Winter care for dry skin
 It is believed that the winter skin is always dry and weathered, but it is not so. It is necessary to find the right way to solve a problem such as dehydration.

In the winter we enjoy, wrapped in warm woolen jumpers, being near a warm fireplace, and too lazy to go out. But even in this case, the skin is exposed to the adverse effects of the winter weather. Its barrier is gradually losing strength. You can assume that in January and February - the most difficult months for the skin. On the one hand, it is true, because she is exhausted after the holidays. But do not forget, that the preparatory season begins in the fall, at which time the skin is already beginning to lose moisture. Thus, in an advantageous position are those who constantly uses moisturizers.


We also know that atopic dermatitis - the off-season is a hereditary disease, which, however, is exacerbated in the winter. Stimuli can act not only cosmetics, but also wool sweater - they cause allergic reactions. And with dry hated appear redness and itching. In this case you should use a gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer. Best products for sensitive skin, it has less additives that cause allergies. Talk to your doctor, he may prescribe you a special medical cosmetics. The most important thing - beware of those funds that dry the skin, otherwise you will only aggravate the situation.