Fair maiden, or How to deal with spots on the face
 There were no signs of trouble ... But then you look in the mirror and instead of porcelain face, you can see the skin, covered with red spots. Infections, allergies, congestion? Or maybe a reaction to a solarium or a frosty wind? There are many solutions. Let's try to figure out how to attack and how to fight it.


Red spots may appear due to mechanical damage to the skin. If you long to be outdoors at low temperatures, can be frostbitten, some areas of the face. As a result, in the epidermis appear microtrauma, which look like redness, and peeling effect.

 Fair maiden, or How to deal with spots on the face

How to avoid it? It is the right to choose the means to care. An hour before leaving the house, put on your skin nourishing rich cream. But winter moisturizer should be applied only at bedtime. Why is that? As part of moisturizers contain a high percentage of water. So, if after the application of such funds to go into the cold water, which is part of it, will turn to ice crystals that will injure the skin.

Too long exposure to the sun also leads to redness, and often burns the skin. To avoid trouble, use a cream with a high SPF.


Another common reason for the appearance of red spots on the skin - an allergy. Remember that you are a new to eat? Or maybe in your purse appeared remedy previously untried your company? If red spots cover the face, do not pass a few days, as well as accompanied by itching or burning, it is best to consult a specialist.

 Fair maiden, or How to deal with spots on the face

To reduce the risk of allergic reactions in the skin, carefully select cosmetics. It is better if the funds will be written, that it is hypoallergenic.


Skin - an indicator of the internal condition of the body. Wrong way of life may soon come back to haunt the external manifestations - such as red spots. Ecology, alcohol, smoking, stress, poor diet (excess fat and spicy food) - all this leads to vasodilatation, and, as a consequence, to the formation of vascular mesh. As a result, redness on the face appear more often, and sometimes for a long time did not pass.

 Fair maiden, or How to deal with spots on the face

As a rule, people are exposed to it over 35 years. To reduce the incidence of red spots, it should refuse alcohol and cigarettes and do not eat spicy food.


Your skin is so sensitive that instantly covered with red spots? Pay attention to cosmetics, which includes green tea, mimosa and orange . These extracts were perfectly strengthen vessels.

Also pay attention to the water temperature, which wash. If your skin is prone to redness, it is not recommended to wash with hot water. Also, forget about the masks, the skin steamed and aggressive scrubs. Try to reduce any mechanical effects on the skin, apply makeup and creams very carefully. Several times a week do compresses of chamomile infusion.

 Fair maiden, or How to deal with spots on the face

From there a beautiful redness homemade mask . To do this, dilute with milk until the consistency of sour cream yeast with a few drops of lemon applied to the face, soaking for 15 minutes. Then wash off a mask with lukewarm water.

Remove redness and whiten skin helps parsley juice. Good result gives a course of masks based on it. For this purpose for 7-10 days in a day, the mixture is applied to the skin of the chopped herbs and sour cream. Rinse should also 15 minutes.

In summer you can make a fine cooling and hydrating mask . Grated cucumber, mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil and cheese, followed by 15-20 minutes is applied to the face. After the procedure, the skin should be lubricated with aloe - by the way, it is also perfectly removes redness.

 Fair maiden, or How to deal with spots on the face

To visually mask the redness, use a concealer with a green tint, and then apply the usual foundation shade. Green neutralizes redness.

Follow these simple tips - and then the red girl you can be called only for your beauty, not the reds!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya