As it is not necessary to lose weight. News from the world of slim
 A little bird. The same can be said about the ways and methods of weight loss. On the pages of glossy magazines and the more open spaces of the global Internet, you will discover a lot of trendy diets and tips for your fellow member fight with the current size of the clothing. ... Only now can we trust these tips? And if they do not cause harm to health?

Low-calorie diet

Who among us has not engaged in counting calories, using basic knowledge of mathematics or mini-applets "to help losing weight?" Who has not studied the caloric table to find out what hurt more - the salad with mayonnaise or a piece of roast pork? And who fainted from the sight on the cover of her favorite chocolates kalorazha? .. We are all, one way or another, are trying to "cut" calorie meals consumed appreciatively and stared at the menu, which on the contrary are given accurate numbers, "the army of our enemies." And it is in vain, among other things. Recently, scientists have found that low-calorie diets are not only our allies in getting rid of excess weight, but also in part contribute to the set kilograms.

The thing is that the lack of calories in the body causes a more intensive production of cortisol (stress hormone). This, in turn, makes it difficult to lose weight. As a result, the man not only gets rid of fat reserves, but also makes them more solid.

The researchers emphasize that whatever ways you did not cut caloric intake, long-term effects of weight loss unlikely to achieve. Cortisol is growing, and with it - your weight. No wonder they say that the key to successful weight loss - it is always a combination of correct diet and fitness program.

 As it is not necessary to lose weight. News from the world of slim
 Dry soups

In Australia, among the fairer sex a popular way to lose weight, consumption of dry soups and porridges. The popularity and growth in sales of the product found after scientists proved that dry soups reduce body weight. As a result, according to the researchers, 82% of women "hooked" on the product for this reason. Other 18% - business woman who just do not have time to cook a full breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Learning about the trend has spread, doctors grabbed his head. After all, food is not only dangerous to health, but can be life-threatening. Data collected by experts from the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention in Sydney, who have studied and analyzed the health data of 8,000 women aged 20 to 34 years.

The fact that the semi-finished - is the absence of nutrients (vitamins, trace elements) and high salt content. Power artificial soups and porridges is fraught with the development of gastritis and even stomach cancer. And this is only half the problem. According to study author Emily Rend, a high level of sodium disrupts the cardiovascular system, resulting in increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. 2% of subjects for these reasons already identified malignant tumors of the digestive organs, and found evidence of heart failure.

 As it is not necessary to lose weight. News from the world of slim
 Dietary pills

Careful ladies losing weight should relate to diet pills that are often touted epithets "safe" and "natural." Most fully synthetic drugs, but "get hooked" on them can be as real drugs.

Recently, scientists have deduced expose Brazilian manufacturers of diet pills that are actively sold over the Internet. The examination showed that the drug was a new-fangled dangerous mixture of amphetamines, tranquilizers and antidepressants. Many synthetic substances in the composition, which are harmful and addictive, completely denied the label "natural" in the jars.

In the United States struggle with diet pills has been going on for four years. Health authorities regularly warn citizens about the dangers of these drugs. However, dieters do not heed the warnings and continue to click on the "order", especially since no prescription for their purchase is required.

"In dozens of diet pills, positioned as natural dietary supplements, we found pharmaceutical ingredients, - said study author Dr. Peter Cohen of Harvard Medical School. - When you get these pills through the Internet, you have no idea what to buy. Unfortunately, their composition is not controlled as tightly as the composition of drugs, so there it is possible to push anything. In fact, dietary supplements are considered to be harmless until such time as their health risk is not confirmed by the authorities. "

Dr. Cohen told the story of 29-year-old woman who has formed a real dependence on diet pills. Amphetamines, tranquilizers and antidepressants did their job - she got into huge debts to pay for the drugs. When she went to doctors, it had to be treated for a true break-up.

 As it is not necessary to lose weight. News from the world of slim
 Carbohydrates in the morning

There are many options useful-harmful breakfast: positioned as desired, and in fact even more provoking hunger. For example, losing weight for bread or yogurt (sugar, how many!). Morning is best to start with eggs that are not only a long time, "extinguish" the appetite, but also really help to lose weight.

The experimental results showed that the famine in various ways to come to the volunteers, depending on what they had breakfast. It is best to help eat the eggs - as opposed to the bakery, the memory of which escapes from the stomach in a matter of 1-2 hours, after which the body is demanding to eat.

But that is not all. The fact that the participants in the experiment, had breakfast eggs during the day to consume 400 calories less than their collegial "bakers". In general, the ship name, so it will float as you start the morning, so then in the mirror will look. Someone with disgust, some - with love ...

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya