Brown spots - a strategy to combat
 Motley, slender and hot.
("Panther" K. Balmont)

Pigmented spots can be decorated with a panther, but I do not like not a woman!

More Okay, if it's cute konopushki appearing in the spring and safely whiten and threatened to fall. But even with them, many of the fair sex struggle persistently trying, by all means, to achieve perfectly smooth skin tones. So what to speak of unsympathetic and sometimes very noticeable brownish spots of various shapes suddenly appear on the skin in a very conspicuous places, including the face and hands.

Why is this happening?
To begin with we shall understand, what determines the color of the skin. It turns out that it is caused by the presence of four pigments:

- Brown - the melanin present in the superficial layer of skin (epidermis)
- Yellow - carotene, is also found in the epidermis, but in special cells (keratinocytes)
- Red - the color of blood in the capillaries of the skin,
- Blue - the color of the reduced hemoglobin in the skin venules. Venules are small blood vessels that provide oxygen-depleted outflow of blood from the capillaries into the veins.

Here are a combination of these four colors and provides a uniform tone of our skin and their quantitative ratio depends on what shade it will have - chocolate, yellow, "blood and milk" or pale blue in treatment.

But there are circumstances in which on some areas of the skin that occurs uneven distribution of pigments, usually brown melanin, and it was then, and there are spots.

What are these circumstances? They can be internal (disorders in the body) and external - overreliance on sunburn, exposure to chemicals, including cosmetics. To properly build a strategy to combat the sudden spots, you need to determine what the cause of their appearance.

If it is a freckled, which from year to year appear on the face and sometimes on other parts of the body, the cause for special concern. To get rid of freckles impossible. It is the natural state of young skin. Freckles - an indicator of youth and your individual characteristics. Of course, if you do not like them, you can take certain measures so they are not so clearly visible: to hide from the sun, use a sunscreen cosmetics, bleaching agents (preferably homemade), and so on. D.

But no serious disturbances in the internal organs of the annual appearance of freckles does not signal. Freckles can be considered a cosmetic fault, dignity ... or vice versa - is which side to look at them!

Another thing - the sudden irregular-shaped spots on the hands, face and other parts of the body.

 Brown spots - a strategy to combat
   We often assume the appearance of age spots signs of skin aging, and this is true, dark spots may occur on the skin after 45-50 years because of changes in the activity of cells that produce melanin. Melanin in adulthood often produced in very large quantities and is deposited unevenly. But, moreover, it is with age, more and more often experience problems in the coordinated work of the body, weakens the immune system, hormonal changes, there are chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and nervous system. So, the more we pay attention to the health, lifestyle, the longer we remain young - the less there is a reason for occurrence of pigmented spots on the skin.

But they appear in very young women. In this case, it is particularly important in time to pass a study by specialists, to exclude the possibility of any serious illness. Very often brownish-yellow pigment spots (chloasma) occur in women during pregnancy or with certain gynecological diseases, thyroid dysfunction, pituitary, liver diseases.

At a young age stains often seen as a consequence of phototoxic reactions. Some chemicals that are contained in medicines, deodorants, creams, antibacterial soaps, food additives are photosensitizers, that is, they make the skin hypersensitive to UV radiation. When phototoxic reactions substance in the skin (or skin), absorbs energy from ultraviolet radiation, and then transmits it to neighboring cells, leading to their damage or destruction. Unlike ordinary sunburn, phototoxic reaction in the form of pigmented spots on the skin may be a very long time, months and years.

Photosensitizers are antihistamines, sulfonamides, hormonal agents, some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics (tetracycline), food additives, e.g. Hypericum, many essential oils, cosmetics, comprising polyunsaturated vegetable oil.
The cause uneven pigmentation may be a lack of vitamin C, folate deficiency, stress, unfavorable environmental conditions.

Warn easier than cure!
Protect yourself from the appearance of age spots can help correct skin care and attention to their health.

If you are predisposed to the appearance of freckles and age spots, it is necessary, first of all, take care of the protection of persons from ultraviolet radiation, and not only in spring and summer, but in winter - a headdress with a visor, sunglasses, sunscreen cosmetics, that's what you necessary!

Watch for the content in the diet of vitamins C, B9 (folic acid) and PP. This is especially important during pregnancy. Your diet must be bread wholemeal, green leafy vegetables, oranges, vitamin supplements containing folic acid.

During the application of photosensitizing drugs (drugs, dietary supplements, etc.) should avoid exposure to the sun or to visit a solarium.

What if there were dark spots?
The appearance of age spots, especially if you do not there is an obvious causal link - a signal that you need to contact the clinic and pass a comprehensive examination. But even if the cause is established and measures taken to eliminate it, it is not necessary (although possible) that the dark spots will disappear by themselves!

 Brown spots - a strategy to combat
 It is likely that the struggle will be long and hard, and have to use the entire arsenal of modern cosmetology. Beauty salons offer to get rid of age spots with the help of different types of peels. The essence is that the upper layer of old skin is removed together with spots, resulting in the rapid regeneration of the skin heals, the face does not occur earlier defects including pigment spots. Peeling with ultrasound can not only remove the "dead" layers of skin but also incorporated into the skin nutrients and reducing substances.

In many cases, efficient laser peels. There is a variant of chemical peels, it involves the use of special means of provoking "burn" skin, resulting in faster exfoliation of the epidermis.

In some cases, getting rid of age spots use cryotherapy and phototherapy.

If the stains do not affect the deeper layers of the skin and is not very pigmented, and help domestic skin whitening methods. Yoghurt, cucumber juice, parsley and lemon juice - is a traditional folk methods of treatment of pigmented spots and freckles. Whitening properties also have a grapefruit, pickled cabbage, radish, oatmeal, juice, dandelion, and from chemicals - kaolin, salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid and lactic acid.

Bleaching creams - used, but verify
And, of course, to help in the fight against "spotting" come bleaching creams. These creams can be found in many well-known professional cosmetics lines (Academie, Lacrima, Institute Esthederm, Decleor, etc.). The products of these firms are using cosmetics for skin whitening salon treatment, but there are special preparations for whitening procedures at home - creams, tonics, lotions.

When purchasing cosmetics, be careful, bleaching agents, for many years, were included in the popular means for whitening, such as hydroquinone (cream "Ahromin"), kojic acid, recently recognized as toxic and their use is prohibited in many countries. However, and now it can still be seen on the shelves of cosmetic products containing these substances.

Arbutin - a glycosylated hydroquinone - means not as effective as hydroquinone, but safer. It is not considered toxic, used in cosmetics for getting rid of age spots. Acquire any whitening cream containing arbutil, decide for yourself. But if the cream part bleach rutsinol, you can use it without fear, at least to date, preparations based on rutsinola considered the most safe for health. But still home to apply active bleach better after prior consultation with the doctor, because our goal is not only to get rid of age spots, but do not harm the health and condition of the skin.
Author: Olga Travleeva