Take it off immediately!
 Properly remove makeup - no less art than its cause. What is cleaned first? Which means used to make-up remover: tonic, mousse or lotion? How to choose the cotton buds? These and other questions are looking for the answers in this article.

The three accounts

Removing make-up takes place in three stages.

• First step.   Lip Makeup removal

To do this, put on a cotton pad to remove make-up milk and then carefully, holding the corners of the lips, to remove lipstick from the direction of the middle of the corners of the lips.

• Second phase.   Eye make-up remover

If eyelids shade applied, the eye make-up remover to start with shadows. Filming should be cotton pad soaked in milk or a special tool for removing eye make-up, in the direction of the bridge to the temple. Mascara should be removed, directing traffic from the roots to the tips of lashes - making sure that the vehicle has not got on the mucous membrane of the eye.

Cosmetologists also recommend that before removing the eyelash mascara with a cotton pad cut into two halves, each moisten demakiyatore and put under the lower eyelid. Other discs are also dipped in a special facility, should be removed mascara neat movements for the growth of eyelashes. This prevents sprains and strains of the skin of the lower eyelid.

A more accurate and practical jewelry is a way to remove eye make-up using cotton swabs. To do this, moisten a cotton swab milk, ink and wash the same movements you applied it.

No matter which way you shoot ink, then it is necessary to wash the eyes with water to remove any residual cleaning agent.

• The third stage.   Makeup removal pitch with skin

Tone cream or powder can be removed in two ways. If you are accustomed to using the water for washing, prefer gels, foams and mousses.

For "dry" method of removing make-up is usually used lotion. Please note that milk is first applied to the skin, it is distributed across the face massage, and then removed with a cotton pad or tissue.

After removal of the primary colors should be used and tonic - it will not only remove the remnants of makeup, but also refresh and tonizuet skin.

But the most important rule to follow - you need to remove makeup in natural facial lines (from the center of the forehead to the temples, etc.), so as not to stretch the skin and lead to early wrinkles.

To each his own!

 Take it off immediately!
General requirements for the cosmetic product for removing make-up: a tool for the eye should not be too bold for the face should not contain alcohol and alkali, and together they should not destroy the hydrolipid film of the skin. In no event it is impossible to remove mascara with eye gel designed for oily skin.

Universal tool for removing make-up can serve as a familiar face cream, but if you have sensitive skin, avoid allergic reactions, it is necessary to give preference to special funds: foams, milk, tonic, gel or lotion.

Mousses, foams and gels isolated in a separate group, as by flushing with water. They are designed for people with combination or oily skin and often contain additives that regulate sebum production and soothe irritation. Milk and cream are used to cleanse the skin without water. What unites these two groups is that they include the so-called surfactants - surface-active substances, which are responsible for skin cleansing.

• gels, foams, mousses

From the gel foams and mousses different consistency and the principle of action - first of all, they foam. True to the foam into a foam, it must be pre-expanded (sorry for tautology) in the hands, but the mousse, produced mostly in the form of aerosols, immediately after the extrusion at hand have the foam structure.

• Milk, cream

Milk and cream are focused on dry, dehydrated and prone to irritation of the skin, so incorporate a large amount of fats and various additives. Cream from milk characterized by the same principle as that of dairy products from each other - namely the concentration of fat components.

• Tonic

Toner can be used as an independent cleanser (e.g., in the morning, after cleansing the skin before applying the sleep and creams and cosmetics), but most often used to remove residues of cleansers on the skin, neutralizing surfactants.

• Lotion

Lotion refers to liquid cleansers. It is a product that does not require rinsing with water and is designed for people with sensitive skin. It can also be used in the "marching" conditions, and in those cases where there is no time full washing.

• Cosmetic wipes

The latest trend - the use of the procedure for the special make-up remover cosmetic wipes, which combine the advantages of all of the above means. Wipes can be impregnated:

- lotion and is ideal for removing make-up,

- tonic   - And be used for the final cleansing and toning the skin after make-up remover,

- cream composition   - And suitable for daily skin moisturizing.

Cosmetic wipes are made of very soft material that does not nap and feel much more pleasant cotton pad and cotton balls. Thus, wet wipes can replace and cleanser and cotton pads, which makes their use convenient not just on trips (no need to carry a full arsenal of treatments for face), but also at home (saving you time and strength - wet wipes already impregnated lotion, and therefore always ready for use).

Private conversation

 Take it off immediately!
It is equally important to choose the appropriate make-up remover cotton pads and cotton buds. Despite the seeming simplicity of the structure of cotton production, they can vary greatly in quality. The first and very important quality parameter is the composition of wool. Ideally, it should consist of 100% cotton or a mixture of cotton and viscose. Natural fibers are absorbent and such products will wipe the dirt instead of evening it. The use of even a small percentage of synthetic significantly reduces its hygroscopic. These products are in the hands and creaking very badly absorbed.

Pay attention to the fact that the cotton products have been bleached without chlorine - otherwise, chlorine compounds may partially remain on the fibers and cause allergies.

For discs and rods very important indicator of the smoothness of the surface. Hairs do not have to be separated, because they can get into the eye.

For sticks important that the wool was secured to the ends of rods, preferably without using glue, since in some cases it may cause allergy. Best of all, if the wool is fixed "hot" method: a hot knife on a stick made incisions and then directly to the molten plastic is screwed wool. The compound obtained is very reliable and is not toxic. Additionally, wool to be wound densely and in an amount sufficient, when wool is little or "oversized", i.e. in a lot of air voids, you risk accidentally scratched the tip of the wand.

Author: Elena Volodina Company "Maltimeks"