Facials - is not only a good cream
 Most likely, no one will argue with the fact that a skin condition can not be separated from the general condition of the woman. After all, up to 80% of the power gets inside the skin, which means that no matter how universal was your cream must still follow and that has an impact on our skin, so to speak, from the inside. Often this can be very unpredictable things, such as a profession or hobby pool. But knowing about them, we can solve the problem of wrinkles in a complex and comprehensive.

Each unfavorable factor can rejuvenate or add us several years. How not to wear out the skin ahead of time, and what factors can help the skin as long as possible to stay healthy and youthful condition?

So the coveted list (far from complete) of negative factors to our skin:

1. The level of stress.   In general, it is impossible without worry. Therefore, each of us gets to 2 years extra. But if you - the head, you have a responsible position if you are often in a state of stress on the family, children - it just adds up to 7 years! If it is - is your problem, pay attention to cosmetics with anti-stress effect.

2. Insomnia. If you do not sleep well, it adds 3 to 4 extra years. Women with good sleep have a very good chance to save face young for long. In addition, night (creams, serums) work best when you are fast asleep and relaxed as possible. For insomnia it - practically nothing.

3. Hormonal drugs adversely affects the skin of the face. If you use them consistently and without interruption, the age of skin is increased by 3 years. Try to give up on these drugs, ask your doctor, than they can be replaced in your case.

4. The presence of children.   Each child adds a person for a year. If you have more than three children - the three extra years can be seen on his face. However, the smile and the joy of communicating with these beautiful creatures a few years retired. But if you still look at the root, in depth, so to speak, the mothers of large families need special care for the body as a whole, and skin in particular.

5. Regular chemical peels, laser peels, microdermabrasion - risk factors. These procedures are effective but have consequences, unfortunately. So: do not do so often, do not do in the summer season. Active deep fascination peeling makes the skin irritable and reduces natural protection.

6. Have Allergies - A factor that also affects the skin. Three extra years may be allergic to "draw" on your face. After an allergic reaction immediately reflected on the skin, and persistent rashes disrupt the cells, provoking the accumulation of toxins that impair circulation.

7. Excessive sweating - An indication that the skin needs extra care. If it is not, then this skin is aging faster. You will look for a couple of years older than their peers malopoteyuschih. After sweating girls quickly dehydrate the body, as well as substances that make up the sweat, irritate and damage the epidermis. That is why you need a special care, special moisturizing, it helps to save the situation.

 Facials - is not only a good cream
 8. A sufficient amount of water a day.   For skin should be 1, 5-2 liters a day. If you do not drink, the skin becomes ill. But excessive consumption of water (more than 2 liters per day) facing skin aging. The fact that a large amount of liquid necessary for leaches minerals skin structure.

9. Alcohol and smoking.   Perhaps the best argument for any woman to engage with it - is that it ages the skin, showing wrinkles, sagging facial contours speeds. If you do not smoke and do not drink hard liquor, you can look at an average of 5-7 years younger than their peers.

10. The front of the computer - Very harmful for the skin parameter. The skin is aging faster than 4 years. Computers and electromagnetic waves interfere with the restoration of the epidermis. So be sure to protect the skin by means of fluorescent filters and plant extracts.

11. Tan. It generally face deadly procedure. Being in the sun your face should be as small as possible! And the sea, and in the solarium to protect, above all, face and chest area. If you need a bronze shade - better to use avtobronzatom. Modern tanning and caring for the skin, and give the desired shade.

12. Cream with a level of protection less than 40 - It is also aging. Use expensive means of protection level 40, 50 and above. If at least SPF 10 - then it will not stop the years, such a filter is ineffective for a person, it is suitable for the body.

 Facials - is not only a good cream
 13. Pool.   Though he is useful to our body, but little use face. Chlorinated water, the humidity level drops, antibacterial agents - not the best factors for the face. Be sure to protect employment in the face, if you can not give up this hobby.

14. If you do not use cosmetics - By today's standards, there is nothing to be proud. The complete absence of cosmetics - age is unacceptable. Skin needs extra nourishment and care. Be sure to daily cleaning and use of day and night cream - should become as routine procedures like washing hands and brushing teeth.

15. Prejudices about taking nutritional supplements and vitamins should forget. Modern vitamin complexes - this is again, our skin needs, and side effects from them - zero. If you take a good vitamin complex way, you can ward off the aging process - year 2 precisely.

16. No makeup By the way, also a negative factor for our face. Our mother, of course, were right when they said that to paint in 16 years - it is bad form. But to go without make-up every day, when you are more than 25 and - this is unacceptable. And not just because that go to work because it is not accepted. Make-up - is an extra protection for the skin from external factors. Especially if you are using modern means of good manufacturers who have and sunscreens, and moisturizing extracts.

17. The use of a personal vehicle. In this case you are inactive, you are in a prolonged state of stress, breathe in the exhaust, and if you find yourself stuck in traffic - it all becomes a threatening factor for the skin. No modern air conditioner is unable to do so, which the skin needs. Ironically, many experts advise to use for public transport. Because it is a way to get around most shows skin. Besides that you are protected from external influences, you remain the most active, the blood runs, the person is breathing. But the activity of a bicycle - is harmful, because the wind and changes in temperature - a very bad thing for the skin.

It is difficult for all of the above at once start the next, but should not get upset. Just know that any effort on themselves, on their bad habits in the future affect the most wonderful way to your appearance. After knowing about some of the factors that adversely affect the skin, of course, we exclude them completely fail, but to protect them from further - it is for us to reach.
Author: Julia Gnedina