The perfect neckline. Part 2
 Décolleté and breasts - a unique decoration women. And if you do not remember the time necessary care, they, first of all, will be given the woman's age. Is it possible to postpone retirement?

Decollete - one of the most problematic and early starts to get old areas of our body. Experts came to the conclusion that the real age of the woman easiest to identify is not as hands and neck, namely the way looks her cleavage.

Cabin Care

To date, among the salon procedures are very popular all sorts of masks for the decollete that strengthen, tone and tighten the skin. They may consist of collagen and elastin, from brown algae and minerals. Drawing on this area of ​​various active "cocktails" in capsules helps solve a variety of problems in a very short period of time.

If you intend to permanently keep the "cut-chic" and decided to visit the beauty salon or studio, the program of skin care neck and neck and chest should contain several steps.


Professional cleansing neck and neck begins with the use of special cleaning agents. You can periodically do gentle exfoliation for dry skin to remove dead cells of the stratum corneum.

Skin Care

For skin smoothing mask used with active substances which improve the blood circulation. Most often used in the salons of beauty products with extracts of the leaves of the tree Ginkgo biloba, arnica, chestnut - all these plants increase blood circulation, slow down the aging process, the skin tone.

Nutritional treatments - fatty mask and cream - is also very useful for fine and dry skin decollete. Furthermore, you can enhance the effect of softening, smoothing, supplying drugs via vaporization.


Used for the massage and nourishing massage means for dry skin. Used mainly stroking movements aimed only upwards - from the collarbone to the chin. The remaining skin cream does not have to wipe off - it should be absorbed.

Tonizatsiya skin

For toning the skin compresses very helpful. After the procedure is necessary to soothe the skin, close the pores and prepare for exit from the passenger compartment into the street, where you will lurk again dust, sun and smog. A cold compress low-active substances will close the pores. Then applied to the skin nourishing base or moisturizer. If the skin is quite loose, with obvious signs of aging - modeling used or paraffin mask.

Cosmetics for neckline for home care

Smoothing and lifting

 The perfect neckline. Part 2
 Smoothing Cream for neck and neck "Carrot seed oil and protein raspberry" from Green Mama.   Carrot protein immediately gives the skin elasticity, and oil raspberries and carrots - natural sources of vitamins A, E and F - to moisturize, nourish and protect, prevent premature aging.

 The perfect neckline. Part 2
 Mask-Cream for neck and neck "Carrot protein and raspberry butter" from Green Mama.   It uses the product as a mask, but the ingredients absorbed into the skin as a cream. The structure includes an effective smoothing and anti-aging bioactive substances. Ekstansin (protein carrots replacing animal collagen), seed oil of raspberry, lime, marshmallow - give elasticity, firmness, moisturize and nourish. Hops, Rosemary and kalanchoe increase vitality, improve local blood circulation and lymph flow.

 The perfect neckline. Part 2
 Neck and Decollete Lifting Effect Treatment- lifting cream for the neck and decollete by HQ swiss made.   The cream moisturizes the skin by 82%, strengthens and smoothes the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté, thanks to shea butter in its composition. The tool also has a firming effect and helps get rid of the age wrinkles.


 The perfect neckline. Part 2
 DIOR CAPTURE ANTI-TACHES D-30 - Cream of age spots by Dior. Cream effectively removes and smooths out the dark spots on the skin of the face and neck. Basis cream - a modern biological complex D-30 (unique development DIOR). It can successfully correct the excess skin pigmentation caused by age-related changes, and solar radiation.

 The perfect neckline. Part 2
 WHITEAGE - eliminates dark spots Whitening Serum from Royal Effem. The product is deep impact created specifically to combat hyperpigmentation. As soon as possible to whiten dark spots caused by sun exposure, pregnancy, contraceptive use, age-related changes. Effectively whitens freckles. It prevents the appearance of age spots and has an intense effect on the existing ones, including freckles and spots of vitiligo. The special formula, including derivatives stabilized vitamin C and Complex SLC restores and brightens the skin and effectively protects it from solar radiation. Azeloglitsin bleaches, silk proteins give freshness and elasticity of the tissues.

Cosmetic camouflage

Unfortunately, despite even the most careful and regular maintenance, the skin in the upper chest so thin and delicate that it often visible blood vessels and fine wrinkles may appear dark spots and pimples. Therefore, if you have to exit out and you're going to wear a dress with a deep neckline, you can not do without makeup for the neck. Typically this zone is used quite dense tonal resources with a reflective effect. But when applying makeup is necessary to ensure that the tone of the face, neck and décolleté match.

Of particular relevance to the skin of the neckline is necessary if you want to keep it, a very prominent part of the body in the best possible way. In fact, it is possible not only to neutralize the effects of the natural fragility, protecting and caring may deliver a thin, poorly protected skin from nature "test of strength" that we (unknowingly) constantly arrange it.
Author: Inna Sedykh