Terms of foot massage
 Do yourself a terrific foot massage!

Your feet always look great as if you walked all day in the comfortable leather shoes. Is it really so? What do you feel? Your feet are smooth, pink and ready for new feats? Probably, no. Most likely, all of your ten fingers stuck in one lump, like sardines in a tin. The skin looks tired feet, probably gray and hard to the touch. But no time to get upset. Revives your legs with the help of massage!

In order to make itself a foot massage read carefully our instructions.

Important! Be careful with the foot massage during pregnancy, since the activation of some points can cause birth pains.

What is the foot massage?

Regardless of whether you're doing a foot massage or do you, both of you get a huge advantage. Even if you just evening massaging your feet, we can say that the day is spent not in vain.

You - a masseur.   Make a foot massage to a friend or loved one. It's very soothing treatment. Furthermore, it can reduce blood pressure. Everything else, you will get either the incomparable experience of taking care of your partner, which can greatly strengthen your relationship.

You - the patient.   Naturally, it is the best option. Foot massage helps reduce stress, accelerate blood circulation and prevent congestion from wearing uncomfortable shoes. In addition, this massage is uniquely relaxing properties. It calms the muscles of the foot, reduces pressure on the toes, foot and ankle pads. The procedure will help alleviate your heels, if they apply a special cream or oil!

All in one.   If you can not trust your legs specialist or a loved one, the self-massage will allow you to regularly care for and pamper your feet when you want to.

The technique of foot massage

Foot massage can be performed at any time when you want, or become a regular part of a home pedicure. The figures below show some of the standard techniques of foot massage that you can dilute your pedicure. If you do not have a partner ready to help you, do not worry. These techniques are easy to perform (with some minor changes) alone.

If you still find a partner for a massage, lie down on your stomach on the sofa or the bed, his head tucked under a big pillow for total relaxation. Foot massage really take great pleasure if the body is not tense.

If you will be doing yourself a massage, take a comfortable chair, preferably with soft armrests and a footrest. Relax, pull out in front of one leg and bend the other knee and massage until then, until you feel it easy.

If you are using a special massage oil or lotion, cover the clothing and furniture with one or two towels. Oil Rub hands until they heat up before you start the massage.
Perform six receptions on one foot, before moving on to another massage.

Step 1: Loosen the top of the foot strokes

Stroking stimulates circulation and warm up your feet. Keep your foot in the hands of your partner. On please slow, firm stroking motion with the thumb, starting with the fingertips and down to the ankle.

Repeat the three - five times, and then be engaged in the bottom of the foot, doing the same thing.

 Terms of foot massage

Step 2: Rotate the ankle

Relax your feet and joints. Fold the arm in the form of a cup and embrace the heel behind the ankle to grab the foot and leg.

Grasp the fingertips with the other hand and slowly rotate the foot three - five times in each direction. These repetitive movements can help relieve tension. (This is also a good exercise for arthritis).

 Terms of foot massage

Step 3: Stretch your fingers and rotating

Toes, as well as arms, are quite sensitive to the touch. In this case, massage has a calming effect. Firmly squeeze the foot under the lift. The thumb of the second hand, place the toe.

Since the founding of the finger, slowly pull it up, slowly moving up and down.

Now repeat, but gently squeeze the toe between the thumb and forefinger of the hand, gently rotate them around an axis.
Repeat these two movements in the second leg.

 Terms of foot massage

Step 4: Slide fingers

Squeeze the foot behind the ankle, as if covering the heel. The index finger of the free hand is smooth movement between the toes, moving back and forth, repeating three - five times.

 Terms of foot massage

Step 5: Compression recovery area

Get rid of tension in the lift. Take the position as in Step 4.

Using the bottom of the inside of the palm of your hand, performs pressing movements at the base of the foot, moving in one direction and then in another direction. Repeat five times. This part of the foot is particularly sensitive to nadvalivaniyam, so do not use too much effort.

 Terms of foot massage

Step 6: stroking. Repeat Step 1

This is a good way to start and finish the massage.

Prepare a relaxing massage oil for feet

You will need:

- 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of castor, soybean, olive oil or jojoba oil

- 3 drops of lavender essential oil

- 1 drop of essential oil of German camomile

- 1 drop of essential oil of geranium

Cooking method:

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Good rub. Use only for a single procedure.

How to apply:

On one foot you need approximately 1 teaspoon (5 mL) funds. Apply it on your palm. Breathe in the aroma before you start to massage, and continue to breathe deeply, because these oils are perfectly calm. After the massage, put on socks to soak up the oil and soften feet.