Massage and exercises for the feet
 Foot care - an important task that should be carried out every day. Feet - our support and the support, so take care of them is necessary. After all, every day we are overcoming them a large number of kilometers, also on them is the greatest number of vital points.

How to massage your feet?

One of the important moments of everyday ritual of foot care is a foot massage. This is not only pleasant, but also useful occupation. The fact that there are points on the legs, which are responsible for virtually all of our bodies. By acting on them, we improve their own health.

Let's talk first about the ordinary massage, which helps to relieve stress, and sometimes may bring. So, how well do foot massage, whether you're currently doing it or someone else.

1. First, dip your feet in warm water. You can add to aromatic oils, sea salt, decoction of herbs, etc. Then dry your feet well.

 Massage and exercises for the feet

2. Now you can start to massage. First make sipping movement. Pull the foot first, all the way down, then up.

3. Apply oil or lotion. You can try to make just such a mixture: take 2 tablespoons any vegetable oil, add 3 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 drop of essential oils of chamomile and geranium.

4. Grasp the foot with both hands so that the thumbs turned on. And the stroke of lifting the foot. Movement should be strong enough. Massage your fingers.

5. Now, expand the stack. So that the thumbs were on the sole. And again in a circular motion massage, starting from the toes and ending with the heel.

6. Next, grasp the toes and gently rotate them.

7. Now massage each finger.

8. Next, grasp the foot with his hands and squeeze it lightly.

9. Then again massage the soles and lifting.

10. Again, a little pull.

The massage can bring a little bit of Chinese medicine and do acupressure . Perform it you can in two ways. Firstly, with the fingers, more phalanges rub the entire surface of the sole and ankle. And secondly, can, using the map of the foot, you affect the organs of interest. And he and the other way beneficial to the body.

There are appliances Swedish massage . So, here are the steps:

1. stroking movements distribute the oil or mixture of oils on foot.

2. Remember pad. Drawing the fingers like the heart, the base of which will be located at the foot basin.

3. From the mind of each finger swipe straight line, and from the heels, keep your fingers from pushing up on them to the tip of your finger.

4. Now grasp the toe of the two fingers of the hand. Front and rear. And gently squeeze it, thus making the motion to delay.

5. Next, massage the hand basin on the foot.

6. Thereafter clasp foot on both sides, so that four fingers of each hand were to rise, and the large soles. And perform motion as if you squeeze a foot. But not much. You will not be hurt.

7. And finally, place your thumbs one over the other on the heel. Now spread them apart, then put your finger on the lower top, and again apart. At the same time you press your fingers on the foot.

Exercises for the feet

However, to keep our feet healthy, a massage is not enough. From time to time it would be nice to spend gymnastics. This type of load is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the foot.

1. Alphabet. This exercise can be done in bed in the morning and evening. Toes in the air writing letters. You can select a few tracings and repeat the exercise in this case 3 times for each foot. Or you can take and write the entire alphabet.

2. scattered on the floor small items. And raise them with your fingers.

3. Place a cotton ball between your fingers and try to compress and decompress.

4. Attach a thumbs gum or elastic band. And stretch it using only your fingers.

5. Now wrap the ribbon or band around all fingers. And try to place the fingers, to stretch the tape (elastic). Repeat 10 times.

6. The regression towels. On a suitable surface, place a towel. Hold one end of one leg, the other end - the other, begin to roll up the towel with your fingers.

7. Take a small ball. Put him on foot and rolled leg. Repeat 10 times.

Care for themselves properly and be healthy.
Author: Vera Karabutova