Adjust the shape of the eye with the help of make-up. Part 1
 Nature endowed us different in form eyes. Some considered the standard, and luck to those who possess them, while others have to strive for it. It's not that it's bad. After adjusting the shape with the help of make-up, we create a balance of facial proportions. For each form of the eye has been developed its own system of applying make-up, so we can make them more expressive and inviting.

Make-up for small eyes

Do you know how many stars and models are not happy owners of large and shining eyes. Get at least a model of the famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret Karolina Kurkova.

 Adjust the shape of the eye with the help of make-up. Part 1

She admits that her eyes are small, like a pig. But with a little trick small and expressionless eyes are transformed into expressive and large.

- To begin with, that will correct the shape of eyebrows. After all, to choose the right shape and density, you can make your eyes visually longer even without makeup. The main rule - to remove all the hairs sticking out and leave the inside of the brow is a little thicker.

- Then go to the shadows. Imposes on the entire eyelid shade lighter shade. Start from the lash line and blend toward the brow. Avoid cast a dark shadow on the entire surface of the century.

- Now get a darker shade. Apply on the outer corners of the eye and under the brow ridges, blend until mid-century. You can apply a little white shadows above the brow ridges.

- To make the eyes more expressive, use eyeliner or eyeliner. It is important that it was not a bright color. Summing up both the upper and lower eyelids. Do not draw a thick black line, because they only reduce the eye. Inner corners of eyes fail the white or beige pencil.

- Finally, the eyelashes. Tighten them and we put 2 layers of black mascara. That's all.

 Adjust the shape of the eye with the help of make-up. Part 1

Makeup for wide-set eyes

Let's start with what are considered to be wide-set eyes. So, if the length of the inner corner of the eye is greater than the length of one eye, then your eyes are widely spaced precisely to. Your goal - to visually shorten the distance between the eyes. The general rule for you - dark shadows inner corner of eye, light - for outside.

- Again, start with the correct form of the eyebrows. With eyebrow pencil try to bring together the eyebrows. Do not make the outer corners of the eyebrows on departure. It is better to round them.

- More direct eye makeup. Take a shade darker and apply them to the inner corner of the eye and blend in the third century. Impose want from the lash line to the bone. Now we take light shade and put on the remaining 2/3 of the century.

- If you want to use a liner, then apply it directly from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Above and below. Then, using the shadows slightly soften the line.

- Finally, apply mascara, try to do so, to give volume to eyelashes, growing in the center, to bring together the visual eye.

 Adjust the shape of the eye with the help of make-up. Part 1

Choice of color

If you are unsure what color shadows and eyeliner for you, here are some recommendations:

- If you have blue eyes, then you better give preference shades of brown, gray, dark blue, purple shades. As for the liner, you'll like black, dark green, dark blue and brown.

- For the green-eyed can recommend to use a purple, pink, dark gray, black, brown, mauve shadows and shades. To use black eyeliner, dark purple, golden brown, dark brown color.

- Brown eyes accentuate all shades of blue, gray and purple. And let the eyeliner is black, brown, dark blue, bronze and gray.

 Adjust the shape of the eye with the help of make-up. Part 1

Author: Vera Karabutova