Brightening the lips, eyebrows, skin ...
 Clarification - the trend in modern cosmetology. The fashion fair skin, blond eyebrows and even light skin of the lips.

Trend skin lightening

For us it is a completely new trend, although the direction is in cosmetology almost the oldest. Asian woman in its history to seek a porcelain face, while the Europeans in recent years too much attention to darkening of the skin. But now the global trend still on lighting.

You may ask: "What about all these bronzers and spray the artificial tan? ". They, of course, continue to be popular and is popular. But at the same time there is a growing movement for white skin. Look at the shelves at Sephora or L'Etoile, along with the expanded line of products bronzer bleaching creams, BB-creams, SS-creams, which are aimed at clarification and radiance of the skin. Even some 5-10 years ago, and these products did not exist in the European market. Rada innovations and Asian women, because they had for centuries to whiten the skin toxic hydroquinone or white lead, and now in them, and at our disposal such a palette of tools!

Skin lightening

 Brightening the lips, eyebrows, skin ...

Modern creams to lighten the skin favor not all beauticians. Experts warn that even today some of these products are dangerous and should be well-versed in the subject, to buy the right tool. Therefore, many of us still operate, paying attention to prevention and home remedies for skin lightening.

- The oxidation process of the skin leads to darkening it. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from the effects of free radicals, for it to stay away from tobacco smoke, ultraviolet radiation, bad ecology.

- Bleaching creams with hydroquinone, was said to be toxic. In addition, many complain that the result is not perfect - the skin is whitish spots. But science does not stand still, and there are a number of ingredients, whose presence in the cream speaks of the bleaching action of the product. These are: licorice root, bearberry, lemon peel, resveratrol (an antioxidant can be obtained from grape seed and grape).

- Microdermabrasion may be the beginning of bleaching his skin. She got rid of the top layer of cells that rid the skin of dullness and gray plaque. A glowing results will need to maintain a diligent daily care.

- Daily exfoliation with your favorite scrub can also be a whitening procedure. Spend daily cycles of peeling of 3 days.

- Use tools specifically designed for the brightness of the skin. Add serum for shine and brightness to your skin moisturizer. Masks for the brightness of the skin can be done 1-2 times a week.

If you have rosacea, then exfoliation with scrubs is contraindicated you! You come to the brightness of the skin serum.

Brightening Lip

 Brightening the lips, eyebrows, skin ...

Lips may darken due to improper care. But the application of lip balm with sunscreen SPF, as well as the rejection of bad habits - it is the most simple and effective prevention of the spots on the lips, bumps, discoloration of the skin of the lips.

Be alert to changes in the color of the lips, any pigmentation should be a signal to check on the tendency of skin to skin cancer.

But if you are unhappy with darkening of the lips, the question arises: can we try to lighten them? It is possible, and even in the home.

1. First check whether you care for lips. To lips did not change its natural color, it is necessary not to forget about the regular peeling with an old toothbrush. Avoid foods that darken the lips for a long time. All enamel paints, stains and lips - is, first of all, coffee, strong tea, red wine. Give up smoking, smokers have rarely pink lips, they tend to be dull and yellowish lips.

2. Too frequent use of dark lipstick - can also cause darkening of the lips. Therefore, when using a plum or burgundy shades, first apply foundation as a primer, or at least a layer of foundation.

3. Constant hydration - is to protect the lips from discoloration. Follow him: try to bite or lick your lips during the day, it will save lips from dehydration, leave them natural shade. It is also useful to use Vaseline, retains moisture on the lips. Apply petroleum jelly before going to bed.

4. Almonds is a good popular way to lighten the skin of the lips. For this purpose, almond milk, or almond oil. They should be applied to the lips for several weeks before you see the result.

5. Homemade recipes for lightening lip - a beet, coriander, pomegranate juice, cucumber juice.

6. Another domestic and effective means to lighten the lips called honey. Every day before going to bed apply on the lips of a mixture of honey and aloe vera juice or honey and strawberries.

7. Lemon juice - a quick fix for aligning the lip color.

Lightening eyebrows

 Brightening the lips, eyebrows, skin ...

Even with the continuing fashion for black bushy eyebrows, retained enough of women, dreaming at least a little to lighten the facial hair. Come to help make hydrogen peroxide and young people's cunning.

1. The hair dye is best left to professionals in the cabin. Homes and without special skills can be spoiled and eyebrows and the skin around the eyebrows, and even hurt the eyes. At home, there are a lot of secrets that will help lighten eyebrows.

2. The easiest and most effective way to lighten eyebrows at home - it is a cream, designed to lighten facial hair above the upper lip (eg, Sally Hansen). Before applying the cream on the brow, perform the test - apply to the jaw line, and leave for a few minutes. Apply to the eyebrows in the event that there is not an allergic reaction. On the eyebrows, apply a means of accurately and observe the time limits specified in the instructions. At the same time, do not try to immediately achieve the desired result, the most correct strategy - gradual lightening, then there would have to apply the cream not once, 2 or 3 times.

3. Lighten the eyebrows can not resorting to radical changes. This is done with makeup. First, pay attention to such means as a color gel for eyebrows. Secondly, there are opaque coatings - toning shade of eyebrow powder or eyebrow. Matt result will look more natural, and glitter gel on the other hand draws attention to itself. The third product is makeup to lighten eyebrows - a light pen (gray, ocher, white).

4. One of the available home remedies lighten eyebrows - a mixture of lemon juice and chamomile tea. Daily moisten eyebrows this lineup. After some time, the result will be noticeable. However, it is too black hair lightening will not take.

5. And the most effective means - as before, hydrogen peroxide. Apply a 3% peroxide solution on a cotton swab, moisten them eyebrows. The first time the tampon can be kept about two minutes. If the result is not satisfied, then we will have to repeat the procedure several times. However, in the following methods to keep the swab is not needed, it is enough to moisten his eyebrows, and then rinse with peroxide.
Author: Tamara