Choose your type of cleanser for the face
 Washing in the morning? What could be simpler: detergent and water. And you wonder, what are the cleaners? And what exactly are only suitable for you?

Cleansing - certainly a very important element of the daily skin care. It removes all the dirt that accumulates on our faces during the day or night. Morning cleansing eliminates mainly on sebum, and the evening is, more from urban dust, toxins, makeup.

Use of any cosmetic products and procedures only to clean skin, and if it is properly cleaned, the efficacy of these agents increases.

Now on the market a wide variety of different detergents. Here are some tips how to choose the means.

1. Cream cleansers

 Choose your type of cleanser for the face

These formulations are sold in the form of milk, a balm or mousse. They contain skin softening ingredients that help keep your skin hydrated even during cleansing. The most suitable means such for mature and dry skin . Cream cleansers do not dry the skin and soft composition. However, these products are not removed resistant makeup and other detergents, particularly the oil-based.

If you want this vehicle to receive a thorough cleansing (eg, product-resistant make-up), you should use an additional brush or sponge, as well as means to apply repeatedly.

 Choose your type of cleanser for the face

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2. Foaming cleansers

 Choose your type of cleanser for the face

Typically, foaming detergents are produced in two popular forms: gels and lotions. This type of detergent contains surfactants, such as sodium laureth sulfate (Sodium Laureth Sulfate, not to be confused with sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, tougher and more aggressive matter) Propilbetain (Cocamidopropyl Betaine). These substances and produce large amounts of foam upon contact with water, and the foam even with large amounts of oils and dirt.

In fact, the foam does not give anything for the skin, but many people prefer washing with foam, because it is associated with a thorough cleansing. Foaming Cleansing really leaves a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. However, it is worth noting that there is a downside. Pleasant feels foaming agent not recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin As agents vpenivayuschie very dry skin.

 Choose your type of cleanser for the face

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3. Oil cleansers

 Choose your type of cleanser for the face

This means oil-based. Oils in the process of cleaning helps remove makeup as well dissolve the oil contained in the make-up and formed on the skin during the day. Cleaning oil-based approach for all skin types, including oily .

Many holders of oily skin prefer podsushivayuschee foaming cleansing agents, and wonder that are formed on the skin and irritation of acne and sebum released stronger. Sometimes foam can be too harsh and drying, which causes the skin to produce more oil to moisturize.

In addition, cleansers, oil-based may be advisable those who wear heavy makeup And enjoys resistant makeup products. The oil will remove a tool meykap in an instant: quickly and accurately.

 Choose your type of cleanser for the face

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4. The exfoliating cleansers

 Choose your type of cleanser for the face

These tools can be called multifunctional, because they not only cleaned of dirt and fat, and exfoliate away dead cells. Such products can be recommended those who do not have a lot of time in the morning   to face care. They are very fond of adolescents and young people Because exfoliation helps purify the skin deep into the pores, preventing acne.

However, it should be said that not all the same peeling means. There are detergents with chemical peeling, that is, they do not exfoliate mechanically, but by they contain acid, dissolving dead cells. Among such ingredients and alpha hydroxy acids (e.g., glycolic or salicylic acid). Such means can hardly be called express products. That is, if you want to be able to quickly clear skin, then chemical peeling agents are not suitable. After all, the effect of such funds should be at least a little time to get to "work" on the skin. And when should not immediately rush out in the sun.

And here, means natural exfoliation (scrubs, exfoliants) remove dead cells by physical exfoliation, and therefore have a part to help this process, small abrasive particles. These tools also require a bit of time, because they need a little massage on the skin, but everyday use just a few seconds.

With attention should be paid to the exfoliating cleanser with coarse particles, such as crushed walnut shells because such compounds can irritate and injure the sensitive and delicate skin, and in the morning to wash this tool before going out is not recommended, will do more harm than good .

 Choose your type of cleanser for the face

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Author: Julia Shestakova