How to steam the face
 The skin - the largest organ of the human body. Every day it is exposed to a huge number of adverse factors. And the result, as they say, is obvious. Dim color, extended and clogged pores, pimples, redness. But you want to look no worse than a supermodel. You think not that possible? And here and there.

One of the main secrets of excellent skin condition many stars is the regular procedure of steaming the face. It helps to get rid of pimples, blackheads and dead skin cells. Carry out the procedure in various ways and in different places. For this purpose, you can use special devices, but you can bowl with water. Besides, now commercially available steamed gels and masks. But first things first.

The essence of the procedure of steaming

During steaming the pores open, the skin softens and becomes much easier to remove the remnants of makeup, dirt, dead skin cells; moreover, toxins. After the procedure is much easier to remove pimples and blackheads.

The process itself can be carried out with the help of special devices, such commonly used in beauty salons, but you can find in stores and home version. Decision of the economy class is steaming with water and herbs. There are steamed gels and masks when in contact with water heated. Give way, quite good results. Today, however, I suggest you some tips on how to properly carry out the procedure at home steaming your skin become healthy and beautiful. The changes you will notice after a few treatments.

Prepare the skin

Before you start to steam the skin, it must be carefully prepared.
  1. First, wash your hands.

  2. For washing use warm or cool water.

  3. Before the procedure you need to exfoliate your skin. Steaming should be carried out not more than 1 time a week, as well as exfoliation. The fact is that the frequent exfoliation violates the pH balance of the skin and makes it more dry, and frequent steaming violate the natural protective function of the skin, which can lead to the growth of pimples and acne.

  4. After the procedure, rinse your face with water and wipe with lotion.

Steaming the skin

Method 1. For the procedure you will need: a cup, a towel, hot water, herbs or essential oils, lotion for the face.

So the first thing we pour hot water into a cup and add to the dry or fresh grass, essential oils. Give the main heat go. To do this you need to wait a minute 2. Then leans over the cup and cover with a towel. And so we sit a few minutes. You will feel that your skin has become softer and moisturized.

Sit down for several minutes, until steam no longer go. Then quickly wipe the face lotion to remove what happened. Then you can apply a mask. Incidentally, after the steaming mask greatly increases efficiency.

For each type of skin recommendations exist that add hot water.
  • If you have normal skin, then add the rose, rosemary or lavender. It does not matter in what form.

  • If skin is oily, then you will approach a lemon, peppermint and thyme.

  • For dry skin, suitable rosemary, chamomile, lime, rose and geranium.

Steaming is good because it is suitable for all types of faces and is a good aid to combat acne.

Method 2.   Take a cloth, preferably cotton. Dip it in hot water. Press and put on your face, making sure the cloth is not too hot. Allow to cool and repeat 3-4 times since. The water can also be added broth herbs or oils.

Steamed masks

For those who do not want to sit for 10 minutes over a bowl, steamed mask should be fine. On the shelves you can find for every taste and budget. Moreover, the effect of them is stunning. Great to take with you on vacation. After such a mask in just 3 minutes will result in the skin in order.

Their composition can be detected and zinc, and an extract of cucumber and strawberry, and cream. In general, every woman will be able to choose what she liked.

Caution!   Steaming - a thing, of course, good, but not always it can be done. If on the face there is any inflammation or abscess, the procedure should be abandoned, as the situation may worsen. If, after you have a steaming anger, then consult a dermatologist or refuse such a procedure, and try to steam masks, or vice versa, steaming with herbs and essential oils.

Remember that the beauty of our skin depends on how well we take care of it.
Author: Vera Karabutova