Clean - the guarantee of a beautiful skin! Change the soap .... Milk and cream
 "It is necessary, it is necessary to wash in the morning and evening," - this simple truth we have learned from childhood, memorizing nemudrёnye, but such right poems. As a child, everything was simple - children's soap and plain water is enough to wash away the dirt and sweat from zapachkonoy muzzles. And later, in his youth, if the skin is normal type, for her regular cleansing warm water and mild soap - and a good enough choice. Except for removing waterproof makeup need stronger tools.

The situation is different if the skin is sensitive, easily irritated and prone to dryness, age or approaching maturity. In this case, all cosmetologists are not advised to wash with water, especially water, and soap is better not to apply.

Milk and cream cosmetic - the best choice for cleansing dry and sensitive skin.

But the owners of oily and combination skin is useful to clean the skin milk, however, is somewhat different for them for cleaning, and in the composition of the milk are special components, normalizing lipid balance of the skin.

Numerous family cosmetic "dairy" products appear in the arsenal of cosmetologists through regular milk. After all, in fact, that this milk? This natural emulsion of liquid and fats, milk wash loved beauty in all ages, and some even took milk baths. Cosmetic milk repeats the same formula - plus liquid fat, for durability in it add special waxes, and to expand the opportunities for improvement of the skin - a variety of useful components.

Essentially milk is no different from cosmetic creams, but its consistency is more tender and liquid. The word "cream" of English origin and literally means "the cream". For centuries, the only cream was a mixture of spermaceti, beeswax, almond oil and water, called "Cold Cream" - literally "cold cream". The creation of this wonderful recipe is credited with the famous ancient physician Galen. So, we can assume milky lotion cream special purpose.

The main task of cleansing milk - gentle way to clean the skin fat, sweat, dead skin cells. At the same time, more milk and moisturizes the skin, soothes irritation. Cosmetic cream has a thicker consistency than milk, and contain more fat, so are ideal for dry skin. The fatty oils that make up the cream protect the skin, preserve and restore its own protective function, contain a variety of biologically active substances that trap moisture, regulate cellular metabolism, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, improves skin elasticity, normalize sebaceous glands.

Often, cream additionally include essential oils and extracts of herbs, which improves performance. Essential oils not only that dissolve fatty deposits on the skin, purifying it, but also have a positive effect on the nervous system, their pleasant aroma has a positive effect on mood.

Although, in essence, cream, lotion and cream are liquid consistency. Traditionally, the manufacture of creams, along with a plant used components of animal origin, and cosmetic creams and lotions comprise mainly vegetable oils and plant extracts. While this is not quite true, but in a certain sense it is, and often in the name of a milk or cream highlights an extract from a plant was its foundation. For example, almond milk, rice bran, coconut, and so on. D.

The most "dairy" plants - rice, cotton, almonds, soy, coconut.

Read carefully the composition of cleaning agents, we find that in most cases they contain some "vegetable milk" - a nutritious substance, extracted from plants.

Of course, the term is not entirely correct (as currently produce milk still only mammals), but very fun! According to their nutritional composition is "fitomoloko" surprisingly close fit to milk animals, it is also rich in fats, proteins and mineral salts and vitamins. "Milk" of plant is a part not only of cosmetic creams and milks, and the creams, balms and hair shampoos, gels and body moisturizers.

• For the most sensitive skin can recommend funds that include Cotton Milk . Cotton milk is extracted from the seeds of the cotton flower. Contains antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats, omega 3 and omega 6. It has an immediate and lasting moisturizing effect, softening effect. Due to the presence of vitamins A and E reduces irritation has protivoallergtcheskim action.

• For dry, mature skin and is intended uvyadayushey soy milk Which is particularly rich in the active substances, prevents aging. Furthermore, it has strengthening properties and helps to restore the skin structure. Vitexin contained in soybeans has excellent cleansing and moisturizing qualities. No wonder soybeans are widely used in ancient times it was to cleanse the skin of impurities and eliminate a variety of skin problems.

Oat milk . Its softening, soothing and protective properties as well as excellent portability gives it broad application especially in the means to care for dry and hypersensitive skin. Oat milk enriches the skin with oxygen and prevents the appearance of redness. It contains proteins, polyphenols, organic acids, biostimulants, micronutrients, vitamins and substances that prevent the deposition of fat. It consists of potassium, silicon, chromium, iron, manganese, iodine and fluorine. It is sufficiently large and the content of B vitamins

Almond Milk   can be regarded as universal, it is very widely used in massage oil, body lotion and hand cream. Milk softens the skin, normalizing metabolism and fluid balance in the skin cells, thereby restores skin elasticity. It is especially effective for dry and normal, and for very sensitive skin. It is rich in B vitamins and a rich mineral composition: iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium. Almond Milk - a great tool for removing make-up, a thorough cleaning and nutrition of the skin. In addition, it provides protection against UV radiation and sunburn, prevents scarring during pregnancy.

 Clean - the guarantee of a beautiful skin! Change the soap .... Milk and cream
   • Coconut milk   - The liquid contained in the cavity of unripe walnut coconut palm. As maturation nut fat content of the liquid increases and emulsify quite similar to cow milk. Coconut milk promote active fixation water in the cells: it is rich in amino acids which are actively water capture intercellular space and fix the cells. Coconut milk is also rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B3, C). It has both moisturizing and nourishes, protects and strengthens the hydro-lipid film of the skin and hair.

Rice Milk   - Is obtained from some varieties of brown rice. According to the content of calcium and some vitamins, it is not inferior to cow's milk and is very useful for strengthening, nutrition and skin softening. Milk contains a complex of moisturizing ingredients, amino acids, provitamin B5, polysaccharides, has the ability to "repair" the damaged hair structure, stimulate blood circulation in the hair roots. Milk has the property to retain moisture on the skin surface, preventing it from drying up.

Some features of the application, or why you need a tonic ...

For cleaning skin with milk simple. Apply a small amount of cleanser on the skin, fingertips spread over the entire surface of the skin light massage, leave on for 1-2 minutes, then use a cloth or cotton pad gently remove. After the milk is required to use tonic. Its main task - to remove the remnants of milk with dissolved in it with dirt and grease, and refresh your skin at the same time. For oily skin tonic it is especially important - he is obliged to reduce the pores and prevent the formation of comedones and inflammatory cells. Therefore it is necessary to select toner (as a cleansing agent), depending on the type of skin. It is better to buy at once complete - plus milk tonic, in which case they act perfectly complement each other.

 Clean - the guarantee of a beautiful skin! Change the soap .... Milk and cream
 For example, the following set for combination skin from L'oreal:
• Milk removes dirt, removes make-up, moisturizes dry skin and removes excess fat from areas that are prone to fat content;
• tonic removes the remnants of makeup and dirt, removes dead cells, making the skin bright and healthy, moisturizes dry skin and pores on the areas of the face that tend to get fat.

 Clean - the guarantee of a beautiful skin! Change the soap .... Milk and cream
 Some companies, such as NIVEA, went further and suggested that in one bottle and lotion and tonic (eg, cleansing milk and tonic 2in1 from NIVEA). Naturally, this is reflected in such an important moment as the ease of removal of milk. The procedure is simplified to the limit, the result is excellent, and the subsequent skin care is easy and comfortable.

The choice is yours, you choose what you currently helpful and nice, and that is best suited for your skin.
Author: Olga Travleeva