Men's cosmetics: How to plant your man the desire to use it?
 Over the past two years, Cosmetics for the stronger sex made a tremendous leap! Arsenal male funds currently no poorer women. Add to this means of unisex. But how to teach his friend all this use?

Yes, it's too extreme, just to offer boyfriend lipstick (even men) or nail polish. But there are tools that are sure to enjoy it and not cause any doubts. After all, men's cosmetics are often also very functional. Just Introduce your boyfriend with these novelties (male holidays not so little, and you will certainly find the holiday without reason to give your loved something interesting), and the decision - to use or not, even if he will. Though somehow I think that after these means your partner will increasingly seen near the counter cosmetic boutiques. And this is great: and his benefits, and you will now be much easier to argue why you are buying the fourth tube of cream in the past month.

So, teaches, we suggest advise and hints!

1. Dear! Your feet need comfort! - You say and stretch a beautiful bag with modern facilities for the men's feet.

 Men's cosmetics: How to plant your man the desire to use it?

1. Softening anti-bacterial cream with minerals of the Dead Sea at night MEN, Inspire. 2. Perfumed talc to reduce sweating feet Gehwol. 3. Cream Deodorant for feet Green Mama. 4. Cooling gel for feet after sports Biotherm. 5. The protective coating for nails (nail male pedicure, sverhstoyky, transparent, matte) Nails For Mail, Orly.

Just a little gift, Explain your choice, but Argues not from his point of view (see, what box, oh, how it smells good, oh, how cute), and select the desired word and male, then chances are that your work is carried out not in vain. In the course are only

Iron arguments:
• Cracks and rough skin - it's not just unsightly (especially because this season in men's shoes the most relevant open items), but it can cause more serious illness, and then it - only to see a doctor.

• These funds are energized and renewed vigor for the whole day, which is so necessary to the modern business person.

• All men's feet means to eliminate the odor, this purely male problem is not ignored manufacturer of men's cosmetics.

• Men Care Foot necessarily have antibacterial protection, it helps prevent fungal diseases.

• Male nail polish is invisible, but needs to maintain the nails in a healthy condition.

• Even the Klitschko brothers (Kostya Tszyu, David Beckham, Yegor Titov, ...., Or whoever had authority?) That enjoy!

2. Honey, you always I'll be young and beautiful! - Quite sincerely tell you his handpicked and gently stretch bag with the logo of the strict and essential masculine set.

 Men's cosmetics: How to plant your man the desire to use it?

1. Emulsion moisturizing heals Normactiv Cg, Vichy homme. 2. Active anti-aging emulsion for the face, Age Fitness, Biotherm homme. 3. Oligotermalny moisturizing gel-cream for dry skin Aquapowder, Biotherm homme. 4. Moisturizer, increasing skin density Structure S, Vichy homme.

Iron arguments:
• Bottles men often produced with dispenser. This is very important because men are very much do not want to be like us during the procedure laying cream.

• The skin on the face tightens the muscles during exercise in the gym. Comparison with gym work required!

• The aging occurs in men, though at a later age, but swiftly. "Landslide aging" hard stop, but modern tools can slow down this process and turn not to the swift.

• Well-groomed men that proved professionals seeking the service more than those who ignore self-care.

3. Honey, I saw you annoyance! - Terrible word no, believe me. But mere words we do not limit ourselves, we will, as always cute, but very appropriate gift.

 Men's cosmetics: How to plant your man the desire to use it?

1. Restoring cream after shaving Q10, Nivea for men. 2. Hydra Energetic against the tightness of the skin Men Expert, L'Oreal. 3. Soothing After Shave Balm for sensitive skin Sensi Baume Ca, Vichy homme.

Iron arguments:
• During shave "cut off" too much of the stratum corneum, epidermis cells do not have time to recover, regenerate the skin to help special gels and creams.

• mikroranki from the razor blade may cause a skin infection.

• Men's funds are mainly low-fat and absorbs quickly, so do not be afraid to shine or sloppy appearance of the skin.

• moist skin is easier to shave, feeling at the same time much more pleasant.

• Up to smooth skin is much more pleasant to touch a woman!

4. Loved you the one-and-Which kind of tired! - Say you're upset and put on the shelf in the bathroom new funds.

 Men's cosmetics: How to plant your man the desire to use it?

1. Energy Gel anti-fatigue Clarins Men. 2. Toning Gel Cream, anti-aging Babor Men. 3. Immediately moisturizer Nickel spa for Men. 4. Moisturizing gelHydrix, Lancome.

Iron arguments:
• Stress is instantly reflected in the appearance and performance.

• Many of the anti-stress agent may be used instead of the normal aftershave.

• Aggressive media city (smog, automobile exhaust, air conditioning) accelerates the aging process, so you need the skin "eat" with minerals and vitamins, a healthy diet is necessary not only to us, but also our skin.

• Moisturize your skin is constantly needed, as well as the body as a whole requires sufficient moisture. Moisturizers can significantly delay the appearance of wrinkles.

• Power tools can extend your day. And the night!

5. Dear, bags under the eyes - it is ugly!   - This phrase should work, especially if it is accompanied by a small gift.

 Men's cosmetics: How to plant your man the desire to use it?

1. Firming anti-wrinkle cream for firming the skin around the eyes, Renergy 3D Yeux, Lancome. 2. Cream against dark circles under the eyes Yeu Alert, Kiehl's. 3. Correcting Cream Wrinkle Concentrate with tinted effect Reti-Fill, Vichy Homme. 4. Serum for skin around the eyes with a cooling effect High Recharge, Biotherm Homme.

Iron arguments:
• Dark circles - is a sign that your eyes need attention. A common cause - poor microcirculation of the skin, and modern facilities able to process "run" again.

• Mimic wrinkles in men is often deeper, therefore, require more powerful resources purely masculine.

• Men's funds are well absorbed, does not leave marks on the skin, providing immediate effect.

And one more question: How much can cost such gifts?
The answer might be: men's cosmetics in general is more expensive female similar means. Although, of course, much depends on the brand. Corporate male cream can cost from 500 to several thousand. Not worth saving, so to acquire the means to be only in the boutiques and licensed pharmacies. But the effectiveness of male cosmetics, nobody doubts. Let your partner will appreciate innovation and the development of modern cosmetology.
Author: Julia Gnedina