Everything you wanted to know about facial peels
 When it comes to facial peels, many women are alarming. Beauticians promise great results, but we have the sight of Samantha from "Sex and the City" with a red face after such a procedure.

But when done correctly, facial peels can really do wonders, even eliminating such troubles as pimples, wrinkles and skin mottling.

The biggest misconception about peeling - is that it burns the skin and leaves it red. It recognizes the author «Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist»   (rules for the skin: the secrets of the leading New York-based dermatologist) Dr. Debra Dzhaliman . Based on the conclusions of this book, we decided to talk about peeling all, or almost all, you wanted to know.

 Everything you wanted to know about facial peels

What can peel?

Face Peeling removes the thinnest top layer of skin, which artificially accelerates skin renewal. When there is the formation of new cells, this creates a new layer of skin - fresh and smooth, as opposed to the old remote. Thus, facial peels can improve skin texture, skin tone, minimize fine lines, unclog pores (which facilitates acne).

Not to be confused with peeling exfoliation. Exfoliate - is getting rid of dead cells by mechanical or physical means. The term "exfoliation" is most often associated with procedures which do not rub the skin and sometimes not even touch (e.g., laser peeling), and act on the upper layer of the skin by chemicals or radiation. To be afraid of the word "chemical" is not worth it, it is not harmful chemicals and, as a rule, acid (usually of organic origin, for example, fruit), which react with the cells of the skin, dissolving them.

 Everything you wanted to know about facial peels

Another myth about peeling, according to Debra Dzhaliman - many think that peels can get rid of scars. Unfortunately, this peel do not state, only the laser to date to cope with the scars on the skin.

The third error, which saves skeptics by peeling - a procedure triggers the overproduction of skin oils that makes the skin more prone to acne. This is not so. And if such results from someone appeared, the reason for choosing the wrong composition of peeling.

What is peeling right for you?

Based on the above, the main task is to choose the proper peeling for your skin type, to not go with a spotty face like Samantha. There are a few recommendations from a dermatologist from New York:

- Peeling for oily skin and skin prone to acne.   This shows skin peels with salicylic acid, it not only cleans the pores and dries the skin a little bit, so this kind of dry skin peeling is not appropriate.

 Everything you wanted to know about facial peels

- Peeling skin smoothing, getting rid of fine wrinkles . Solves these problems glycolic acid peels, pomegranate juice, pumpkin, peel antioxidant. These peels moisturize the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

- Attention: for skin with rosacea or eczema peels are contraindicated!   They cause inflammation of the skin, increase the irritation, redness, aggravate skin problems.

When doing a peeling?

Peeling acids - the procedure of the winter season, late autumn and early spring. This is associated with aggressive sunlight, which should not touch the skin after the procedure. And if the course will peels, it is all the more important.

For different skin types should choose its frequency of peeling, but overall, beauticians advised to spend lots of peeling from 3 to 6 treatments for 2-4 weeks. This approach will lead to a noticeable improvement in the skin.

Home peels (with a low concentration of acids) can be applied weekly and even daily, but it is better initially consult a beautician in the salon, you will approach you this method.

 Everything you wanted to know about facial peels

Post-peeling rules

- Do not use products with retinol, which can irritate the skin after peeling.

- Apply after peeling face creams, where there are solar filters, at least, SPF 30. The filters should comprise a zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

- When properly conducted peeling redness lasts only a few minutes. If dryness, irritation and redness persists longer than an hour, then try to help the skin with hyaluronic acid means for the additional moisture, and make a compress with green tea, has sedative properties.

- After peeling should pay special attention to hydration. And not only externally but also internally. Eat fruit, drink natural fruit and vegetable juices. But all this must be natural, not canned.

- To strengthen the results of peel oil help. They will not give the new wrinkles form quickly, seal skin, restore.

- After peeling will dry a little faster than usual. So stock up on products such as moisturizing tonic (no alcohol!), Moisturizing cleansers on gel base, moisturizing creams, mousses. Make sure that your cream for the first time did not contain fruit acids, or a new updated skin will be exposed.
Author: Julia Shestakova