10 autumn-winter tips
 You have already felt the coming of winter? And it's not just that it is necessary to put on more and sometimes less on the street. Any woman notices that with the advent of winter, the skin as a substitute: it becomes dry and starts to peel off, its color fades. What to do to reduce these unpleasant sensations autumn-winter?

1. Drink water

We can not in the winter to moisturize skin with water outside. We'll have to forget about the bottle with a spray of thermal water, which is so rescued in the summer to maintain a constant moisture. In cold weather it can be simply disastrous for the skin. But the moisture the skin needs. What to do? Replace one bottle to another. Now carry herbal tea to drink it. Very soon you will notice that the drinks inside moisturize the skin, she appears healthy glow.

2. Moisturize the air

In winter, it is important that radiators in rooms not dried skin. If your office - a good conditioner, to maintain a certain level of humidity, you're in luck. And what if it is not? Select a simple and very useful device - a humidifier. Place it at least at home. You will feel like your skin will become easier.

3. Exfoliate - once a week

Not often. But it is a necessary procedure, particularly if the skin is dry. The only way you can help her get rid of dead skin particles, for the sweet spot of subsequent caring and moisturizers. A stern advice: never use body scrubs - in the face! Even if you think that the texture is quite gentle, microtrauma of the skin can not be avoided.

 10 autumn-winter tips
 4. Moisturizers are also needed, but others

Moisturizing night you can leave the same as it was in the summer. But funds must be replaced daily. Is this a moisturizer or foundation with moisturizing effect - the choice is yours. The rule here is simple: the winter daytime moisturizer should be oil-based. Water-based product can literally freeze your skin.

5. Sunscreen - not only old product

Do not say goodbye to your sunscreen just because summer is over. Before you leave home, be sure to use the means of protection from the sun's rays. You will need tools to filter SPF of 15 or more. This will protect your skin from the elements and other harmful urban factors.

 10 autumn-winter tips
 6. Power

Of course, the appearance of the skin depends not only on how you are using the cream, basic nutrition and rejuvenation of the skin is from the inside. Therefore, make sure that your skin gets inside enough. In the winter diet should be a lot of fluids, fruits, vegetables, olive oil. All it softens and moisturizes the skin. And if the skin hydrated - the wrinkles and "wait."

Note product such as linseed oil. Try to cook it or add it to the food. It contains the necessary, especially in the winter, a fatty acid, which generally has beneficial effects on the general condition and appearance of our skin.

7. Gloves

This is the easiest recipe for beauty. Why put your hands cold? The only thing is to warn that the choice of gloves or mittens to be serious. You need a pair of gloves that would not irritate your skin. After all, you spend them in a long time. If you are allergic to wool (or sensitive skin of hands), then it may be advisable to choose as backing light cotton gloves. Then you will avoid the irritation and the hands remain warm.

 10 autumn-winter tips
 8. Spa on special winter rules

For baths in the winter, there are special rules. First, reduce the usual time of stay in the bath. Second, avoid very hot water, although it seems that in the winter the water should be hot. If you are cold, you better warm the air in the tub. Be sure to add oil to the water, they retain moisture in the skin, obtained by taking a bath. Use only with the natural oils.

 10 autumn-winter tips
 9. Do not lick your lips

Lip winter suffer the most. Therefore, your constant companion must be a lip balm, always carry it in a purse, use the right as you feel tightness. And try not to lick your lips, it's most harmful habit of winter! After that, his lips cracked, shelled and faster drying - is not this case, to get rid of this habit?

 10 autumn-winter tips
 10. No - hair dryer

Well, unfortunately, just say 'no', we can not hair dryer. If it were possible, we would in the summer from a hair dryer abandoned, because it is so spoils the hair. But it was winter blow-drying - it is a real torture for hair. If the dryer can not be avoided, be sure to use heat-protective sprays and gels. Or it is necessary to dry through the hood.

It is also very bad in the winter affect the general condition of the hair piece dyeing, smoothing, curling. In combination with heating devices it works on hair threateningly. So that pinch these risks to a minimum, either reduce the number of experiments on the hair in the winter, or buy a good thermal protection means.
Author: Julia Gnedina