My investigation: Is a tonic - a necessary product?
 We all learned almost by heart the steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But one day about a tonic somehow forget. And what we see? And that seems to be nothing changes. Skin nothing bad happens and, perhaps, not as a necessary tonic product?

Can I just replace the usual tonic water? And most importantly, for what purpose I need it? Let's face it.

What is a tonic, and why there is a
Tonic Lotion - this is usually a liquid substance, almost like water. And it is applied with a cotton swab. Designed to remove excess dead cells after exfoliation, reduces pores and gives skin a natural radiance, destroys excess fat. Most toners contain water, moisturizing ingredients (e.g. glycerin), cleansing components, healing (eg, aloe) and preservatives.

On the market there are several types of tonics:

- Refreshing (this tonic formula with a soft, soft, suitable for dry and sensitive skin)

- Tonic (suitable for normal, combination oily skin contain small amounts of alcohol)

- Cementing (this is the tonic with a saturated formula contains antiseptic ingredients and a high percentage of alcohol, intended to control oily skin, so are offered for oily skin).

 My investigation: Is a tonic - a necessary product?

Tonic cleanses. But should he do it?
The main reason why beauticians are advised to use the tonic, is their task to remove remnants of cosmetics, oils, dirt, detergent after cleansing. But, if you're after detergent feel that the skin needs additional purification using the tonic, it means that your detergent is not doing its job. Is not it? A good cleanser it cleans the skin without leaving a greasy residue. If your detergent does not do it, he just needs replacement, and in this case is not worth spending money on toner, which will serve as purification.

Toner restores the pH balance of the skin. And whether it's skin?
Manufacturers argue that even one of the tasks tonics - to restore the pH balance of the skin that are lost as a result of removal of oils and sweat in the process of washing. But here, too, is debatable. Much depends on your detergent. Gentle formula will not remove your natural oils from the skin, pH balance and therefore will not change. Besides, we should not underestimate ability of our skin to heal itself. After the skin, in fact, the very recovers its pH within 15-30 minutes after exposure to detergent. And this is another reason not to hold a tonic job that performs skin itself. Hence, the need to purchase the tonic we have not yet seen.

Tonic helps narrow pores. Is he could?
This is perhaps one of the most common errors, as well as one of the promotional gimmicks producer. It is logical that after cleansing would be good to close the pores. But we do not consider the fact that the pore size, in principle, it is practically impossible to change. This is one of myths of beauty industry. You can achieve very short-term effect of narrowing far. For example, if work on the skin alcohol-tonic, then skin will be slightly annoyed, as it swells, and in front of us will be the effect of a slight decrease in long, but the effect is very short, trust me. A long-term effects of alcohol is on the skin and does bring far more harm than good.

Tonic control the selection of fat. But is it good for the skin?
Owners of oily skin may have already prepared New arguments in favor of the tonics. Still would! After all, like the tonic can keep fatty skin under control. Unfortunately, they are wrong. This is not true. First, not everyone can be a tonic influence on the shine. Only those that contain alcohol. But there is also a downside. The presence of alcohol irritates the skin, provoking the emergence of free radicals, and all this is not very good for the skin. And if, for example, alcohol is replaced by Camomile or witch hazel? It is, in fact, slightly better than alcohol. The fact that some of the extracts also contain alcohol, albeit in lesser amounts for their conservation are often used alcohol.

What can neutralize oily skin without such damage to health, which enables the presence of alcohol? The product should contain salicylic acid, which exfoliates the skin and controls sebum secretion. This ingredient is not so destroys the skin, as alcohol.

Alcohol-containing products are shown to people with very oily skin, and only then, when all else fails!

Tonics have moisturizing and rejuvenating properties
In general, what happens? What most tonics, which is in the market are useless or even harmful for the skin. Still, let's be fair. There is another type of tonics that are really useful for the skin. It tonics containing antioxidants, salicylic acid for balance of fat, moisturizing ingredients.

Such moisturizing tonic for different skin types are useful. Of course, you can say that all these components can be found in the serum and moisturizers, and should not substitute their tonics. But in contrast to the tonic, the funds can be much more expensive. In addition, the tonic needed for people with very problematic skin, providing an additional care and concern.

 My investigation: Is a tonic - a necessary product?

Draw conclusions:

- Tonic is not strictly necessary means for daily care.
- Alcohol-tonics can be used only with very oily skin.
- The structure of tonic should include antioxidants, moisturizers ingredients and control the fat content of soft compounds (eg, salicylic acid), the product has benefits for the skin.
- Tonic in combination with serum and creams may be an additional care, not necessarily daily.
- Look for products is useful, not useless. Sometimes herbal tea, which can wipe a person or an ice cube is more useful to the skin than those produced on an industrial scale averaged products with preservatives.
Author: Olga Larsen