Cleansing the skin
 A woman's age - a relative term. We are able to look younger than their years, while making a lot of effort and money. The only condition - skin care should be regular and even start at a young age. At this time, the regenerative capacity of the skin are very high, she regulates the updates that appear in the active exfoliation its upper layer. The main thing - to get the skin to work in the same mode and on.

Modern beauty industry offers many ways to clean your face. They can be carried out independently by women in the home, as well as experts in the salons.

Household cleaning methods face

The first level of cleaning person - it daily use morning and evening special facilities for washing and removing makeup . These include foams and gels for washing (more suitable for oily skin) and milky lotion (recommended for dry and sensitive). At their regular use you clean the skin from waste products, it worked out for the day or overnight, to prevent clogging of the pores, removes dead cells of the skin, activate metabolic processes.

Next level - the use of special scrubs and exfoliation , Cleaning and peeling (peeling) masks. The former contain fine solid particles which, when applied to the skin to remove dead skin particles it. Apply them with dry and sensitive skin with the necessary caution, because it may lead to microtraumas.

During the action cleansing masks   their components lead to swelling of the stratum corneum of the skin and its subsequent removal when removed. Peeling skin soft mask subjected to grinding, while they cleaned it, smooth and polished. Currently very popular are peeling mask - films that are shot after drying with the horny skin particles. All of the tools home cleaning persons should be applied 2 times a week -for oily skin, 1 time per week - Combination to 1 time in two weeks - for dry and sensitive skin.

In recent years, more and more manufacturers began to produce cosmetics two-stage system for the micro - dermobrazii at home . The composition of such a system may vary depending on the manufacturer and the principle of action on the skin. Now you yourself can carry out this once purely salons, skin cleaning procedure.

From home to the method proceeds salon

In the 70-80s of the 20th century in beauty salons often use mechanical cleaning   using a special metal instrument with holes, so-called spoon Una. With its use occurs squeezing the contents of the sebaceous gland. This method of cleaning the face is quite traumatic. In some salons, the method used so far, but always supplemented by subsequent soothing masks and d'Arsonval that reduce negative consequences.

Salon micro - dermobraziya It cleanses the skin by exposure to a stream of silica sand. This results in peeling of the top layer of the epidermis. But such a procedure is a contraindication - it is impossible to do with inflammation on the facial skin, especially for acne.

Chemical peeling Salon   - A deep cleansing skin with various acids. This results in multiple layers of peeling dead skin cells and a significant rejuvenating effect. Keep in mind that this procedure is on the border of cosmetology and medicine, and making it necessary only in stores with good expertise and reputation, and even better - in clinics. Because the wrong selection acids or their concentration, can turn a very serious chemical burn, which subsequently will need to have the doctors treat the burn center.

A more gentle cleaning procedure Face - vacuum . During stretching it occurs contamination of the sebaceous duct negative pressure. This is done using a special apparatus. Contraindications of this procedure is acne and dilated blood vessels of the face.

For the inflamed skin is more suitable Laser treatment . During her removed the top layer of the epidermis, and removed the inflammation. Skin cells are a kind of "evaporated" laser.

One of the most popular and the most painless procedure salon cleaning face today - ultrasonic cleaning . It is produced by ultrasonic waves that person does not feel, and which are exactly where you need to remove the dirt. This cleaning is not suitable for those who have acne on the face are present, but for people with very dry and sensitive skin. A great advantage of the procedure is that it moisturizes the skin and has virtually no traces after.

Modern range of beauty services are a variety of ways of clearing facial salon customers. But you must make this choice only after a detailed consultation with a competent expert and taking into account the negative effects of the different methods, the probability of which is always there.
Author: Natalia Biatova