4 errors that we make, taking care of the skin
 Proper skin care - this is a very important and responsible process, where there is no room for error in the use of cosmetics.

Our skin - the largest organ and the mirror of our physical state and spiritual balance. We all know that you need to look after your skin regularly and thoroughly, but still subject to a number of unforgivable lapses, sometimes fraught for our appearance. Here are the most common mistakes.

Misconception number 1
Oddly enough, many of us believe that the more cosmetic means to use at a time, whether it be a night cream, body lotion or care serum, the better and faster it will work.

And in fact…
How many kilograms of funds do not apply at a time, effectively it is, unfortunately, will not. Moreover, reckless Increasing the amount of cosmetic product may result in the cabinet have a beautician or dermatologist as active agents (salicylic acid, retinol, fruit acids) contained in cosmetics, may cause allergic reactions, dermatitis, burns, etc. And, finally, uneconomical use of funds will lead you to unnecessary spending.

Tip!   Cosmetics should be applied in doses according to the instructions, and sometimes dotted, if the makeup has a strict focus and high concentration of active substances.

Misconception number 2
When skin care tonic - indispensable means to care for any skin type.

 4 errors that we make, taking care of the skin
 And in fact…
According to the latest, including medical, research, only needed tonic women with oily and acne prone skin to control excess sebum. If you have another type of skin, you simply good clean it and chime 1-2 times a week to do a mask glubokoochischayuschuyu.

Tip!   If your skin is prone to the emergence of various kinds of lesions in the opinion dermatologists, the best solution is a tonic with salicylic acid in its composition.

Misconception number 3
Of all the means of decorative cosmetics fastest spoils mascara, it dries and starts to crumble.

 4 errors that we make, taking care of the skin
 And in fact…
In fact, the entire makeup has an expiry date, as over time the active ingredients lose their useful properties and cease to produce any effect. In addition, old cosmetics - a fertile ground for breeding of harmful bacteria. Open cosmetic products is better not to keep more than a year, but some shelf life means even less, such as 2, 4, 6 months (especially natural cosmetics).

Tip!   Creams and cosmetic emulsions stored better and longer in a dark, cool and dry place. In addition, the need to close the lid tightly to prevent the ingress of air that can cause oxidation.

Misconception number 4
Ultraviolet rays can cause rapid aging of the skin and cause it has poor change, so you must use protective tools and cosmetics with SPF- filters. The greater the variety of means nanesesh, the stronger will be your protection from the sun.

 4 errors that we make, taking care of the skin
 And in fact…
In fact, when applied to the skin means a SPF-filters, the value of the filters in any case does not stack, it is considered only by the very strong performance.

Tip!   Try to use the funds of the same brand with an appropriate level of sun protection. Also do not forget about glasses - at the moment the best way to protect the eyes and the skin around them.
Author: Inna Sedykh