Local correction of problem areas: losing weight with the help of cosmetics
 Reset total body weight is much easier than to drive away the fat in a particular area. If, during the weight loss abdomen, buttocks, hips and the region, "breeches" matter amenable to correction, it's time to pay attention to the special makeup.

When we sit down on a diet before the mind's eye usually occur paintings positive result - a thin waist, firm buttocks and shapely legs. To achieve the above outcome is difficult - problem areas of the female figure to lose weight "are not willing to" break up the fat is not willing, and if they lend themselves to modeling, then become dull appearance. Since the problem is not new, and the solution for it has already been found. To accelerate weight loss in these areas will help to special funds called "lipolytic cosmetics."

Lipolytic cosmetics - what is it?

This type of makeup is a means in which structure contains components that enhance blood circulation and lymph flow, tone the skin and providing it drain effects. Such cosmetics able to eliminate swelling and reduce (remove) cellulite.

In itself it is not very effective. To get the desired result should be applied during the process of losing weight on a par with physical activity and a healthy diet. The above amounts due to acceleration of the process helps break down fat in the body due to its own resources.

Area "breeches"

Under the breeches usually involve the hips, which does not look aesthetically pleasing due to its location on the body fat and cellulite. Recent visually distort the proportions of the figure, causing discomfort in women and complexes. To solve the problem with cosmetics help lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite components.

Attention!   If you suffer from varicose veins, use cosmetics, which is composed of warming means (bee venom, red pepper) is prohibited not only in the area of ​​the thighs and hips. If contraindications to the use you do not, apply makeup on the problem area from the bottom up, so its effect will be more intense.

Objective: To enhance the effect.   To accelerate the process of losing weight in the breeches, as well as to give an attractive shape possible by means of canned massage. Special cans purchased at the pharmacy. Use them on the skin must be pre-greased lipolytic agent. Carefully drive a jar on the surface (avoiding the inside of the thighs) for ten minutes, no more frequently than once every three days.

 Local correction of problem areas: losing weight with the help of cosmetics

Abdomen, hips

Lipolytic preparations for the body are very popular. Manufacturers constantly improving their composition, so to list the ingredients that are recommended for areas of the abdomen and sides in view of their large number is difficult. Selecting means guided by its effects, stated in the instructions.

Attention!   If the purpose of weight loss you visit the gym, carefully read the instructions to the account application specific instructions. The fact that some lipolytic drugs are more effective if they are used strictly to training, during training (polyethylene wrapping problem area on top means) or after them.

Objective: To enhance the effect.   To make the waist thinner is necessary to operate as follows: the first stage - the stimulation of microcirculation in the problem area (the task can handle green tea extract), the second stage - the tightening of the skin (used funds from vitamins A, C, E and group B), the third stage - drainage measures (an extract of ivy and horse chestnut).

It should be borne coating method means:

- Creams, gels and serums rubbed in a circular massaging movements;
- Warming masks, creams, and packs after drawing is coated with polyethylene.

 Local correction of problem areas: losing weight with the help of cosmetics


Cosmetic slimming buttocks is selected depending on the underlying cause accumulation of body fat on them. Nutritionists have identified three possible factors:

- Overeating;
- Lack of exercise (limited physical activity);
- Fluid retention.

Attention!   If you remove the first two factors is possible without the efforts of third parties (change eating habits, introduce exercise), the third deal can sometimes only be a specialist. The expert will recommend lymph drainage medication, stimulating the outflow of fluid from the problem area. Its members may include essential oils of mint, ivy extract, menthol, camphor. As an accompanying funds used anti-cellulite cosmetics. As part of the latter may contain essential oils of grapefruit, hibiscus extracts and algae, caffeine.

Objective: To enhance the effect.   If unsightly buttocks - the main problem of your figure, the regular use of special means will solve it. Maintain problem area is in good condition with drugs designed to lipolytic, firming and anti-cellulite effect.

When your weight reaches the desired value, it is not necessary immediately to cancel the lipolytic agent. To save the acquired forms encouraged to continue their use once or twice a week.
Author: Natalia Bartukova