How quickly put himself in order
 Sometimes you need to "urgently" look good. Of course, this woman is always looks great, but there are different situations - you have been "zaparka" at work, and you're almost a week until the morning sitting at the computer, cheering himself coffee.

After a week or working hours you would sleep 10-12, and then go on nature breath of fresh air, taking with him a reasonable amount of tasty and useful food. That's after the weekend - please - you'll be in the form cheerful and attractive. But sometimes we do not decide - what and when ...

What to do with bags under his eyes, a slightly swollen face, red eyes, gray skin face and dull hair? And after all this makeup is not zamaskiruesh - cosmetics should be used in the evening, with appropriate lighting, but day it will be too noticeable, but want to look good.

I propose to express the program of almost folk remedies.

  1. Eyes. 10 minutes.   Urgently make a bunch of parsley large glass of water. After 5-10 minutes, drain, half a glass quickly drink - it will help excrete the excess fluid. The leaves are rubbed with a small amount of infusion, put on your eyes, covered with a damp cotton pad. After 10 minutes, rinse, brush with your favorite cream for the skin around the eyes. Look carefully at the whites of the eyes - if the red, there is a burst blood vessels, look in the medicine cabinet eye drops - you can use any, relieving inflammation. You can "Vizualon", "Visine", "Tear natural", if not - you can usual "sulfacetamide," just do not use that had not been used (you do not want to be in this crucial moment, had a stroke of allergy). If there is no proven drops - it is better not to risk it - you can just pour in a bowl of iced tea, drop the person into the water and blinked a few times.

  2. The skin of the face. 20 minutes.   Be sure to apply the scrub. Very good tones face scrub of ground oatmeal and honey, but fit and ground coffee is almost powder, mixed with cream. However, no one bothers to take the usual Scrub with a shelf. For the "reanimation" skin will need a mask. Of course, you can quickly dissolve any mask from the bag, but if you use the people's money, that is proven and very simple mask. By the way, it is suitable for all skin types.
    Take a banana, banana eat himself, and gently scrape the skin of a teaspoon. The resulting mass is mixed with a teaspoon of sour cream (not necessarily very oily, you can even yogurt - but not acidic, suitable any bio-yogurt). Apply the mask with a thin layer on the face and neck, if left - you can and décolleté. Soak 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. Then the person put slices of cucumber or zucchini (2-3 minutes) - they are well tightened skin. Complete all can be any usual day cream for the face.   The procedures for eye and face can be combined - this will save you time.

  3. Body. 20 minutes.   For complete relaxation and to give yourself a happy kind of bath is not enough. Bath salt, essential oils (grapefruit, lavender, geranium, rosemary), and just a foam lift spirits, give the skin a healthy and well-groomed appearance. That's just too hot water should not be - 38-36 degrees, the better, of course, 35-36 degrees, but there's a question of habit. And if after bath rinse with cold water - supply of energy is provided to you. It remains to apply the cream for the body - and you'll feel like a queen!

  4. Hair. 30-40 minutes.   To improve the condition of hair can be just washed his head .  But properly wash! If time permits, you can make a mask .  First hair carefully combed, and then to do the hair (preferably not touch the scalp) cause the black bread, mashed with yogurt, wear a shower cap, wrap head with a towel .  After 20-30 minutes (as time permits) You can wash your hair .  This mask is more suitable for dark hair to light Hair can be easy to put on hair yogurt .  First apply the shampoo on your palm, little lather with water, then gently applied to the hair .  Movement must be from the roots to the tips .  In no case do not rub your hair ("washing" Hair in general is not allowed!), The motion must be Berezhnaya .  Scalp massage is not much need, just a little rub .  Rinse the shampoo with water and apply again .  At this time, you will need fewer .  That is now possible to massage the scalp .  Again - gently scrape is not necessary to .  And almost washed hair, comb like fingers together with shampoo - so you better than them promoet .  Now you can wash off the shampoo thoroughly rinsing the hair, again, do not forget that hand movements have to be from roots to tips .  As the rinse aid - and it need necessarily You can choose the same as usual, but very beautiful shine give dining spoon apple cider vinegar per liter of cool water .  You can use apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice .

    Dry hair should be the same way - gently dabbing, in any case, do not rub. When dry out a bit, you can comb and place. If you have the means to give extra shine to hair - they can be used. Such means are applied both on dry and on wet hair before or after stacking.

  5. Hands. 10-15 minutes.   In the salon there is no time careful manicure too. Well, a manicure can be done quickly. In bowl pour a liter of warm water, pour a tablespoon of salt (by the way, the salt Bath salt or special care for your hands will come in handy) throw up, so sit for 5-10 minutes. Then hands oil cream and gently a wooden spatula to push the cuticles (you can use a special tool to remove the cuticle, if any). Nail trim nail file. By the way, you can not paint. Nail polish nail file special polishing (or a polishing cloth) attached even painted nails healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Combining procedures can meet the 1, 5 hours. Not so much!

Well, it remains to choose the order, apply light make-up, a drop of spirits - you beautiful and charming! And that this would have a desire and a little time - well, that's your only female secret.
Author: Natalia Room