

The world-famous tennis player Maria Sharapova   rub eyelids with ice cubes - this procedure helps her fight fatigue and gives the face a fresh look.

Julia Roberts   He believes that the fight against puffiness and dark circles under the eyes there is nothing better quality sleep and nutrition.

Now you can safely go on a date! And do not forget to share your discoveries with friends: it is too late to save them the upcoming dates.
Author: Oksana Lipkin