Concluding slimming
 Many women and girls in the summer months concerned the figure sitting on a diet, but closer to the cold days in late August - early September, completing them. But doctors and nutritionists say that to lose weight easier than later to keep the weight.

Coming out of a period of diets need to be very careful. More Lomonosov at the time noted that after Lent in Russia significantly increased mortality. It happened because people, after a long abstinence, literally pounced on the fat and flour products.

Therefore, even after finishing the diet, can not be immediately swept away from the shelves of the refrigerator products, which have long been banned. Meat, sausage, bakery departments are still not worth visiting, going to the meat, fish, vegetables, dairy shops.

 Concluding slimming

Those products, of which long had to abandon in the diet gradually introduced microscopic portions.

There should continue to be small portions, but more often. Only in this way can be saved and a thin waist and health.

Diversify help spice taste, which are now sold in large quantities: cinnamon, nutmeg can help to limit the need for sweet.

Nutritionists advise to use for eating blue and blue plates, while there should be slowly, carefully perezhёvyvaya each piece.

But vegetables need to be very different in color - white cabbage, beets blue, grape, orange carrots, pumpkin, citrus, dates, brown, red radishes, tomatoes, green onions, parsley, dill. This variety of colors most favorable impact on the shape and health.

 Concluding slimming

Also, not to get better again, the body must do sufficient amount of vitamins and fiber, which are found in vegetables, fruits, herbs.

Food, nutritionists advise to prepare themselves and take it prepared his own food with you to work. Business lunches and semi-finished products are not for those who want to preserve harmony.

In addition, physicians are advised to always keep on hand mineral water without gas. Most often, a couple of sips of this water starts to be played interrupted appetite.

Moreover, the liquid removes toxins and other harmful substances.

You should not be tempted to lunch, tea and sugar, cappuccino coffee, cola, juice from the package.

For snacks must also take home fresh and dried fruit, they do not "put off" at the waist, but it will improve your mood and increase efficiency.

During the lunch break, even if light rain drizzles, it is better to go for a walk. This not only leads to a decrease in appetite and calm the nerves.

 Concluding slimming

Psychologists advise to avoid stressful situations, which also contribute to weight gain. It is necessary to master the art of diplomacy, to avoid confrontation at work and at home. In any situation, experts recommend finding a good.

Almost all of us, alas, do not like to do housework. But even a simple apartment cleaning, cooking, helping to burn 200 to 400 calories. Not to mention washing windows and spring cleaning. Hated the way of homework, except for weight loss can extract useful. For example, Agatha Christie said that the subjects of his detectives she invented it for the hook or utensils.

And we can also, doing cleaning, think about your plans for tomorrow, to remember foreign words, to train memory and much more.

 Concluding slimming

It turns out to not gain weight thrown back, it is very important to get enough sleep. Insomnia, experts say, contributes to the appearance of a wolf the appetite.   But the dream of an hour before midnight, not only makes us more beautiful, slows the aging process, but also burns calories.

Weight loss also contribute to the hugs, kisses and sincere smile.

By following these simple tips, we will maintain a stable weight until next summer, and there can and still lose weight, if required for health and beauty.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva