How to make a thick and long eyelashes?
 Eyelashes take place on our face no more than one percent. But this is such an important interest! If it is thick and voluminous lashes, the person is attractive and young. And what a pity, when lashes are rare and expressionless. But upset about the lack of reference lashes is not necessary. After all, there are ways to make them for what we want to see them.

The agent for the growth of eyelashes with their hands

Have you tried the new items - serum to the lash? There are high-quality copies. But, though not all available. Then there's the idea - to make the serum to the lash themselves. And inexpensive, and environmentally safe.

We will need:
- Castor oil;
- Vitamin E in the oil;
- Aloe vera gel.

Find a used brush on mascara and wash it (carefully, baby soap and warm water). More will need to empty the bubble, where we will prepare the product itself. I propose to take a used bottle of nail polish, it is convenient that a transparent and a little (a lot because it is not necessary to prepare a solution, so it does not spoil).

It fills the vial of serum ingredients in the following proportion: 1/4 bottle - castor oil, 1/2 bottle - vitamin E, 1/4 - aloe vera. All the mix.

Every night before going to bed apply to get funds from the brush of mascara to the eyelashes. Castor oil makes eyelashes thicker, aloe vera gel lengthens, and vitamin E accelerates the growth. The first results you'll see in a month - eyelashes become more elastic, glossy and strong and will become longer.

 How to make a thick and long eyelashes?

 How to make a thick and long lashes?

Oils and vitamins for the growth of eyelashes

- Castor oil.   This is one of the first oil, which we hear when it comes to the care of eyebrows and eyelashes. Using them is best for the night. Similarly, as described above, to apply the old mascara brush. But not only the external application of castor oil benefit. It is necessary to accept and inward. If you find it difficult to drink castor oil, you can buy castor oil in capsules and taken as dietary supplements.

- Vaseline.   This undeservedly forgotten product now reasserting itself. Even well-known makeup artists recognize that Vaseline helps retain moisture and nutrients to the skin. Eyelashes also need moisture, it is one of the conditions for their growth and splendor. Apply petroleum jelly to the eyelashes at night for mascara brush better through the day.

- Vitamins.   Eyelashes require certain vitamins, as well as any part of the body. They require vitamins B6, C and biotin (which is also called vitamin H). They need to look for in the products for the eyelashes (mascara, serum) and taken orally as a food supplement or enrich your diet products containing the above vitamins.

False eyelashes

While the cilia grow with the help of oil, try to create the illusion of longer eyelashes using overhead option. If you know how to properly use false eyelashes, you immediately realize what riches have. Because well-glued false eyelashes difficult to distinguish from natural.

 How to make a thick and long eyelashes?

- Choose the eyelashes

For beginners a better buy than individual cilia and ribbon (collected once per tape). Now, many cosmetic brands are doing false eyelashes. If you said earlier that there are high-quality false eyelashes only MAC   and Shu Uemura , Now have overhead cilia and budget brands, is quite good. And such luxury brands as Dior   and Chanel Also have an assortment of false eyelashes for all tastes (or close to this holiday fantasy).

- Preparation

Do not think that immediately after purchase, you can stick your cilia. Remember the rule: before use false eyelashes need to prepare them first. It is necessary to bend them so that they repeated the line of growth of your eyelashes. Then the tape must be cut eyelashes, if it is longer than the length of your age. It is better to cut on both sides, because the lashes are drawn in such a way that the longest are located in the middle, and you need to maintain this trend. You can cut and the length of the cilia themselves, if desired. This is for those who do not need extra length, and only required amount.

 How to make a thick and long eyelashes?

- Sticking

Most sold eyelashes with the adhesive layer, but if you plan to dance all night, we recommend to protect yourself from small disasters. The cilia, of course, come unstuck and the stars, but to fall into such stories do not want to, right? A way out is - buy additional adhesive for false eyelashes.

After the glue on the lashes inflicted, wait 30 seconds, the adhesive has thickened a little better grasped the skin, and the cilia do not slip. Place the lids on, hold the ends while lashes are not glued. It takes a few seconds. Put the lashes as close to your own lash line.

 How to make a thick and long eyelashes?

- The secret of naturalness

After gluing eyelashes pencil paint over all the gaps between the lashes if they are received. After curl lashes together: and their, and overhead in one motion. H proceed carefully so as not to disrupt the false eyelashes, wait until they are completely glued. Apply mascara on the lashes, and his right grasping, and overhead.

 How to make a thick and long eyelashes?

Author: Tamara