Makeup for legs ...
 In fashion outdoor shoes, sandals, and not only (this season at the peak of outdoor shoes, hiking shoes and even boots!). Therefore, pay attention to the look of your legs are as a person throughout the day. And it's not just the usual bath in the evening and the morning moisture. It seems that now the expression "go, powdered nose" is not entirely accurate, because the make-up is required to improve not only the face but also legs.

So, we have no doubt that you regularly care for your feet, pampering their aromatic baths, massages and hair removal, and regularly carry out a thorough exfoliation. But now we have a little more time to devote to them, and during the day. It is not so difficult. With the arrival of summer, you need to update your makeup for the summer, not only pure products for the face, you should also always have a few tools and to improve the appearance of the legs.

Funds for the legs to be put in the summer makeup:

Foot Powder.   A very important component in the make-up for the legs. Good tool immediately able to solve several problems. Firstly, the right kind powder will save you from excessive sweating of the feet. Second, the powder for the feet "works" as prevention from rubbing open shoes. Thirdly, the support legs in a dry, aesthetic condition and gives them a pleasant smell and the necessary tone. And fourthly, it gives the skin a feeling of velvet feet, tenderness and lightness, which is very important for a busy workday.

Moisturizing Foot Cream.   They definitely need to use following the adoption of water treatments. What we do. But during the day, he may need. Air conditioning of offices and car dries the skin and moisturize the feet at least once in the middle of the day did not hurt. The cream also need to have with those who have the problem of dry heels. It is unacceptable that the dry plaque was visible through the open shoes.

Cleansing Lotion.   If it's dusty, we came to the room, be sure to clear the face. The same must be done with the legs, especially since they are no longer "grasp" of dust, it is much more than the bottom than at eye level.

Deodorant wipes   also can help in cleansing, especially if you do not have a significant lead time.

Clear nail polish.   Active girls often have to move fast, several times a day change of the car in the subway, and the subway rush in the office or on the casting. That just does not happen that day! And it is likely that the nail polish can be scratched unforeseen obstacles. With a beautician even clear nail polish, you can quickly adjust spoiled pedicure. If possible, you can take with you and the lacquer, which made up the toenails, it's just not always possible, especially if the procedure you used to do in the cabin.

Polishing nail file   It will also help to correct a pedicure if there was something unpleasant. It makes it much easier than varnish, so it is very suitable modern girls running out of time!

Cooling gel for feet   a very useful tool to assist in the day to "charge" the legs with energy and vivacity. Pay attention to this medication if you prefer high heels. Indeed, in a shoe legs get tired a lot faster and a cooling gel or fluid can do wonders with your feet!

Avtobronzat.   If you use it, it is best to take it with him. The fact is that if you have to face a situation when you need a good cleansing of dirt or dust on the feet, the previously inflicted tanning can give divorce or irregularities. Especially if you have it applied only recently. Bottle that you take with you, align all defects and eliminate the inconvenience.

And yet a few simple rules for the care of the feet during the day:

1.   It is not necessary to convene a procedure makeup feet colleagues or acquaintances. If you tweak the makeup person in some situations even allowed in public, then tinker with the look of the legs still better in the ladies' room.

2.   If you wear stockings or pantyhose, it does not mean that for the day care of your feet is required. Almost all modern powder can be sprayed into the shoes and stockings. Monitor the moisture is also necessary even when you are in the stockings.

3.   Do not be upset if you saw an unshaven hair. And do not just try to get rid of him. Better to leave the procedure for the bathroom, in a non-sterile environment can only be "amass" irritation or inflammation of the skin.

4.   Spend enough time feet and your legs will answer activity and ease on the rise. Your day is so long, as you wish!

Modern make-up legs that you can buy today:

Make-up leg mouse from Yves Saint Laurent.   This universal bottle can replace several tools: a hybrid mousse foundation, cooling balm ... and stockings! Legs become honey shade, skin - smooth and fresh.

 Makeup for legs ...

Protective Moisturizing Body Veil Progressif Anti-age Solaire by Carita.   This facility will replace the usual moisturizer will give the legs an additional anti-age care.

Fluid (tonic) for feet with chamomile and menthol, Suda (Germany).   Freshens, deodorizes, disinfects, moisturizes, removes fatigue.

 Makeup for legs ...

Spray deodorant for feet, Suda (Germany).   It reduces sweating, prevents possible rubbing of the skin and the formation of blisters.

 Makeup for legs ...

Powder legs GEHWOL Fuspuder (Germany).   The special powder with the disinfectant active substances, clean and pleasant smell.

 Makeup for legs ...

Author: Julia Gnedina