Seven vitamins necessary female skin
 A healthy and glowing skin - not always the result of genetics and youth. Many women already know that this can be achieved by truly having worked over itself. Find a good means to care and to include in the daily diet of vitamins available to most of us that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

These vitamins can be purchased in drugstores, can be found and bio-complexes, where All these vitamins are combined in one tablet. Many people prefer to receive these beneficial substances from natural foods, because synthetic vitamins are just the opposite affect on the skin in the form of allergic reactions.

Do not forget that with creams and serums to skin receives only 15% of the necessary components to it, and the rest - it's food inside. That is why it is so important to a balanced and full of vitamins food.

Here we need seven vitamins for skin:

Vitamin K . This vitamin is often added to the medical ointments. There he and creams for the face. In particular, he must be present in creams from under eye circles. It helps vitamin K and against any bruises on the skin. Vitamin K is found in cabbage, spinach, watercress salad, most greens. However, vitamin K, taken by mouth, does not reach all layers of the skin, the best way for your skin it get - masks and creams to its content.

 Seven vitamins necessary female skin
 Vitamin E . Did you know that we need to consume per day, at least 400 mg of vitamin E to reduce the signs of aging caused by the sun is. Aging skin and provoke the pollution and environmental influences. Vitamin E is also helps to protect our skin. But the concentration of vitamin E should be, indeed, essential to stop aging. Therefore, we choose not only care products with vitamin E, but each day included in the diet almonds, avocados, peanut butter, spinach, sweet potatoes.

Vitamin D . Everyone knows that vitamin D our body produces, with the participation of the sun. However, the sun's rays adversely affect the skin, causing aging and various skin diseases, including cancer. So we need a balance: on the one hand - protection from the sun, on the other - enough vitamin D, because it not only participates in the structure of bones and tissues, it protects skin from cancer. The yield is that - sunbathing only early in the morning (Giselle Bundchen, for example, recently wrote in his blog that does not use sunscreen, considering it chemistry. But the tan she had canceled - said that tans almost daily, but only up to 8 hours am) and proper nutrition. Vitamin D we find in such simple foods like mushrooms, oily fish, eggs, beef liver, milk and cereal.

 Seven vitamins necessary female skin
 Vitamin C . Another vitamin, cancer-fighting the skin and protects against the harmful effects of the sun. Your sunscreen should contain vitamin C Cosmetics Vitamin C helps also for more rapid healing of the skin from sunburn. In addition to content Vitamin C creams, you need to replenish its reserves in the form of fresh citrus, broccoli, peppers, papaya, mango, new potatoes.

Vitamin A . Women who lack of vitamin A, usually have a dry and scaly skin. Vitamin A helps control acne, provides relief from psoriasis, reduces wrinkles. Vitamin A in your diet should be plenty. If you exclude from her diet, for whatever reasons, eggs, butter, whole milk, cod liver oil, then replenish stores of vitamin A vitamin complexes and creams containing vitamin A.

 Seven vitamins necessary female skin
 Beta-carotene . If the vitamin accumulates in the skin, it becomes a powerful protector from the sun. And in combination with vitamin E helps skin to be not so sensitive to sunlight. How much of this vitamin a day? If we consider the amount eaten in carrots, the daily rate - half a cup of cooked carrots. Then you can count on a good defense. And for a variety of carrots can be replaced watermelon, broccoli, sweet potatoes, papaya and tomatoes.

 Seven vitamins necessary female skin
 Biotin . This is the main basis for the skin cells. Biotin is often part of the vitamin vitamin B complex biotin If not enough, the skin peels off, there is itching. Hair loss can also be triggered by lack of biotin. Rice, bananas, eggs and oatmeal - the sources of biotin. Many women doctors prescribe supplements containing biotin and other B vitamins Ask at the event your doctor may not hurt you and welcome these vitamins.

Vitamins in the form of pills and supplements can be taken only after consultation with a doctor . The fact that synthetic vitamins can cause side effects. For example, a known skin reactions, the appearance of acne, weight gain, or sometimes the occurrence of allergic symptoms. Therefore, prior to the visit to the doctor is better to limit vitamins contained in natural foods.
Author: Olga Larsen