Sugar lips. Part 1
 Lips have always attracted attention. Plump, sexy, red, sugar ... As soon as they exalt. And women for centuries enjoyed such "decoration" of his face. There was and there is a fashion for "lips."

Archaeologists have discovered allegedly first paint lip Neolithic! But such well-known beauty and femmes fatales like Nefertiti and Cleopatra, emphasizes the beauty of the lips carmine (dye obtained from the cochineal insect). Egyptian preferred lipstick in dark colors - mouth seemed so small and delicate.

  In the Middle Ages mainly allocated makeup eyes and a pale complexion, and in some periods of makeup generally considered a sign of fallen women, or courtesans.

  But the ladies did their best to gloss over his face.

  Rumor has it that he did Nostradamus gorgeous lipstick for the court of Catherine de Medici.

  In the XVII century the English Parliament even passed a law by which man could immediately get a divorce from his wife, whom he accused of embellishing herself before the wedding and abruptly podurnevshuyu after itself.

In France, for a long time women were forbidden to use lipstick: in the time of the Sun King lipstick could only men (as they were isolated mouth background beard and mustache).

  In the seventeenth century, the color of lipstick testified to the social status of women: the ladies enjoyed the garnet-red hue, the bourgeois - light red, and the women of easy virtue - purple.

  Fashion changes and attitudes towards cosmetics. For a long time the church decries cosmetics, regardless of the creation of the devil, and public morality. By the way, and the harm from "that" cosmetic health was greater (often in cosmetics are lead, mercury, sulfur). On the canvases of masters of the era characters not find plump lips, instead people are depicted with small wizened lips.

  Only since then, when painting became secular, the canvases of the paintings can be seen bright and full lips.

  But even in the early twentieth century cosmetics, including and lipstick, has been available to women belonging to the elite. And only at the end of the 40s lipstick appeared in almost every woman's purse and has become one of the main tools in the fight for the man. It should be noted that the fashion for "lip" in the twentieth century depended on cinema. Before cinema especially women think and suffer over the shape of the lips is not necessary. Cinema has introduced the fashion for such shape of the lips, as "rosebud", "vampire lips" "lips bitten by a bee", "bow hunter."

  But at the present time, the fashion for different lip shape, color and luster lipstick is changing almost every year. Even five years ago, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons has announced the ideal face of Catherine Zeta - Jones, and she has already "come on the heel of the" more "thick-lipped" divas such as Angelina Jolie.

  Bright lips certainly attract attention, but not the fact that like their mistress.

  Psychologists say that man, paying attention to the woman's lips, unconsciously determines its sexuality.

Choose a lip

Plump Lips   - A symbol of sexuality. It is believed that the larger the mouth, the greater the pleasure they promise. These women (as well as men) are experts in sensual pleasures, be it sex, food or beautiful things. They tend to surround themselves with only the best. How can you not remember Angelina Jolie? And she's sexy, and Brad Pitt grabbed! And Marilyn Monroe, which is "folded" to bow lips, and his air kiss crazy millions of men!

Thin lips   there have closed, silent and thoughtful people. Usually it is women who have a lot of work to get his. Psychologists say that the owners of the narrow lips are sensitive to the success of others, often sharp-tongued and say what they think. But it is - the most faithful friend, on which you can rely.

The protruding upper lip   says that its winner - a very goal-oriented and self-confident woman. Sometimes this confidence turns into arrogance, and therefore to argue with a woman is useless - still fail to convince.

Protruding lower lip   evidence of selfishness, uncertainty and imbalance. The mood of these women changed very often. However, the owner of the lips often harass their whims and excessive demands not only others but also themselves.

Crisp, slightly upturned lips   usually belong to women who can be satisfied with small, have low self-esteem, are conservative and prefer a bird in the hand in the bush. They should not drastically change the life - otherwise they will overtake depression. However, even at the risk these women are not likely to go.

  Plumpness of the lips for the last 20 years has exhausted a lot of women and produced a lot of ways to get hold of this very bulk.

1. You can go on courses to learn French

It is believed that the shape of the lip affect language features. The French (or, more precisely, the francophone) more sensual lips: because of the specific language of the upper lip muscle is constantly active, with the result that acquires a certain relief. This method of bulking lips not only completely safe, but useful - a specialist with knowledge of a foreign language is valued much more.

2. It is possible to carry out the correction of the lips

- Corrective Makeup   It allows you to visually enlarge the volume of lips. Keep in mind that warm and bright colors visually enhance and give volume. Dark and cold colors - visually reduce. There are special techniques make-up: his lips circled contour pencil soft natural hues seem more (respectively, the lips with a clear outline of the dark and covered with dark lipstick, will seem less); It increases the amount of shine.

  Some manufacturers of decorative cosmetics include a lipstick or lip material bulking lips. For example, the volume shine "Supergloss" (Collistar), Shine "Effet 3D" (Bourjois), pencil-lipstick "Silk whisper" (Faberlic), "Volume Shine" lip gloss (Nivea Beaute).

"Plus":   you can always correct a mistake in the make-up; safe (of course, subject to quality cosmetics).

"Minus":   It requires skill and a little training; daily process starts again; Makeup can "draw" in the bath, sauna, swimming pool, on the beach, and just in the hot weather.

- Tattooing (permanent makeup)   - Procedure dermopigmentation (introduction into the upper layers of the skin coloring agents) in order to change the shape of the lips.

  For such a procedure requires a great specialist, who is fluent in technology. Please note that the tattoo machine performed with disposable needles and caps for the pigment.

"Plus":   correction will last for 3-5 years; always "alert" in makeup.

"Minus":   Correction is carried out with the selected color, which have a "fine-tune" the whole make-up for the next 3-5 years (partly hostage to the image); you need local anesthesia; you need to select the time for the procedure (1, 5-2 hours); require special preparation for the procedure (reception antiherpetic drugs for 5-7 days before the procedure), and the recovery period afterwards (after the procedure there is swelling of the lips + should be applied ointment for herpes in 7-10 days, may be peeling lips sometimes requires antibiotics ). In 70% of cases required re-correction through 1-1, 5 months, as during skin repair lip pigment is "lost", and then reduce swelling and decrease the symptoms of herpes can "swim deficiencies."

Tattoo procedure is not recommended during pregnancy, breast-feeding, autoimmune diseases, propensity to scarring, reduced immunity, etc.

- The use of cosmetics that increase lip volume.   Recently, the market of cosmetic products were drugs (base under lipstick, creams, pomades, balsams) containing complexes that stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid directly into the skin of the lips. In addition, such cosmetics care for lips and protect against the negative impact of environmental factors. For example, "Lip Volumizer" - colorless foundation under lipstick (Max Factor), "Lip Explosion" - Gel Lip (Body Innoventions), two-phase systems lip augmentation "XVOL" (Univerlook), "Belweder", a means for the volume and contour lips "Liplift" (Barbara Laboratories).

"Plus":   safe (only occasionally experience an allergic reaction); comprehensive care and protection of the skin of the lips; stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin of the lips, thus increasing or restoring (age lips decrease in size) of the natural volume of the lips.

"Minus":   lip volume gradually returned to baseline after discontinuation of these drugs. Therefore it is recommended to use these drugs courses (an average of 1 month. 2-4 times per year).

-   Contour plastic injection   involves injecting drugs based on hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Perlane, Matridex) to the lips.

  With these procedures, you can increase the volume of the lips and / or correct their path.

  It is important to choose a good professional who will pick up the material and accurately perform the procedure. The procedure is performed in the clinic sterile disposable instruments for 30-40 minutes.

"Plus":   preparations based on hyaluronic acid is almost safe (does not require pre-test), hypoallergenic, removed from the body naturally. Cosmetic effect was observed 6-9 months., Repeated injections - 12-15 months .; with such procedure it is possible to significantly increase the volume of lips; after the first correction is possible "to assess" new shape or volume of the lips and the next time to make changes. Correction of the lips can be carried out many times.

"Minus":   painful procedure and requires local anesthesia. Possible complications immediately after the injection - itching, redness, swelling and tenderness of the skin that lasts for 5-7 days. Possible lips infectious processes (including herpes), and even the formation of granulomas. In this case, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. Too deep the introduction of possible bruising around the mouth. After the procedure, possible asymmetries or contour lip volume, which will require a new correction.

  Contraindicated to do the injection contour plastic   Pregnancy, breast-feeding, autoimmune diseases, propensity to scarring, reduced immunity, etc. It is not recommended to use this type of correction of the lips, if you have previously entered a colorant on the basis of silicone, acrylamide and other synthetic polymers.

  If re-adjustment is better to use products of one manufacturer. To avoid allergic reactions, it is desirable to refrain from re-correction of another drug manufacturer for at least 6 months.

  In some cases, correction of the lips is carried biopolymer gel - in this case, the duration of effect was observed up to 5 years or gorteksom - implant in the form of elastic threads, which are injected under the skin of the lips. Gorteks not rejected by the body and is not displayed and remains for life, while maintaining the shape of the lips.

To be continued...
Author: Valery Maslov