Eyebrows sable ...
 Will our little face is written eternal surprise, sadness, playfulness, sullenness, or a proud disdain - depends on how responsibly we come to correct the shape of your eyebrows.

Eyebrows play an important role in the women's appeal .  Their shape depends largely on expression .  So, whether it is written in our little face eternal surprise, sadness, playfulness, sullenness, or a proud disdain - depends on how responsibly we come to correct the shape of your eyebrows .  Before you change the shape of eyebrows, you need to think carefully about their future way of taking into account the structure of the face and fashion trends, and its image .  Perfect eyebrows are long and elegant, smooth and elegantly curved .  They are slightly wider at the nose, then the width of up to the top of the bend remains almost unchanged, tapering only to the temples .  But it is ideal for the perfect eyebrow face! And, since as we all in most cases far from ideal, and it is necessary to change the shape of eyebrows, depending on the individual characteristics of the person .  Paradoxically, in this era of opportunities change of appearance, the shape of eyebrows is recommended to wear as much as possible as close to reality .  The length should be limited to two imaginary lines drawn from the wings of the nose through the inner and outer corners of the eyes toward the beginning and end of the eyebrows .  The outline should be clear, and the color - a little darker hair and eyelashes little lighter . 

All the attention to the eyebrow ...

 Eyebrows sable ...
 Stylists divide the eyebrow into 3 parts: head, starting at the nose, the middle part and tail. As to where the tail ends eyebrow (above or below the head), the basic shape of the eyebrows.

• Curved - this form can be regarded as perfect. It can only be slightly adjusted, plucked individual hairs.

• Rising - tail raised eyebrows and ends above the head. This form of "vrazlet" gives a person the liveliness, his youth.

• Horizontal - fracture eyebrows a small arc hardly rises above the imaginary horizontal line running across the bridge of the nose, head and tail are almost at the same level. If, moreover, thick eyebrows, they give the impression of severity.

• Falling - her tail is too long and goes down below the head. Expression thus seems cloudy, gloomy. Eyebrows, get down to the temples, the oldest person.

Harmony around

The line of the eyebrows should be harmoniously combined with the size and shape of the eyes and mouth, with the outline of the face.

Round face and full lips are unlikely to be combined with straight or sharply izlomlennymi eyebrows and mouth with thin lips will not be in harmony with wide thick.

 Eyebrows sable ...
 The best option arc eyebrows - bending similar to the contours of the upper lip. When an oval face shape look good flowing arched eyebrows. As for the girls with elongated face, they are decorated with straight eyebrows, which are removed from the nose.

Square face - fit here long, highly raised eyebrows slightly arched.

Round face - fit eyebrows raised up and at the end of a few rounded.

Triangular face - fit rounded up and raised his eyebrows, not recommended straight.

Changes shape. Case Technology

Change the shape of eyebrows, if it is not in harmony with the shape of the face, you can remove excess hair (trimming). At home, mostly this manipulation is performed with tweezers. Before you begin to change, use the rule of professional stylists: the inner corner of the eyebrows must be on the same vertical line with the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eyebrows should not be lower than the internal (otherwise a sad sight it seems). Also keep in mind that the outer corner of the eyebrows should be at a tangent - a corner of the lips and the outer corner of the eye.

Depending on the initial shape, there are several variants of eyebrow correction:

• at the eyebrow incident form is necessary to pull out the "tail", because in addition to the feeling of aging, he does look sad, and to give the desired shape with a pencil (if not a clear boundary contour);

• eyebrows horizontal forms need to be shaped arc, pull out the extra sections in the middle of the bottom edge of the eyebrow. If the width of the eyebrows allows, you can also pull out the upper part of the tail, you can adjust eyebrow pencil;

• too thick eyebrows harvested for food on the top and bottom lines of the eyebrows - so to speak, on all fronts, making them thinner. There is no need to use a correction crayon, because using epilation and so it is possible to give them the desired shape;

• have fused eyebrows correctly will tweeze hairs growing between the eyebrows. It will emphasize the lines of the face.

If you are a correction of eyebrows at home, do it only in bright light and do not forget to comply with the necessary rules of hygiene, not to bring an infection in the hair follicle.

Wash your face and hands!

1. Apply a rich cream on the area where you are going to pull out hairs. Wait 10 minutes.

2. Remove the cream with a cotton swab.

3. Clean the skin with an alcohol solution.

4. Brush the eyebrow comb the eyebrows, directing them to the top.

5. Schedule your white pencil outline of the eyebrows.

6. Special tweezers to pluck eyebrow hairs are drawn over the border. Try to pull out one hair - so less traumatized skin.

7. After the procedure, wipe the skin around the eyebrows with an alcohol solution.

After removing all unnecessary, proceed to dorisovyvanie missing. To do this, you can use shadow and eyebrow pencils. Shadow eyebrows are natural colors, they can be easy to gloss over the small bumps and refresh the color. For a more serious correction is better to use a special pencil.

 Eyebrows sable ...
 Using hard eyebrow pencil should be carefully paint over the gaps between the hairs, not accenting touches. Small and thin, they simulate the missing hairs. Pencils and shadows better to choose to match your hair or by 1-2 shades darker.

Combed and put

Before applying makeup to the face should comb the eyebrows special brush and fix their shape. For the task is enough to choose one tool that combines these functions - a special gel. Gels are transparent and eyebrow tint, they are packaged in compact tubes and equipped with a small brush. It suffices to remove the brush from the gel and, simultaneously with combing, giving the desired shape of the eyebrows.

Colorless gels fixed shape and add shine dark eyebrows that do not require color correction, and "color" may slightly adjust the tint eyebrows.

Strengthens the eyebrows

Eyebrow useful by all means recommended for the growth and regeneration of hair, which produce for the scalp. It is useful to make application of burdock, castor or olive oil with essential: frankincense, chamomile, spruce, rosemary, cedar, thyme.

Strengthen weakened, thinning eyebrows to promote their uniform growth possible with the help of daily massage brush soaked in warm oil (castor, olive, peach) with the addition of vitamins A, D, F, E. Massaging brows need from the nose towards the temples: first brush, and then the middle fingers of both hands, making a light stroking movements in the direction of hair growth.

So, your eyebrows corrected, maintained and "ready" to be released on! We can only add: fashion is ephemeral and fickle, not particularly trust this anemone! Focus on your taste and your appearance, of course, listening to the advice of experts. And then you'll always look great!
Author: Olga Travleeva