Pacified dry skin
 Consider the most common skin problems that occur in the winter, and the basic ways of solving them.

Winter is coming, and with it comes the cold wind, irritating the skin. Regular cold outside, the heat in the room are the main cause of the "ruin" our precious skin. And what do we do?

Boycott hot tub

There comes a terrible cold. And these frosty weekday increasingly make us turn to the main culprit of dry skin: long reception of a hot bath. A hot shower to remove all your skin's natural oils, without which the skin becomes dry and tightened. Water is better to make the average temperature, and after take a shower, do not wipe with a towel and gently pat yourself to them. This will keep the skin moisture. And be sure to put on your skin moisturizing body lotion, cream or oil.

Still using summer foods? Immediately stop

Use a rich cream instead of lotion has a great benefit to your skin. In light lotion texture, and it is not so softens the skin. Therefore, by changing the season, do not forget to change and the means for skin care.

Do not worry about wrinkles

Most winter women notice that wrinkles become deeper. In fact it is not - simply because of the dryness of the skin, they become more visible. So, if you look in the mirror and see the clean lines around the eyes and mouth - not to aggravate the situation, falling into depression. This temporarily. Instead, just let your skin relax and rest, helping her use of moisturizing creams and a good night sleep.

Moisturizes the skin

It is important to regularly moisturize the skin, and not only with cream. Take a relaxing bath with cool water until the fingertips start to "pucker." Actually, our skin absorbs water, which is very important.

Read the "structure"

Since our skin loses winter lipids (barrier which keeps the water), it is important to use tools which comprise lipids like ceramides popular. Recommend the use of stearic acid (tallow) and glycolipids, which may also help to prevent moisture loss.

Gather oils

This is the best time to use the flaxseed oil and fish oil. Containing Omega-3, these oils make the skin soft and supple. In addition, they improve its appearance and to protect against exposure to cold.

Avoid soap

Soap very dry skin, so it is best to use a liquid cleanser. For the greater good, choose moisturizers and cleanser containing natural plant extracts like chamomile or lavender, which are the natural "charging" for the skin. Such agents soothe and are ideal for chapped or cracked skin.