Beauty - is confidence!
 Slim silhouette, thin waist, smooth, smooth skin without cellulite - every woman will be happy if all these words describe her body. Together with experts in the field of cosmetology, nutrition and fitness brand NIVEA has developed a comprehensive training program for the summer season. Recommendations made to help restore skin elasticity, to say goodbye to cellulite, slim silhouette gain.

To deal with any problem is easier if you understand its essence and the source of origin.

Cellulite   - It is the result of changes in the skin, blood vessels, connective tissues.

The main reasons for the appearance of cellulite:

• genetic predisposition, individual features of the constitution;

• hormone imbalance.

Also contribute to the development of cellulite:

• metabolic disorders associated with errors in diet, smoking, chronic stress;

• venous stasis and lymph disorders associated with physical inactivity, tight clothes, wearing shoes with high heels.

 Beauty - is confidence!
 Localized fat deposits   - A consequence of metabolic disorders, increase of fat cells and their accumulation in various depots. Where these depots will be located it depends on the genetic blueprint of each person. Different men - android - type figure in the form of an apple, female - gynoid - type figure in the form of pear and mixed type. The most unfavorable from the viewpoint of the development of metabolic disorders considered android type, which is often combined with an increase in weight of internal fat.

Reduced skin elasticity   natural to the organism in the process of aging. With age, collagen and elastin production decreases. However, external factors and lack of care for the skin of the body can affect the decrease in skin turgor in a much earlier age.

The formula harmony: Body Beautiful Fitness + Health = food + beauty products for body shaping.

Healthy eating

ELENA FEDOSEYEVA, a specialist in laser biomedicine, massage therapist and a nutritionist.

Zhirorazrusheniya natural activator, and, therefore, get rid of cellulite is a substance L-carnitine. This component is produced by the body and is supplied with food. The global and domestic nutrition and pharmaceutical L-carnitine has also been implemented as a stimulator of heart activity (heart muscle works primarily with energy cleavable fats). Later, he found its application in the health and nutrition and cosmetology.

In the daily diet include protein foods rich in L-carnitine: meat, fish, poultry and dairy products. To process was faster, requires additional intake of vitamins C, B, B2, B6, B12.

Drink more water (mineral, namely drinking water), not less than two liters per day, in addition to soups, beverages and teas. Clean drinking water promotes the active removal of the products of lipid destruction. Drink water between meals is better for half an hour before meals and at least an hour after eating.

At the same time Minimize consumption of coffee and salt. They retain fluid in the body, slowing his cleansing.

In the daily diet must be present fresh fruits and vegetables.

Physical exercise

PAUL KARASCHENKO instructor of group programs, fitness club "FizKult" /

To reduce the amount of problem areas: the waist, buttocks, thighs - you need to perform the exercises for these muscle groups at least twice a week, but the duration of activity may last about an hour. The big plus is if at that time you turn on the program daily hiking. First, it may be 20-30 minutes. On the second and subsequent weeks - 30-45. It can be a walk in the morning to the evening after work.

Carrying out exercises, do 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. The last few repetitions must always be given to the effort. Since the purpose of your program - correction of problem areas rather than teaching-part in bodybuilding contest, to strike a balance between strength and aerobic workouts. Always begin and end each class a five-minute stretch.

Skin care

Irina Zhukova cosmetologist, dermatologist, MD.

Modern cosmetics can significantly correct problem areas. Means for home care of the skin have a number of advantages. They are easier to use, and they are always at hand. Therefore less likely schedule or financial capacity to somehow limit their regular use, after applying for a home remedy you need only a few minutes after taking a shower.

It is important to understand that anti-cellulite funds help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but do not reduce the volume of the body. To reduce the volume of developed special gels and creams.

The third most common problem - the loss of elasticity of the skin of the body. It is solved in the first place the right skin care routine.

 Beauty - is confidence!

Some of our councils will help to enhance the effect of the application:

• And anti-cellulite and figure modeling tools act on the skin intensively after the shower, sauna or bath, if you rub their massage. Bath causes dilation of superficial blood vessels of the skin and enhances the absorption of active ingredients. It is recommended to make a pre-peeling, which removes the skin surface dead cells, making it easier to access the active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. However, to do all day peeling is not necessary.

• You can apply anti-cellulite and modeling the figure by means of a compression garment before training.

• You can easily make wraps with these funds. Once applied to the problem areas, wrap it film for 30-40 minutes and provide additional heat.