Eat less
 It's no secret that the main cause of obesity is a systematic overeating. Can you resist the next couple of juicy zrazy or piece of cake? Can! Dieticians not only remind us of the old, well-established methods, but also invent new ones.

Cooking and believe

Prepare a lot - definitely bad. And not just because the food is heated by a much less useful than freshly prepared. The fact that a large dutch oven potatoes with meat or homemade scones, which would be enough for an entire class of children - is a high probability of "relentless fight to win." That is a continuous eating goodies to the moment when all would be "liquidated." We perfectly know this from the experience of the New Year with his "non-stop" walking to the refrigerator, Easter, when no one can stay until the cake will be eaten last. The inevitable consequence - overeating, "broken" the stomach and excess weight.

There is a solution - cook evenly on the family and so had no choice. This, incidentally, it is reasonable from a financial point of view - the food is not lost. And, of course, is safe for the figure, as looming in front of you does not pan that is filled with bitter tears "have to eat, otherwise be lost."

 Eat less

The stock does not repair woes?

After the war, people exhausted shortage of everything, have stocked food and matches. If you have also developed "survival instinct" that is, when there is no food in the house, you feel anxiety and uncertainty, you can buy "safe" products for the figure. For example, cereals. With sweets, including semi-finished products (roll in 15 minutes - just lay out the contents of the form and put it in the oven), this practice is not necessary. Sooner or later there comes a time when going to the store for dessert laziness, but if there is something good to eat at home, there is no strength to resist. Do not create such a situation - no nakupalis baking, citing the excuse "and suddenly will glance away." If you look away, they just have to do something to bring to the tea. Well, if you will not do - you do not know about their arrival.

The quieter you go, the further you'll get

The main psychological and physiological problem associated with the food - it's a rush. We eat quickly, often snacking on the go, so do not have time to enjoy the food. The stomach does not have time to "report" the brain is already full, and we continue to chew on, being sure that the hungry. All this leads to overeating, and all this could be easily avoided if the purchase habit of eating slowly and not be distracted while in the other case. From this position is equally bad and the computer, and a television, and newspapers. So if you have to eat only 5 minutes, it is better ... do not eat at all. The benefits of such a meal will not be - only one weight. Wait will be able to eat normally, and while a snack apple.

 Eat less

Diary knows

Tool control eaten for the most conscious - a food diary. Just write down everything you eat. With the diary is much easier to go to a dietitian or to adjust your diet. And most importantly - the paper does not lie and do not exaggerate. All that you really eat. In your power to make a difference. For example, if you have noticed for themselves, that by 11 hours on the job you hit a terrible famine, and you are ready to eat anything - and waffles, and biscuits and candy, "insure" themselves from this situation - to put it in the bag an apple and a bag of yogurt . When hunger begins his attack, you'll be ready for it.

Science never sleeps

Taiwanese scientists have presented to the world an invention that can help those who can not find effective diet and bringeth forth his nutritionist complaints futility of trying to regain a slender figure. Experts from Taiwan University have invented a miracle device. Accelerometer - a device which is an artificial tooth. It not only determines the number of stores and eaten and drunk, and sends that information via Bluetooth to e-mail your nutritionist. Scientists suggest that using the accelerometer, you can monitor the patient's diet, after slimming often dissemble, saying how much they try postroynet.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya