How I won the acne
 I distinctly remember being in fourth grade, I refused to go to school because of some obnoxious classmate always teased me because of acne. I grew, but not ridicule was less skin too is not getting better.

Every morning at school and university become one eerie ritual: I ran up to the mirror, hoping that they are no more, but almost every time I saw them grow and grow, some disappear, but new ones appear.

Acne - the problem of women in our family are not in one generation. Suffering mother, grandmother suffered. The only advice they gave me: do not touch the face with his hands and did not squeeze pimples. I must say, the advice is ignored 100% of adolescents. And they said that with age, the skin will be better, but who accept the fact that real life begins only "age."

I must say that women suffering from acne - best client cosmetic companies. Because we buy all new items marked "acne" or "for skin prone to acne." My closets were filled with purifying foam, gels and creams from Neutrogena, Clearasil, Vichy, Clean & Clear But nothing really helped. After a visit to the dermatologist I had Retin-A and antibiotics But from them the result was very, very small and hardly noticeable.

Attempts have been made to cope with acne and with the help of make-up. This is when I was in college. But I lost this fight, because it is impossible to choose such a coating agent, and with hints of some misfortune.

As you can see, the story of the victory over acne still can not begin. That is, up to 20 years and suffering goes on. And just now I can make you happy with the results.

 How I won the acne

Still, the facility was found!

One of the doctors paid Center has changed my life, offering something new in the way of my struggle. I'm just warning you that found a way to be discussed with a professional doctor, so as not to hurt their already suffering skin.

So, I was prescribed medication Roaccutane Or isotretinoin   ( Isotretinoin   - International name). The tablets, which had to be taken with food. First things first, before using, at the insistence of the doctor, I had to do ... pregnancy test. Suddenly, right? The fact that the drug causes severe birth defects, and the doctor did not want to take responsibility for such consequences of its use. By the way, striped with the test I gave out three times (once a month), three months before I took the first round taking the medicine.

In addition to a pregnancy test, the doctors check the level of cholesterol in the blood. This makes it almost every time because it Roaccutane can cause adverse reactions in the form of changes in the level of cholesterol in the blood. The first three months doctors prescribed low doses of medication and carry out these tests (cholesterol and pregnancy), and only when satisfied that the dangerous reactions to the drug not, write me another period of making tablets. Another six months.

Side effects I must say, still are. The drug is quite strong. One of these phenomena - dry skin. And, everywhere. Dry skin - is also a torment, but it can handle, it is not acne. Especially, I liked that the head does not need to be washed as often as before, the scalp also become drier.

Because of the good news - the acne disappeared completely, and pores tightened. Wow! So many years of torment behind!

 How I won the acne

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I can say that for several years I live without acne. There were sporadic outbreaks during pregnancy, probably because of the hormones. But at other times I get rid of thoughts about acne. Now my only problem with the skin, like many, is to protect from the sun. The stresses and problems have disappeared, leaving only the thought of the children, the family, a good job and a family favorite.

Comment specialist

Beauty blogger of Glamour magazine asked about the preparation of a dermatologist, cosmetologist Svetlana Kovaleva. Here is a brief of its recommendations:

"To date, the most successful in the treatment of acne drug isotretinoin considered. In our country it is registered under the name of Roaccutane. Isotretinoin - a retinoid, i.e. one kind of retinol (vitamin A). The drug acts on all pathogenetic mechanisms of the formation of acne: smoothes the skin, reduces the size and inhibits the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduces inflammation and has an antibacterial effect. Currently, isotretinoin is practically the only anti-acne agent with almost 100% efficiency in all clinical forms of acne.

Side effects of the drug manifested as dryness and flaking of the skin (retinoid dermatitis), photosensitivity (increased sensitivity to the sun), sometimes accompanied by hair loss, dry mouth (cheilitis), and disorders of the liver and kidneys. The side effects can be avoided if the monthly rent biochemical blood tests to determine the safety of the liver and kidneys.

 How I won the acne

Outwardly must constantly (1-2 times per day) to use emollient moisturizer for oily skin. In the course of Roaccutane treatment to avoid the active sun, and if necessary to apply the special treatment photoprotecting.

But the most important thing is that all women before and after therapy do a pregnancy test and take receipt of their obligation to use throughout the course of therapy and after 1 month reliable contraception (hormonal and barrier).

Treatment of women Roaccutane start with 3-5-th day of the next menstrual cycle with a negative pregnancy test result. Isotretinoin is used for the treatment of acne in a daily dosage selected by the attending physician (on the basis of the severity of the disease and the patient's weight) in two divided doses with food containing a vegetable oil.

Thus, a variety of tests, tests and medication prescribed by a doctor, are essential in the treatment of acne (acne) with the help of retinoids. Follow all instructions of your doctor and be healthy! "

Author: Tamara