Soothe her thirst! How to keep skin beautiful frosty winter
 In the winter, our skin requires special attention and care, because in this period it loses most of the moisture. Biting wind and frost dry skin is much stronger than the hot summer, so in this difficult season because it requires intensive care and reliable protection. The skin is necessary not only moisturize, but also to ensure the preservation of moisture throughout the day. Besides, it should be done so cleverly that there was no risk frostbitten ...

Houses (morning departure)

Waking up in the morning, do not rush to take a shower. Beauticians in winter is recommended that a single water treatments per day, and it is better if it is a warm evening shower. And in the morning - just cleansing the face and neck. Clean your face with moisturizing tonic to put the moisturizer, for 40-60 minutes, it is quite time to soak in, and is not harmful to the skin, even in the bitter cold.

If you can not imagine the morning without a full hygienic procedures, it will have to wake up early so that between the time of taking a shower and access to the open air passed at least half an hour.

A small amount of makeup does not hurt, but on the contrary, will help to protect the skin from contact with the frosty air. Most modern tone creams contain special ingredients that protect from frost.

The extreme cold can be applied with a brush on top of the foundation loose or compact powder. Its particles will create an additional protective layer and prevent hypothermia

Do not go out without lipstick, you pick the right color and definitely with the properties of balm in it should include natural waxes and oils. If you do not use decorative cosmetics, use chapstick - then your lips while walking will be protected.

 Soothe her thirst! How to keep skin beautiful frosty winter
   In extreme cold, especially if they are accompanied by the wind, do not neglect special protective creams. "Winter" cream - thick, fat, enriched with vitamins - they're not all like, but if the choice is between a fat cream and tightness, flaky skin - the answer is obvious. By the way, a barrier cream does not have to be expensive, such as the Russian manufacturer "Avanti" offers a very high quality creams "Rosy cheeks" and "Jack Frost" That very well cope with the function of protecting the person from chapping and frostbite.

 Soothe her thirst! How to keep skin beautiful frosty winter
   If you really do not want to use heavy protective creams, a compromise in solving the problem is the use of fat a day cream and a primer. As a day cream can offer a day cream OLAY Complete Winter Care . In addition, it prevents dehydration and enhances the protective barrier of the skin, the cream contains a sunscreen factor SPF 15 broad spectrum protection against UV-A and B, which are less hazardous in winter than in summer.


From the warm room, we went out in the cold: the first thing that feels unprotected skin of the face - temperature shock. To smooth it a little sharpness, palms face'll cover a couple of minutes, but the scarf to cover his face experts do not recommend even in extreme cold. It retains moisture, which immediately condenses on the skin and frostbitten long. What happens to the skin in the cold?

In the cold, sharply falling activity of sebaceous glands - is reduced and then completely ceases production of skin fat, nourishes and protects the skin. The longer we are in the cold, so it becomes more porous natural protective layer of the skin and keeps the worse the necessary skin moisture. The skin loses moisture, peeling, redness.

Of course, fresh frosty blush looks very attractive, but only at first sight! Doctors warn about his perfidy: first under the influence of a cold vessels constrict, and then dilate the blood pressure. It may be that they will remain forever in the expanded state, in the form of a reddish mesh, transmission through the skin of the cheeks.

Another negative factor is the cold wind. The skin of it is becoming increasingly dry, scaly, micro cracks appear. Damage does our beauty and fine dry snow, damaging the skin mechanically.

It is because of these threats, and recommended for long walks in the cold weather creams cryoprotectants Despite their weight and fat content. The composition of these agents typically include silicone, chitosan, as well as natural oils (cedar, castor oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel) which protect and nourish skin. Present components, strengthens blood vessels (rutin, horse chestnut extract). Such cosmetics creates a film that helps the skin retain moisture and softens the impact of frost on the vessels.


Most of the time we spend not on the frosty streets and in areas where both heating and air becomes very dry. And if you have more office and computer work, the skin can only sympathize. In such circumstances, it is not lipid barrier able to restrain the evaporation of water, and she quickly loses moisture.

To combat dryness there are two ways:

• The first - to increase the humidity. This task is more or less successfully cope humidifiers, spray water tank with water plants.

• Second - actually moisturize the skin. Moisturizing tonic or mineral water spray (you can use conventional spray) to help save your skin from the office of dried air.

 Soothe her thirst! How to keep skin beautiful frosty winter
   As a moisturizer for the skin in the office perfectly suitable cream Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief by Clinique Its highlight is that applied to the surface of his face can be as often as you see fit, even over makeup. He Suitable for all skin types, has a light texture and is quickly absorbed. However, and here all individually, sometimes even a skin reaction at such a quality product does not meet expectations.

House (evening departure)

So, all the daily worries behind, we are finally home. Soft tonic or cosmetic cream remove the remnants of makeup, protective equipment, as well as fatigue and irritation. If you skin is very delicate, it is possible to clean the face to try to use the tool for removing eye make-up.

If, despite all precautions, the skin weathered the cold wind and the cold, do the following healing mask:

- Take 1 hour. L. oatmeal and pour 2 tablespoons. l. of boiling water and stir. Add 1 h. L. vegetable oil, 1 part. l. Kalanchoe juice. Apply the mask on your face, rubbing in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. After 5-10 minutes, rinse with warm water. This tool is well exfoliate the skin, softens the skin and, in addition, has a lifting effect.

Oily skin is better adapted to the cold and wind, but, nevertheless, and it requires gentle care, so give up alcohol for cleaning lotions and tonics and use soft gels.

How would you have liked after his return from the street to lie down for half an hour or even an hour in the hot tub, do not abuse it. Nothing dries the skin of the body as a hot shower or bath. High temperatures lead to vasodilation and as a result, an excessive evaporation of moisture through the skin.

It is best to take the winter warm bath or shower, the temperature of 36-37 degrees. A warm bath of 10-15 minutes, even with extracts of aromatic oils plus massage - quite appropriate winter ritual of body care.

 Soothe her thirst! How to keep skin beautiful frosty winter
   After the water treatments required to apply to the body nourishing cream (or milk), enriched with vitamins and fruit acids, vegetable oils (apricot, rosewood, evening primrose, jojoba, almond, avocado). For example, a good choice - Nourishing Body Lotion from NIVEA . The composition of its formula includes sea minerals and moisturizing ingredients that intensively nourish and moisturize the skin. Almond oil and Vitamin E to effectively soften the skin, making it soft and velvety.

Diet for Skin

Conservation promote healthy skin beauty vitamin - A, E and C. Vitamin A saves the skin from dryness and flaking. To make up for its deficiency in the body, in winter conditions should eat dried fruit, raw and boiled carrots, pumpkin, bananas. Contained it is also in the sour cream, cream, rose hips. Most important is vitamin E, which is found in nuts, sunflower, olive, corn oil, oatmeal, he cautions associated with cold exacerbation of skin diseases. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, peppers, cabbage (pickled in even more than in the raw). It increases the immunity of the whole organism and skin as well.
Author: Olga Travleeva