A couple of tips for clear skin
 You have beautiful skin is smooth, free of defects? No? Then read our tips!

If everything is crystal clear - clear sea, gentle tropical air, fresh organic vegetables, fruits and seafood would be available each day, our skin would probably have shone with freshness, youthfulness and health. However, we live in metropolitan areas, where environmental insults, frantic pace of life and GMO products which do not add to our health. However, not all as bad as it seems, we just need a little effort to look like a million.

What to eat

It has been proven that the fatty acids found in fatty fish, improve the moisture balance of the skin and cause it just glows from within. If, for some reason, you can not eat fish, then replace it with fish oil capsules or walnuts. Be sure to include in your diet plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins. Vegetable salads should fill with olive oil, which is also called "liquid" gold or "elixir of beauty." Sweet and flour in general should be excluded from your diet.

 A couple of tips for clear skin
 Salad beauty . Take 2 tablespoons of rolled oats, soak them in warm water and wait until they soften, mix them with 2 grated green apples, 1 tablespoon liquid honey, add nuts and raisins.


Regular physical activity, appropriate to your age and state of health, uluch¬shat circulation and normalize all systems.


Stress - the plague of the 21st century and the cause of many physiological and mental illness. Stress and strong emotional pe¬rezhivaniya instantly make our skin dull and gray. Now to deal with stress coined many new and sometimes well-forgotten old ways: yoga, massage, herbal tea, relaxing bath, etc. You need to choose your brand recipe or a combination of procedures to ensure that your skin does not know about stress.

"Acid" care

Now let's talk about leaving the outside. At the moment, the best means to care for dull and lifeless skin - the means with AHA acids, which perfectly remove dead cells, one of the reasons yavlyatyuschiesya dull complexion.

Face masks

Homemade or industrial face masks - unique tool for skin care that affect the underlying layers of the skin, bringing back all the nutrients you need. Of homemade masks would like to mention recipes with oat flakes, which are significantly improves the complexion.

Mineral water

Produced by many manufacturers mineral water for the body and face - a real boon for residents of large cities. She uvlazh¬nyaet skin during the day and enriches it with a number of useful veschest¬v.

Water Treatments

 A couple of tips for clear skin
 Water from the water dries the skin, depriving it of estestven¬nogo protective layer. To prevent this, be sure to use a nutrient cream or body lotion.

Also damage the protective layer can, if regularly frantically rubbing the skin washcloth. It also contributes to its dryness, irritation and various rashes. The same abrasive action has on the skin and regular use of scrubs, which can also damage the skin. Ideal for use scrubs - 1-2 times a week.


Yes, nice tan - it is always nice, but bust the sun in a tube can cause serious damage to health and beauty. And well, if you just get off overdried skin.
Author: Inna Sedykh