6 phrases that our body is keen to tell us
 Body speak, of course, does not know how. Except for those signals that it is time for us from time to time sends a feeling of pain, hunger or fatigue, our body patiently endured the whims and from time to time - even bullying them. But if we imagine that the body is able to speak, what would it tell us?

1. "Hey! Stop criticizing me! "

So I will soon complexes ... Yeah, I'm not perfect. But this I created, and I do everything I can to you all was well: you to be healthy, active, many have time to feel attractive. I generally do not only gain weight, and you stand from place to place, I pumped your blood, every day I am at war with pathogenic bacteria and viruses, digest the food that you eat every day, and do many other important things, you do not notable. I'm tired of hearing criticism when you're standing in front of the mirror: not enough long legs, small breasts, the belly is not flat ... Watch out - because I can not believe you and be exactly what you expose me so hard! Love me, Exalt me, respect me - often praised, finally! We all love when people notice our efforts and achievements. We're partners, not enemies. You want to make me better - so do it!

2. "I have to do a good job, I need to be fed! "

And the food was good - quality, balanced diet, with a reasonable fat, protein and carbohydrates. I was not pleased with your attacks "starvation", or experimenting with different types of diets (without my interests and characteristics). And even more so I'm not happy with the "snacking" and "treats" that you "spoil" me at fast food restaurants. You might load, but I - no! And by the way, I warn you, in case you decide again "is not": I then put it off much more fat than usual.

3. "makes me move! "

Yes, we're both a little bit lazy. Pleasant to lie on the couch watching television than the "sweat" for fitness training. But it only seems. If I start to be lazy, everything goes awry: the internal organs often complain to me on this. Well I do not want you to do exercises in the morning, so at least go on foot more often, on the stairs, not the elevator goes well, or start going to the dance. Remember, you're making me work, I get to work your brain. As a result, you no longer have time or less wrong.

 6 phrases that our body is keen to tell us

4. "Get enough sleep! "

Forever you then all hands on deck, then a prolonged date, the film interesting and takooooe long! In order not to "shut down" at the wrong time, not "delight" chronic fatigue and you do not get sick in the offseason, I need a good rest. Without good sleep I need more energy (in the form of calories!) To do their job. And then it is not surprising that you often feel bouts of acute hunger.

5. "Forget what the brain says, listen to me! "

No, actually I do not want to eat. I'm thirsty! I do want to drink more often than it is, but you do not listen, and then are surprised that I did not get a little lose weight ... No, I do not want to eat when you're upset. The brain is very confused again! I want a warm bath with scented oils and soothing tea. And the brain is likely to be happy if you call a friend and tell about the reason for his bad mood ... It does not agree with the arguments of the brain: if now you go to bed, instead of late night hot finish a quarterly report, then tomorrow do everything is much faster and with fewer bugs.

 6 phrases that our body is keen to tell us

6. "spoil me more often! "

If you follow my advice №2, 3 and 4, from time to time you can indulge me. I love the pastries - and to assess their amazing taste I do not have to absorb 20 pieces. I like to be lazy in front of TV - especially if you and I have worked very well in training. However, I do not want to limit your imagination! There are many pleasant and useful ways to please me: a walk in the fresh air, a cup of green tea, fruit salad, loving embrace, meditation ...

In general, my dear, listen to me, correctly interprets my signal, remember my needs - and together we will turn back the mountain!
Author: Elena Timofeeva