Aerial yoga: try, it's fun!
 Aerial yoga - a completely new kind of exercise. Developer direction - a former gymnast Christopher Harrison. Task air yoga - stretch and strengthen the body without overloading for the joints.

Air yoga is also called aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga. This is not the classical yoga, and a modern fitness area, and it is called yoga because it uses only a few yoga poses. In fact, it is a mix of several areas of physical activity: Pilates, aerial acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics. And the main feature - the use of special classes for the hammock. Excellent opportunity to feel like a real aerial acrobat Cirque du Soleil.

Aerial Yoga - a fun activity, in contrast to the traditional yoga. You can experience a completely new experience, if you do the usual routine and yoga postures, hanging in a hammock. Training becomes very interesting.

Hammock helps make traditional yoga postures, maintaining body. But also lets you create new asanas. As a result, even the most difficult postures are achieved without effort.

Aerial Yoga refers to the types of rehabilitation load. Using a hammock helps relax and stretch the spine, muscles, prevent injury, to completely remove the stress on the joints.

 Aerial yoga: try, it's fun!

For beginners

Beginners do simple poses, breathing exercises, conventional swinging and balance exercises. But, do more advanced airborne complex movements such as a flips, spins and flips.

Beginners often do not enjoy the first class, as too squeezed and stretched. Therefore, the main advice - relax as much as possible, try not just to become a professional, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Just try to trust and lean body without fear in the hammock.

 Aerial yoga: try, it's fun!
  Aerial yoga: try, it's fun!

One of the main difficulties newcomers - overcoming fear. Yes, it is difficult to hover in the air without any support. There are also concerns "And my hammock stand there? ". These fears should disappear at the first lesson. First, do not worry, hammock holds up to 970 kgs! In addition, it can be mounted low to the floor or put it under the mat that at first did not worry about the fall. In any case, one should start with the easy postures, where the hammock accounts for only 50% of your weight is resting on the floor. And then move on to the full hover above the ground.

Equipment for air yoga

Hammock made from high-quality fabrics and high-strength fabric. Sold sling hammocks in different colors and sizes. You can use a hammock or several (for complex postures).

For fixing a hammock to the ceiling using climbing equipment. Needless to say, this is a very strong attachment to the mountains because they save people's lives.

 Aerial yoga: try, it's fun!

Home Edition

Engage in aerial yoga can be at home, if you can buy a hammock, and it is firmly fixed. In sports stores for home exercises sell special rungs, which are installed securely and does not threaten to fall.

If you plan to study at home, after the installation of the equipment is required to view the video tutorial on air yoga to properly perform exercises. When purchasing home equipment, to him, as a rule, be attached to the first textbooks poses.

Advantages of air yoga

- Aerial Yoga improves flexibility of the body, increases the force.

- Some view aerial yoga in addition to the usual fitness and the ability to have fun. These sessions really improve mood, add optimism and vigor.

- During the lessons to them and then drink water. Good hydration is needed. Some experience mild headaches for a long time when there are upside down, consumption of plain water will eliminate the pain.

- Aerial yoga not only promotes physical perfection, it clears the mind, improves memory.

- Aerial yoga effectively treats cellulite.

- The main indication for classes - if you have diseases of the spine, poor posture, some muscle problems.

- Aerial yoga activates digestive, lymphatic, circulatory system. This means that the body is well cleared, gets rid of toxins, rejuvenates.

 Aerial yoga: try, it's fun!

Aerial Yoga and Nutrition

Before classes you can eat a snack that you did not pursue the feeling of hunger. But the main meal should be abandoned. You can not have a tight 3-4 hours before training. Engage in aerial yoga should be on an empty stomach, because the hammock has a certain pressure on the stomach and intensive training can cause digestive problems.

Clothing for aerial yoga

Dress better in fitting tights and T-shirt with long sleeves. It is important to cover the knees tights. Some studios are prohibited to attend classes in a short sleeveless top for reasons of hygiene, to the hammock remained clean. However, there is a more important reason. The closing body clothing protects against abrasions, blisters. The fabric hammock rather silky, it glides well on the conventional cotton jersey, so choose fitting knitwear.

On the shoe do not worry. Usually, exercises are done barefoot, as with any yoga. But if you have calluses on the feet, they should wrap.

 Aerial yoga: try, it's fun!


- Do not stay upside down for too long, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure.

- Listen to your body. Any unpleasant symptoms (such as increased pressure or dizziness) - it is a signal that we should take an upright position.

- It is impossible to engage in aerial yoga in pregnancy.

- Contraindications middle ear disease.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin