"Divan" Gymnastics
 - Oh, is now engaged in Pilates and all of belly!
- What do you mean. Now all obsessed with a strip dance. And that's how it stretching, here.
- And you, what kind of sport do you prefer?
- What do you mean, a husband, a child, I come home from work tired. Hands and feet are not lifted.
- And I have a patient's back, and legs hurt. And with my weight, what gymnastics.

So I do the same. Look listen, that hard, it is expensive. Hardly moving. Maybe start with? Right now, without getting up from the couch.

Our spine and joints do not get enough of the load, start decrepit, lose mobility. And coming calories, if they do not burn and traffic load will inevitably settle on the hips, buttocks, abdomen and chin. It is a vicious circle. Ankylosing less wiggle, gain weight, increases the load on the musculoskeletal system, trudneё move. Ring become isolated! Let's try to get out of the ring?

Generally, sports associated with heavy physical activity, active movement, but to burn calories and to clean up their muscles can be a lot less effort and without spending special time. It -Classes breathing exercises, hidden gymnastics, stretching exercises.

 "Divan" Gymnastics
 Breathing exercises

To master this exercise is lying, but you can perform in any comfortable position: standing at the stove, taking a shower, sitting comfortably in an armchair in front of a TV. An indispensable condition - a free, no contracting body, clothing, and focus on your breathing rate.

So, lie down on a flat surface (sofa, bed, floor), legs slightly bent, we place the right hand on the abdomen and left chest. Take a deep breath through your nose, filling the chest, hold your breath for a few seconds, and takes another breath, at the same time, the maximum filling the abdominal cavity. The abdomen should maximize swell, rounded. Air lingers in the body for ten more seconds and then exhale slowly through the mouth, through the slightly parted lips. Exhale should be in two stages: first, pushing part of the air at the same time to draw sharp stomach, hold your breath and exhale in full. Doing interval, and all over again: we fill the chest, interval, inflate the abdomen.

This breathing exercises useful for intestines, relieves constipation, massages the internal wall of the peritoneum. Due to the strengthening of the processes of metabolism there is a rejuvenation of body fat burning. You will see a significant effect after regular classes for at least a month. Exercise should be done for ten to fifteen minutes several times a day.

 "Divan" Gymnastics
 Hidden gymnastics

So called queued tension and relaxation of muscles.
Abdominal muscles.   Maximum vypuchit stomach strain abdominal wall for a few seconds, and then the abdomen as possible to draw again until you feel tension, relax. Repeat again.

The muscles of the back.   Hands, preferably slightly bent, clenched in a fist, squeeze very tight to the body so as to feel the tension in the upper arms and back muscles. Pressure should continue for 10-15 seconds. Relax and repeat again.

The muscles of the buttocks and thighs.   Strain the muscles of the buttocks, while sucking the anus, at the same time to strain the muscles of the thigh leg, hold tension, relax.

The muscles of the legs.   Fasten socks feet in the direction of the knee, with the muscle strain roe. Hold tension, then relax.

This exercise should be done 25-30 times several times a day, ideally every hour or two. Perform exercises can be hidden anywhere, sitting, standing, lying down. You can talk on the phone, watch TV, read a book, sit at the computer. Exercises for the muscles of the buttocks removes hemorrhoids, men and prostatitis.

 "Divan" Gymnastics
 Stretching exercises

Try to put your head on your left shoulder, then to the right. Now try to touch the chin chest. This kind of test on the condition of your spine. If you have completed all this easy and painless, your spine is in excellent condition, otherwise the pain will show you problem areas. All stretching exercises are intended to restore the flexibility of the spine and muscles -uprugost and elasticity.

The first set of exercises
• The slow pace gat head alternately left and right shoulder.
Chin touch the chest, then slowly tossing his head, trying to pull the lower jaw up to the feeling of tension.
• Maximum turn your head alternately to the right and left shoulder, stopping at every turn.
• Pull alternately left and right hand up, slowly, his head resting on the opposite shoulder. Try to pull out all the side until you feel the muscle tension.

The second set of exercises
• Extend both arms up, pulled them all over, until you feel tension.
• Do tilts releasing hands. Left hand up - slope strictly sideways as low as possible, slowly, to a voltage.
• Hands take slightly back (like wings), slightly bend back to the tension of the muscles of the back, snap back, relax.
• Feet together, hands spread out to the sides, slowly lean forward, as low as possible, and the person to try to pull up, engage, then join hands ahead, try to arch your back up, with arms reaching out to the floor.

Stretching exercises are done every 15-30 times, several times a day. They can also be done lying down, standing, sitting. They are very accessible, easy to run. The effect comes from the frequent repetition of mild stress on the muscles and spine. Try it, you'll like.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky