Winter skin problems - they can be avoided!
 Dryness, peeling, foundation lies not exactly - these winter feeling familiar to many. There are problems not only with the dryness of the face, but also on the body. Is this inevitable problem? No. Many winter skin problems can be avoided. Moreover, they should be avoided. After skin aging and tired of the constant dryness and lethargy.

What added to food

- Vitamin C.   Studies show that people who eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C have fewer wrinkles. Interesting offer? Lean on oranges, grapefruit, cauliflower and broccoli. All these products have a good dose of antioxidants to help in the fight against the influence of the sun, pollution and premature aging.

 Winter skin problems - they can be avoided!

- Omega 3 . Omega-3 fatty acids improve skin elasticity. Turn salmon and walnuts in the diet.

- Water.   Do not forget that in the winter time drink plenty of water is a basic condition for the skin look better.

Moisturize the skin in winter

But most of us takes the T-zone oiliness of the fat signal across the skin. As a result, the facial skin is not hydrated to avoid oily sheen. However, even should moisturize oily skin. Because drying triggers the body to produce even more sebum. And avoiding wetting the face because of the fatty areas, we have a very dry skin on the cheeks and chin. Do not leave the skin without wetting. This applies to any type of skin! For oily areas, choose a moisturizer oil-free (no oil) .

 Winter skin problems - they can be avoided!

We do not recommend moisturizers that are labeled "Dries quickly» («quick drying») . It's certainly convenient, when in the morning do not have time to wait for drying cream. But you know, quick creams and lotions contain alcohol, which makes these tools less moisturizing and sometimes irritating to the skin. Instead, buy a moisturizer, water-based moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, these ingredients are dry quickly, creating a moisture barrier on the skin.

In the winter it may not be enough of the usual moisturizer. All the same, there is peeling and dryness. In this case, you will need new winter product - moisturizing balm (moisturizing balm) . After applying a light moisturizer is applied on top of a moisturizing balm. This will help keep moisture away from the first layer of cream and the skin during the day will draw moisture from the heavier layer balm, skin and feed oils to be retained balm. Balm - a product of occlusion, that is, it retains moisture, still one such product - a petrolatum . In very cold weather and strong winds can go and on the use of petroleum jelly over moisturizer.

 Winter skin problems - they can be avoided!

Not a rare problem in the winter - poor coverage creams . He peels off and falls unevenly. And due to lack of moisture. But out there, and pretty easy. Before applying the tone means mix it into the palm of your hand with a moisturizer. Put your fingers on the face, and on top of powder the crumbly powder.

If all else fails, and the skin is dry and flaky, - there is one solution: olive oil . Apply it after a shower. Then use a moisturizing balm, and after - only the cream rather than powder, makeup products (such as a cream blush, cream shadows and so forth.). And do not forget hydration inside - drink more water.

Caring for hands and feet

Legs are in winter in poor condition compared to other seasons. But this is a mistake - do not pay attention to the feet. Going barefoot to the season will take place much more easily in the winter if you are caring for your feet.

 Winter skin problems - they can be avoided!

The first advice - sign up for a professional pedicure in the salon. The second - once a week to maintain professional result, making the domestic procedure. You will need only olive oil   and Coarse salt   (make an exfoliating cream and rub with a soft pumice foot). And three times a week after a moisturizing cream is applied to the foot moisturizing balm or petroleum jelly, a product that will retain moisture cream. And on top is best to put on a pair of socks.

If we talk about a manicure, then stylists advise in the winter to keep the nails as short as possible. Another tip - use Only high-quality coatings . They are much more economical in the end because last longer, and deliver fewer problems nails (yellowing, brittle - it is often associated with low-quality paints). Every night before going to bed, add a new layer on top of the protective coating. Your nails will be shining constantly, and paint will last long.

 Winter skin problems - they can be avoided!

If your skin does not look very attractive, do not be afraid apply foundation on your hands (mixed with moisturizer) . If your skin looks rough - often not at home, apply hand olive oil . Remove yellowing and dark spots to help creams with a high concentration of vitamin A But if the cream does not bleach the skin of hands - there will only laser resurfacing .

Makeup and rejuvenation in winter

Nothing makes instantly look younger as exfoliation. It helps young cells to come to the fore, removing dead skin. Winter - the best time for a chemical peel.   But do not relax and forget about the precautions. All the same, the person should be protected by solar filters immediately after the procedure. Good standard solution - home peeling with fruit acids (such creams have most cosmetic manufacturers). Peeling creams   applied only for 10 minutes and then washed off, very convenient!

Fatigue and paleness of the winter can be masked tanning . In vain, many believe that tanning - not the winter product. This is not true! Make-up artists are advised to touch tanning forehead, nose, chin and neck. Then everything again shaded moisturizer and fingers. You will get a natural matte look fresh skin.

Winter - the long parties. The next morning - disappointment that looks like a person. Learn to give up alcohol and cigarettes, and if you still had "good walk", the first thing after waking up - start drinking lots of water. You need to restore moisture, dehydrated. There are also a good solution - energy drink .

 Winter skin problems - they can be avoided!

Next, apply a thick layer on the face moisturizer and let it absorbs the morning while you eat breakfast and get dressed. Then - make-up, the main means which should be cream blush, tinted moisturizing cream   and highlighter .
Author: Julia Shestakova