Inspired by harmony
 Slim, beautiful posture, harmoniously developed body - the dream of every woman and girl. But you can not only dream, but also to work on the realization of their dreams in life, and the degree of realization of this depends largely on us, even taking into account the factor of heredity. In principle, almost any data source (except the really quite serious anomalies) can ensure that your figure will look smart, attractive, minimize disadvantages and make invisible.

Most often, women are particularly meticulously shape and length of his legs, waist circumference of the bust, buttocks and outline bedёr .  Well there is good news - everything is amenable to adjustment! And not only surgical, with a scalpel, hardware designs and special yarns, but also quite natural, through targeted exercise .  Using lessons three main components - the exercises with weights, aerobics and diet plus exercise here, some of the special gymnastics and yoga, you can achieve amazing results .  Expect that help one thing you should not .  All methods for the formation of a beautiful female silhouette in a complex work: exercises with weights seal and tighten muscle tissue, aerobics burns excess fat, balanced diet that does not allow excesses to form .  The exercises of yoga help align posture and normalize breathing .  And we know - proper breathing saturates the body with oxygen and moderate movement, entered into a habit, help keep the muscle tone, the body charged with energy, which just should be sufficient, and that would have to compete for their shapeliness .

 Inspired by harmony

  Legs: Better shape and lengthen

Formula harmonious legs depends on growth - it is believed that the ideal would be the following relationship:

  - With the growth of women from 161 to 167 cm leg length should be 84 - 89 cm, thigh circumference must be 56 to 57 centimeters, and the lower leg - from 34 to 35 centimeters;

  - When increasing from 168 to 174 cm, length of the legs - from 90 to 94 cm, hip circumference - from 57 to 58 cm, Shin - from 35 to 36 cm.

  - With growth of 175 to 180 centimeters, the ideal length of the legs 95 -100 cm circumference of the femur and tibia 58 -59 and 37-38 cm, respectively.

 Inspired by harmony

Well, what do you do if the legs do not fit into this framework? Something to do it is still possible, and there are now quite effective technique. I do not mean anthropometric cosmetology oriented surgery and techniques based on traffic - including regular jogging, jumping rope, kicking, or multiple swings on each leg. After intensive training they provided a long rest in a position where the feet hang down freely, preferably with weights on the legs. Contribute leg lengthening exercises to stretch them, may themselves legs, and make the length of it, but in the classroom tightened buttocks (which itself is not bad) and thus legs look longer than a couple of centimeters. Here is one of such exercises:

*   Get on your knees, hands and elbows lean on the floor. Pull back leg so that it formed a straight line with the back, trying to lift his leg higher as possible, sock goes down, drag heel. After reaching the limit, strained his buttocks and kept pulling his leg six seconds. Repeating for each leg three times.

 Inspired by harmony

Several lengthen the legs can be engaged in dancing, ballet, kickboxing.

And, of course, posture - is the first thing is to remember the girl that wants to lengthen the legs. Even long legs, good shape, seem ugly when bent back, and on the other hand, adds straight back legs a few centimeters.

Better than the length amenable to adjusting the shape and volume of the legs, which depend not only on the thickness of the bones of the femur and tibia, and also on the development of major muscle groups.

A lot of grief deliver girls ugly form of the tibia (especially bow legs) - sometimes it becomes a huge complex, poison life.

And from the point of view of health crooked legs - risk factor, and can cause early arthrosis of the knee. Fortunately, the problem is solvable curves of the legs, with such anomalies successfully fought with the help of Ilizarov apparatus and its advanced counterparts. Well, you can try and special exercises.

 Inspired by harmony

The following exercise increases the calf, and thus visually aligns the tibia:

*   Stand up straight, hands - on your belt, slowly rising on the toes (you should feel the strain calf muscles), fall. Perform each exercise, starting with the 10 times daily and increasing the number of repetitions for 3.

Activities such as step aerobics, jogging, jumping rope, stretching exercises (the muscles are stretched in length, are not as bulky), - also have a positive impact on the shapely legs.

Keep your back, lift the chest

One of the most effective exercises that help make the beautiful back muscles - the rise of the body from the "lying on his stomach."

  Starting position - lying on his stomach, left hand on the back of his head, right arm extended to the side, legs together. Keeping his feet on the floor, lift your upper body, back of the head are drawn up. And so it should be done 16 times.

To improve the shape of the breast as it is possible using a set of simple special exercises. This push-ups from the floor and wall, circular swings his arms, squeezing the dumbbell from a prone position, hands in front of chest compression (when the palms are joined and firmly pressed against each other for a few seconds, followed by relaxation and repeat). Such a seemingly simple exercise, in fact it is very effective for the development of the necessary, in this case the muscle.

And of course, every day We perform an elementary exercise - getting back to the wall, check your posture. Blades should be together, chest lifted forward, but on the contrary the stomach retracted. That's the way we maintain not only your back straight, and "holds" the chest. Well, of course, that posture was beautiful, get rid of bad habits for the state of the bust slouch. Constantly hunched back will not add appeal to you or your chest. So try to walk straight, chest and she rushed up and go!

Working on waist, stomach tightens

Waist - a sore spot for many. And it's not only the lack of a clear waist visually spoil the figure of a woman, it is also dangerous. The fat in the abdominal area, and not subcutaneous and deep, the so-called visceral, much more harmful to health than fat in other parts of the body. Numerous studies prove conclusively the link between abdominal (in the abdomen and waist) with the risk of fat reserves to buy diabetes, colon cancer and some other serious illnesses.

 Inspired by harmony

  But fortunately, this kind of fat is very sensitive to changes in diet, including calorie and respect, and to aerobic physical exercise (aerobics, jogging, dancing, skiing, swimming).

We should also mention the special physical exercises for the muscles of the abdomen and abdominal - a squat, rocking the press, bending and other exercises. Undoubtedly, they are useful for the formation of the waist, strengthen core abdominal muscles, back muscles and limbs.

For example, a great exercise - "vacuum" is designed specifically for the abdominal muscles:

*   take a deep breath, bend, pulling the fingers to the ground, trying to squeeze all the muscles of the abdomen to the back, hold your breath, at the expense of 10-straight, and breathe out.

This exercise trains the muscles, which are difficult to exploring, normalizes function of internal organs and, in general, and among other activities, promotes the formation of the beautiful shape of the abdomen and waist.

 Inspired by harmony

We are working on the buttocks

Are you unhappy with the shape, volume and outline his buttocks? The problem can be overcome and, moreover, in many ways.

  Simple and at the same time the most effective exercises - squats common, especially their version of the "door":

*   both hands on the doorknob and slowly arching back, sit down, as if you want to sit on a chair. The upper part of the body at the same time always remains straight, and the muscles of the buttocks due to the deflection worked out much better than the usual squat.

  Effective exercise dropped against the buttocks:

*   kneel, hands on waist, sinks to the floor, one by one, first on left cheek, then on the right, and so ... to fatigue.

  Very useful "Walking on the buttocks" back and forth. Through this exercise, improve blood circulation, tightens muscles, besides a "walking" - can be regarded as genuine and effective massage.

Running, dancing, gymnastics, even climbing stairs - is a good workout for the glutes.

 Inspired by harmony

But what about the weight?   Is not he the main evil with which we are fighting, working on a beautiful and slim figure? Watching how much of that excess weight, and it is located on the body. Well-developed muscles are able to make a beautiful figure and even more curvaceous, giving it elegance and stateliness. So the phrase "the trouble is not in excess weight, but how you wear it," still holds partly, at least, if not a lot of extra kilos.

  And still want to give one piece of advice. Having set a goal and moving to achieve it, without fanaticism, proceed carefully as unreasonable burden on the body are the main cause of failures, injuries, and "put an end" to all good endeavors.
Author: Olga Travleeva