Fashion for harmony
 Slim figure continues to be fashionable, but a struggle for her to date, more than a dozen years. Fortunately, the harmony is not meant by a unnatural thinness, and the current generation of fashionistas do not need to harass a hunger to achieve the ideal, that is, become pale and thin, with protruding collarbones, sunken belly and skinny arms and legs.

Models on the catwalk is now gradually taking a more feminine look, because in many countries, even at the legislative level have banned use for fashion show of models with a large underweight. In advertising in recent years and largely claimed a woman with a perfectly normal parameters, and there are even scientific studies: British scientists seem to have found that a woman with toned (but not skinny!) Forms on the advertising image provokes consumer demand much more effective than skinny mannequin.

But let us still distinguish "anorexic thinness" of healthy lean and athletic fit. But the fashion for a healthy harmony, do not think it will never take place.

And what could be more beautiful shapely, toned body? Here are just a way to slimness is not through starvation diets and exhausting, but through a healthy lifestyle - a balanced diet, physical activity, restful sleep. Yes, it is not accelerated "fast method" for the week of 10 kilograms is not reset, and adhere to the rules of a healthy harmony must be constantly, but the result is the harmony will be permanent!

Thus, we consider the rules of a slim figure in more detail, they are simple and do not require large expenditures, perhaps you even know them, but in the bustle of everyday life, we often forget to perform the most basic steps that will really help to lose weight, give sports tightened figure, will add luster eyes.

 Fashion for harmony
 Slimming and nutrition
It is enough to slightly change the habits correct accents on these or other products, and in many cases is already enough to gradually lose weight and correct figure. Simple principles of a healthy diet keep our nerves, stomach and did not require us tremendous effort.

- Firstly, before breakfast drink a glass of warm water to the gastrointestinal tract joined.

- Second, do not skip breakfast. This can be porridge, cereal, salad, cheese, or eggs. By the way, oatmeal improves the complexion, if you use it regularly. Especially useful protein breakfast, it triggers the production of norepinephrine, which activates the whole body.

- Lunch and afternoon tea are also needed. They will satisfy your hunger, and you do not devour food at lunch or dinner. It is desirable that the intervals between meals do not exceed 4 hours, but the portions are very small.

- Third, try not to eat after 18-19 pm. Anyway, between the last meal and bedtime must be at least 2-3 hours. If you are hungry, just drink green tea with honey. By the way green tea (3 to 5 cups a day) has the ability to accelerate the metabolism that is very conducive to weight loss, but also has more variety of useful features. According to studies, people who drink green tea three times a day, your metabolism speeds up to 4%, which means you can burn extra 60 calories a day.

- Foods that burn fat, include grapefruit, pineapple, pomelo, oranges. These fruits are rich in essential oils and organic acids, which activate the digestion, accelerate the metabolism, in addition, trace elements in their composition reduce insulin levels and thereby reduce appetite. Famous fat burners - kiwi, zucchini, broccoli.

- The salads sure to add celery - this is the best friend of your harmony, there are a lot of fiber, it is rich in nutrients, they are: Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, K, PP, micronutrients - iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium. Celery is considered by nutritionists product with a negative-calorie, ie the body spends more calories to digest the celery, than it receives from it.

- Do not deny yourself favorite foods and treats, just do not overdo their quantity, and even try to love healthy foods.

 Fashion for harmony
 Physical activity
Movement - that's life, is the health and harmony. The human body is designed for movement, but that the figure was beautiful and harmonious development, movements should be varied and load different muscle groups. Of course, we all know about fitness, in recent years, clubs are very popular. Programs in such clubs include: training in the gym (with a coach or yourself), training in the aerobic hall (classes of different styles and directions, intensity and complexity), playing lessons (volleyball, tennis, etc.) And as a supplement massage, sauna .

If you have the opportunity to attend classes in the fitness club - excellent, they will undoubtedly bring many benefits and positive impact on the figure. However, few are willing to regularly go to the gym too fast life in the modern world, and spend an hour or two for the majority - a luxury. But there are techniques which can be engaged at home, while providing a good result, one of them is the "Pilates".

Pilates is often compared to yoga, a lot in common - both of these techniques focus on slowly and smoothly exercises, and breathing exercises. But if yoga is static, then Pilates is a dynamic and many occupations seem more diverse and interesting. However, here too, that someone like! Yoga is also very good for the formation of a beautiful toned figure.

Movement - is not only a fitness class or in a special system. The usual morning exercise, stretching exercises, walking briskly, jogging, climbing stairs usual, all this - how to diversify their movements.

A great way to lose weight and gain harmony are dancing. Besides, it did not particularly matter what - fit and belly dancing, and modern fitness trends (Zumba, a strip of plastic, body-ballet, etc.). Dancing is one of the best options for the active physical activity, and at the same time an exciting experience that gives a lot of positive emotions and enhances self-esteem.

It will be useful from time to time to change the look of their exercise. After all, there is a dependency - the longer and the more you do any kind of physical activity, the more your body gets used to it, and the effectiveness of training is reduced, fewer calories are burned. If you want to increase the metabolic rate, change, at least for a time, type of exercise.

 Fashion for harmony
 Sleep and rest
The cause of the extra kilos may be banal lack of sleep. Experimentally validated, complete and healthy sleep of at least 8 hours, promotes weight loss. Sleep directly affects the hormonal balance of the body. Enough sleep have produced much of the hormone ghrelin, responsible for feelings of hunger, but leptin, a hormone that transmits brain command to stop eating after stomach is filled, respectively, produced less. Ghrelin and leptin imbalance causes excessive appetite, and as a consequence - obesity. The experiments showed, if only two nights to sleep for 2-3 hours shorter than normal, our bodies begin to produce 15% more ghrelin, and 15% less leptin. That is, the brain receives a signal that we lack 900 kilocalories a day, and hunger will force arose to catch up.

A second positive point fully extended sleep - one that does not sleep eat requests. If you dine in, say, 18 or 19 hours, and 23 hours may not sleep, the body will begin to file alarms: it is time to have a snack! Here and run over those extra calories!

 Fashion for harmony
 Also important psychological aspect. After all, everything is interconnected! If you do not regularly get enough sleep, your body starts to wear and enters the constant stress that we are trying to seize. It is found that 30% of people fattening it nervosa.

So, do not be nervous, and even more so do not be nervous because of the fact that to gain the coveted harmony does not work hurriedly, in a short time, or by a certain date. It is not necessary to sacrifice the health of harmony! Slim, health and beauty - is a process of long lifetime, but the process is real. Add to your lifestyle healthy habits, get rid of harmful and sweet dreams of fashionable slim figure will certainly become a reality.
Author: Olga Travleeva