Why do I need a double skin cleansing?
 Cleansing (washing) - a mandatory step in skin care. The new trend in the case - double cleansing, its Board of beauticians and experts. What is this "double cleansing"?

What is a dual cleansing?

The term is suspended. Different experts have different names. For example, there are those who claim an additional step in the process of purification "pre-purification» (pre cleanse). There is another concept - double cleanse, ie cleaning, repeated twice.

But the meaning of this attention to the cleansing (in both cases) to decide two consecutive problems:

1) Remove any remnants of makeup and skincare products that clog the pores;

2) The cleansing of dirt and excess skin oils.

Only such a cleansing ensures a healthy and radiant skin.

We act!

What do the experts recommend? How to do a double cleansing? It should be noted that dual cleansing be done at night. On the morning of step with the removal of make-up is not required.

- Start with the order to remove all the hair from her face. This is best done using headscarves or elastic band. In this case, you can cleanse your face is completely up to the hairline.

- Wash your hands. Cleansing procedure should be done only with clean hands.

- Apply the cleanser on your face. The secret of a thorough cleansing - in light massage. Massage the cleanser on the face is always upwards. This will prevent the influence of gravity on the skin, slowing down the aging process.

- Take your time! This is another rule, which many women do not know. The process of massaging the detergent should take about 2 minutes. Then you perform another important task - peeling. To add to the good peeling massage movements from the bottom up - a circular motion. It is a circular massaging exfoliate dead and dry skin cells.

- Pay special attention to areas of the face such as the nose, forehead, neck, chin. Make sure that treated all face up to the hairline and around the ears. These areas are often left out of our attention, and they accumulate fat, fat, dirt, resulting in bacteria multiply and cause trouble all over his face.

 Why do I need a double skin cleansing?

- Rinse the detergent with hot water. It is not only the first stage of purification, but also reveal the pores. There is another solution to this stage. You can do the first stage of purification of the jet of hot water, then the pores will unfold under the influence of steam. A cleaner can not remove the water, and facial tissue. It is too hot water dries the skin.

- Once you have removed the first layer of cleaning agent, repeat the procedure. Now a thorough massage is not required. This is followed by rinse with soap.

- Closes the pores. This is done easily - a few splashes of cold water to the face. The pores are closed and the blood prilet to the person that will give vivacity, blush, activates all processes in the skin.

- Use a night moisturizer. In order to more actively recovered skin at night, the cream should be vitamins B5, E or F, they allow the cells to be updated during sleep.

- Do not worry if you suddenly see redness or the first urge to acne. If you cleanse your skin thoroughly, the skin will clear up in the morning, and will look healthier in no time.

How to use?

If you do not have oily skin, then for the first stage of purification, when you need to remove the impurities and make-up, choose a blowing cleanser for sensitive skin. These sensitive products offer a guarantee that no irritation.

 Why do I need a double skin cleansing?
  Why do I need a double skin cleansing?

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For oily skin, as well as for the second stage of cleansing, choose a means of purification of oil-based. It does not signal the skin to produce more sebum, resulting in skin and fat balance. Suitable cleansers such as the oils of apricot, olive, sesame.

 Why do I need a double skin cleansing?
  Why do I need a double skin cleansing?

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In order to open the pores, you can use a hot cloth. It can be ordinary towel, heat the battery, and can be a special linen cloth soaked in hot water beforehand.

Careful exfoliating massage will help to make a favorite with many beauty-gadget - Clarisonic. It not only stimulates the skin, it revitalizes, reduces the appearance of pores and removes fine lines. It is worth spending!

 Why do I need a double skin cleansing?

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Author: Vasilisa Cousin