20 beauty secrets that everyone should know a teenager. Part 2
 No! Errors of youth.

eleven.   When it is possible to abandon sunscreen? Our answer is: Never. The first tool that you should use on a daily basis - is sunscreen. Any rainy and cloudy or bright sun. Following our advice, you'll save the youth and freshness of the skin, and 40, 50, 60 years. The fact that ultraviolet radiation can penetrate even through clouds, so the rain - not a hindrance to sunlight.

12.   There is nothing sexier wavy curls. Undoubtedly, quickly and simply curled hair termoschiptsami special, but it disrupts their structure. We recommend using a curler, they take a little more time, but they do not harm your hair.

13.   Do not forget that bronzers and tanning have an unpleasant odor. Using them is right after showering. A small comment: means let soak into your skin, or you can stain clothing.

14.   Pay attention to manicures and pedicures. From the looks untidy, if a girl groomed hands (or foot, if this beach season). It is not necessary to attend the expensive salons. It is important to pay attention to the length of the nail can also try to polish and manicure at home.

15.   Eyeliner is on the lash line, it looks more natural and effective. Do not forget that the excess mascara and pencil - is a flaw in the eyes of others.

16.   Greasy hair? There is a solution and this problem: Use a dry shampoo. For blonde hair - this is ideal, but for dark hair to choose the appropriate means much more difficult, so be careful when choosing.

17. Shave their legs is finally taking a shower. Then you should immediately apply a moisturizing or nourishing lotion, it will give the skin softness and tenderness.

18.   Show off your best qualities and features. Take the example of Angelina Jolie, who is bathed in applause because of his puffy lips. Show everyone what you have attractive eyes and seductive smile! Flirt!

19.   If you are too dry, then use the tools that moisturize and nourish it. This applies not only skin but also the body, especially the legs.

20.   And finally, remember that beauty is inside you! Smile to people, be sincere and friendly! Remember that the extra weight does not make you unattractive, but how you feel about yourself and others! Be happy!