Overview of hybrid fitness plans
 In recent years, the fitness gained immense popularity among hybrid sports training plans, which are the unexpected combination of elements of various traditional fitness programs with live or dance highlights. In this article we will try to sort out all these innovations and will review existing hybrid fitness plans.

In the arsenal of many sports clubs are increasing offers fitness programs to combat elements. The most common in this respect, fitness mix called tai-bo . Its author - a famous Hollywood actor, a multiple world champion in karate, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and US champion in boxing Billy Blanks. Its author's training involves active feet ("tie" in Korean means "leg"). In addition, tai-bo incorporates elements of karate, taekwondo, boxing, aerobics and even dance. Often (but not necessarily for the courage and more) classes in tai-bo held in boxing gloves. Also, some coaches offer their wards exercise with a punching bag. Although the morale, which is impregnated with tai-bo, melee does not suggest such an occupation.

Varieties are tai-bo a-box   and fitboks And its slower version - Kibo . Last training plan - eliminates sharp bumps and more like a smooth dance.

Fighting class   - Involves mixing boxing, kickboxing and Taekwondo. In this respect, training is actively used sports equipment such as the legs, bags, etc.

The intensity of the movement during exercise is constantly changing. A mandatory final element of fighting class are relaxation exercises.

Another hybrid training, now popular among Hollywood celebrities is Budokon   Its author is Shane Cameron - a man who from an early age he studied martial arts, worked as a bodyguard for many Hollywood celebrities who participated in the production of scenes for Jackie Chan .  His brainchild of fitness combines elements of yoga, meditation and martial arts .  In this first part of the class is devoted to breathing exercises, learning the martial elements and yoga .  The second is an integral part of meditation is Budokon .  Through regular training improves coordination, concentration, memory, dexterity and so on . d .  An important part of the philosophy of Budokon a special diet, which excludes the use of meat and sugar .  The basis of the power of this should be the food of plant origin - vegetables, grains, fruits, natural honey .  Beliefs budokontsa - calmness, poise, moderation in all things, respect their parents, teachers and themselves .  Among famous supporters Budokon can distinguish Jennifer Aniston, Chris Tucker, Amber Valletta and Meg Ryan .

Piloksing   - Is another fitness hybrid popular "star environment." The author of the program is to coach from California Vivica Jensen, among whose clients star Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff and others. Training on piloksingu held in special gloves, weighting agents, or simply with two dumbbells in his hands. The program itself is a very good combination of elements of boxing and Pilates.

Along with the fitness hybrids with a predominance of combat elements, sports clubs and actively offer their customers a sports program with dance elements. All of them, as a rule, take place under the fiery music and provide a powerful cardio. These areas primarily include Capoeira Having a solid history, its own philosophy, a number of varieties that combine in different proportions of the elements of combat, dance and acrobatics. Demonstrations of masters of capoeira - an unforgettable fascinating spectacle.

Zumba-Fitness   immersing you in the Latin American rhythms cha-cha-cha, mambo, salsa, bachata, cumbia, reggaeton, calypso, African, Bollywood, merengue and samba, to teach the characteristic movements of the dance styles. And all this in the form of fitness training with guaranteed slimming effect and fit. The author of the program - Latin American choreographer Beto Perez.

ButiDens   or as it is called "booty shaking" will acquaint you with an incredibly sexy African dance culture. Plastic movement, rotation of the hips and abdomen, hitting her hips, the vibration, the ability of one of the gluteal muscles to move in isolation from each other, as well as an art to perform complex rhythmic pattern buttocks, isolating the upper body from the bottom - this is not a complete list of what you will learn ButiDens. The characteristic music for a workout - samba, rap, R & B and reggae. Among the international celebrities involved butidens and use its elements in his work may be noted Shakira, Beyonce and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Whichever of the modern hybrid fitness program you choose, remember that the greatest effect of sports training plan should be changed every 3-4 months. So feel free to experiment!

Photography - Jan Podlesnaya
Author: Natalia Hryshko