Velvet season beauty
 If you have not managed to relax this summer, do not despair, because in front of the velvet season, which, if desired, can make a real holiday of beauty, dedicating his beloved moments of bliss and joy.

Quite often we forget that in the rest of our skin and hair exposed to intensive influence of sun, wind and salt water, which is almost always acts on them fatal. Do not wait for the end of the holiday and give a vow to do good looks immediately on arrival home, better armed with the necessary cosmetics and dedicate yourself this holiday. And then you hit others rested not only view, but also the perfect skin and hair.

1. Moisturize and massage

The first task holidays beauty - intense moisturizing of the skin. You can use special cosmetics for deep moisturizing: intensive moisturizing serum ultrauvlazhnyayuschim cream for face and body. As a result - fresh, elastic and tightened skin.

 Velvet season beauty
 Spending just 10 minutes, you can combine the hydration of the skin with a useful procedure massage. Fulfilling applying cream on the massage lines, change the effect of pressure from very small until you feel it, trying, however, does not stretch the skin. The flowing strokes are replaced by tapping fingertips, and pat that run four fingers clasped together. The whole procedure should take about ten minutes in the morning and evening, every day. As a result - beautiful and noticeably refreshed complexion, which can boast immediately after the holiday.

2. Cleansing

 Velvet season beauty
 To fix the result and enjoy the results of the peak season of beauty as long as possible, make it a rule to do weekly gentle exfoliating .  The composition of the peeling should be chosen with the smallest particles of an exfoliant, which will use it very often .  Massage composition is applied to damp skin, then wash off with warm water .  If you perform this procedure every week for 8 minutes, fatigue and dull skin will be forgotten for a long time .  After peeling the effectiveness of the impact of cosmetics on the skin increases several times .  Apply to face, neck and décolleté anti-aging serum, then you can use a normal day cream .  On vacation, do not forget that you use daily cosmetics should have a fairly high level of protection from the sun, especially during the first days on the beach .  After a rest, give preference to care for and restoring cosmetics, which activates the natural regeneration of the skin .

3. Health Hair

 Velvet season beauty
 Actively caring for the skin, do not forget about the hair, which also require protection and reducing maintenance .  Even on vacation, you can take care of your beauty of their hair, without making a lot of effort for this .  All that is needed - Restructuring Serum for hair on the basis of any oil .  Twice a week, apply a restoring serum to wet hair in the shower .  Immediately soak a towel in hot water, squeeze and wrap their hair, for deeper penetration of cosmetic products .  As long as you take a shower, hair-dried whey restore, give them strength and shine .  After 10 minutes the towel to be removed and make a gentle massage of the scalp, not forgetting the occipital region, and the area behind the ears .  Scalp massage activates blood circulation and, hence, food hair follicles .  In addition to hair restoration, such a procedure contributes to the strengthening of their .  After the massage the scalp hair should be washed with soap and dry them in a natural way .

Following these simple tips for skin care and hair after a holiday in the velvet season, you will look not only rested, but also well-groomed.
Author: Natalia Biatova