How to Clean enlarged pores
 The main problem then is that when you do not clean them properly, they become clogged and increasing. But if you have dry skin, pores can look worse than they really are. But there are some ways to cleanse, and new cosmetic products, you will feel that they do not exist. Use the following rules - and they will help you solve the problem of visible pores.

Grainy substance

To direct the work of the pores in the right direction, namely, to improve the distribution of sebum on your face, use a granular cleanser that will polish dry skin and wash away dead skin cells clog the skin. We recommend Scrub Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub, which is suitable for daily use and contains only natural ingredients: oats, orange peel, almonds and rose petals.

However, with the granulated product to be careful. Use them carefully and not very often. If you overdid it, replace the scrub for a while more fatty foods - the best - one - two times a day.


Lotions are great for full, deep cleansing, not to mention how well they can soothe the skin. Good lotions - those that combine the properties required it to your skin, so before buying a particular funds need to consult a beautician and determine what exactly it needs. Another good feature of lotions - they help to safely cope with these terrible black dots (formed due to the fact that dead cells clog pores).


Mikrodermaobrabotka significantly reduces the appearance of pore "coarsens" the skin, reduces the risk of clogging pores dead cells. In addition, it stimulates production of collagen, whereby the skin is smooth. You can find this procedure in specialized stores in the state of American Laser Center are professionals who specialize in this treatment. Or you can try a less powerful but equally effective product at home, for example, DermaNew Microdermabrasion System. However, you can not use mikrodermaobrabotku if you dilated capillaries - it can only exacerbate the situation.

Alpha- and beta acids

And alpha- and beta-acids exfoliate skin, preventing contamination and pore blockage dead cells. While the alpha acid is soluble in water, a beta-acid (salicylic) are oil-based, so they do leak through pores clogged sebum, dead cells otslaivaya inside. Choose a product that contains salicylic acid.


Check with your dermatologist, you do not need your skin to something more dramatic effect, for example, tretinoin, a drug better known as retinol-A (Retin-A). It helps to clean the pores, reducing the appearance of blackheads and speeding up cell renewal.

Beauty tricks

Dispenses with the basics: avoid using bases in those places where the expanded pores. Any, even the matting, the foundation will not be able to hide the roughness of the face, and will focus only on her account.

Use soaking powders: Use neutral soaking powders directly on the areas where pores are enlarged. The powder produced as though scattering effect, so that the skin will appear more smooth. MAC Cosmetics makes a terrific tool.

Use cream that improve the appearance of pores. Look for gels or toning cream, smoothing manifested pores. Only apply the product directly to the areas that you are concerned. Give him a little dry, and the top cover a little powder. Means Clinique's Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector has a cream base and very discreetly on the skin.