5 Secrets to slim waist
 Elegant slender waist - a symbol of female sexuality and beauty prolongs life - scientists study suggests. How to reduce its volume without injury?

Caution on volume! Determine your rate

On the issue of waist, to strive to be the model parameters is not necessary, because every woman has its own norm. Learn it can be taken away from the growth of 100 centimeters or calculate 70 per cent of the hips at the widest point. Any dietary measures as well as training in fitness clubs, remove the thighs and waist tightening a corset to obtain the cherished 60 centimeters bring only harm. Normal waist depends solely on your body, and if nature would have it give you 72 centimeters better to leave everything as is.

Physical exercise

Wishing postroynet waist friends usually advised to start to download the press, but it is fundamentally not true. Exercises for the press is not able to make the waist narrower, rather the contrary. Their main task - to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which is impossible without building muscle. Last "lifts" the stomach, adding extra centimeters. Swing the press is possible, but only in conjunction with exercises for the muscles of the back and abdomen. The good effect is also provided torso in different directions. If you include exercise 5 different exercises on the basis of inclination (left-right, diagonal, back and forth) within three weeks of training effect will be noticeable.

Classes with a hoop - daily

Equally popular way to find a wasp waist is twisting the hoop. This device helps burn fat and gives a good anaerobic strain on the abdominal muscles, which actually "do" waist. But it is necessary to find its own approach. If prior to the course experience torsion hoop you have not had ever been, but for a long time, you can purchase a simple hulahup, not weighted. Engage with him to at least 10 minutes every day, because the training of shorter duration low efficiency. Hold your breath during the rotation is not recommended - for fat burning need oxygen. Nor should actively move the body, otherwise you can damage the spine.

Practice wraps

The course wraps home, not to mention the salon treatment, allow to quickly reduce centimeters in the waist and further tighten the skin. The effect is caused by the acceleration of blood circulation and lymph flow during the procedure, which, in turn, helps to cleanse the skin of toxins and eliminate excess fluid. Bonus hot wraps is to burn fat.

Three great ways:

Med.   Heat in a water bath 3 tablespoons of honey with 5 drops of oil of grapefruit, lemon or orange.

Clay.   Dilute blue cosmetic clay to a thick cream, add a couple drops of essential oil.

Seaweed.   2 tablespoons dried kelp (can be purchased at the pharmacy), pour hot water and infuse for 20-30 minutes.

How to apply?

Cooked mixture put on the skin in the waist area, cover with plastic wrap, wrap a warm scarf on top. Lay down under a blanket for 50-60 minutes. After the procedure, take a shower.

Wraps should be carried out in a day, the number of sessions should be at least ten. Two hours before and one hour after the procedure, refrain from eating.


Good effect on waist choreography, but the most effective are those of its direction as the Bellydance and Latin American dances.

Bellydance.   It improves muscle tone, tightens body. Intense rotation of the hips to "round up" to the waist extra centimeters, and the emissions of the abdomen and retraction are working press. As a nice bonus, you get strong legs, hip luxury, a healthy reproductive system.

Latin American dances.   One of the main movements - "eight" legs promotes weight loss thighs and buttocks, pulls up the press. The fat from the waist intensively "melts". Along the way, it accelerated metabolism, which serves as a preventative measure further accumulation of fat.

Learn to pinch massage

As the scientific research of Italian scientists, plucked daily sessions of massage are able to reduce the volume for the month fat pad at the waist by 5 centimeters.

How to spend?

The massage is performed in a standing position. Apply to clean skin cream. Then the thumb and forefinger of his right hand and grab a small portion of its knead Pinch. Follow the scheme: massaging the area around the navel, along the lines of the press and massage the sides. Do not apply too much effort, the skin should be just a little blush.

What tools to use?

Special cosmetics help tighten the skin and withdraw from it the excess fluid and toxins. Its use facilitates weight loss of at least one centimeter at the waist.

Cream for stomach and waist with a warming effect DUO GUAM

It tightens the skin tone the stomach, improves microcirculation, breaks down fatty deposits.

 5 Secrets to slim waist

Cream sculptor abdomen Ab Sculptor With Maritime Pine Bark Extracts from Phytomer

It has lipolytic effects and accelerate fat digestion, increases the tone of the skin of the abdomen.

 5 Secrets to slim waist

Collistar Abdomen and Hip Treatment

It acts directly on the problem area. Thanks to the extract of red pepper and menthol performs "vaso-motor" exercises (the effect of heating-cooling), which helps burn fat.

 5 Secrets to slim waist

Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova