Perfect body - everything in our power!
 Perfect body, perfect figure, the ideal form of the hips and breasts - a fairy tale or a real possibility? In the race "for the perfect" we find new ways and means to achieve the cherished, guided by natural means Beauty. To do this, it is not necessary to go under the surgeon's scalpel, and plagued by strict diets. The most natural way - sports, which we will discuss today.

Many stars of domestic and foreign show business prefer classes in gyms (gyms / fitness centers) with a personal trainer (Vera Brezhnev, Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kristin Davis), martial arts (Jennifer Aniston Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightley), jogging / walking and cycling / inline skating (Janet Jackson, Meg Ryan, Salma Hayek), winter sports (Demi Moore), diving (Natalie Portman), self-employed home from the usual aerobics to yoga (Zhanna Friske, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss, Eva Mendes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jodie Foster) and others.

Any exercise on the body provide :
1. Increase flexibility, endurance and physical strength of the body;
2. Strengthening the muscles and its mobility, increase the elasticity of tendons and ligaments;
3. Increasing the body's resistance to various diseases;
4. Weight loss, improvement of figure;
5. Vivacity and energy for the body to relax and enjoy the exercise.

To get the effect of the long-awaited Starting from the first class, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:
- The regularity and frequency of sessions
- Select program complexity
- The complexity and priority loads
- Diet
- Good mood

Gyms / gyms / fitness centers
When you visit the gym to be aware of some important points, and clear rules:

1. Before visiting the primary need to be trained in safety and operation of simulators to avoid injury;

2. Use of the gym is only in the special sports clothing and footwear (shoes with rubber soles or grooved);

3. Any workout should start with a simple warm-up or stretching;

4. Do not use the maximum load on simulators during the initial visit to the hall;

5. It is not recommended to visit and during the use of perfumes with a pungent odor.

A fitness center to date include a varied program of group and individual classes: aerobics, pilates, stretching, yoga, weight training, shaping, etc.

 Perfect body - everything in our power!
   Scientific evidence shows that people who are engaged aerobics   or expose themselves to other physical activities are less prone to depression and stress. Thus aerobics is very useful for mental health as well as physical. If you are a long time sitting in front of your computer or your activity is associated with a fixed or sedentary work, the aerobic exercise for you. Aerobics will help you keep yourself in good shape.

 Perfect body - everything in our power!
 The system of exercises - Pilates   - Established over a hundred years ago. With this method improves posture and coordination of the body, strengthens the back muscles and the press, increasing flexibility. Pilates classes are shown in fitness clubs and home to people of all ages and with different levels of physical fitness. The central role given to the press in Pilates, which, according to the founder of the method, contains all the energy of the human body. Pilates teaches to live and move, keep your posture and correct breathing.

 Perfect body - everything in our power!
 Stretching   is a set of exercises aimed at developing flexibility. This technique increases the tone and elasticity of the muscles, improve coordination, helps muscles recover from stress, enriching them with oxygen and essential nutrients to be effective during rehabilitation after injury.

Running / walking / cycling
Utilization of the working day and the constant rush, especially in metropolitan areas, leaves no time and effort to visit fitness centers and gyms. If you strongly want, you can organize walks to and from work, before going to bed and on weekends. It is important during these walks follow the breath and perform useful breathing exercises. For example, training for the press to be breathing the stomach, tensing and relaxing muscles. On weekends during family hiking you can enjoy not only the beauty of nature but also communicating with loved ones and those close to you.

 Perfect body - everything in our power!
 The best time to run - the morning on an empty stomach, and when burned three times more calories than running around in the daytime. Perfect place - a forest, a park or stadium. Length - 20-45 minutes. Of course, it all depends on the goal - what you run, so the evening runs at least effective. While running, the man not only burns calories, but also strengthens the muscles of the legs, improves overall energy and fights depression. Jogging fills the entire circulatory system with oxygen, thereby improving health.

Today, if you have decided on the first run, then we must remember that running, like any exercise, you must start slowly and pre-workout, eventually increasing the mileage and speed. Adaptation of the body will take place depending on the individual physical condition of each of you.

 Perfect body - everything in our power!
   Walking on the bike, you can make it a habit for the whole family. In this way, you will maintain good health, burn calories (an average of 20 minutes = 300 calories), to develop physical stamina and drive the activity of all muscle groups. The main condition of success - it is the continuity of employment. Classes cycling also bring significant results, but the gym - it's still not the nature and fresh air, which is a plus, and even bring positive emotions.

It is interesting:   20-30 minutes of jogging, brisk walking or cycling in the evening to help the body burn calories even after you've go to bed.

"Running on the waves"
Swimming helps to strengthen the heart muscles and respiratory system (shortness of breath avoids after run) is shown as a therapy joints and muscles from injury and therapy after stress, helps in weight loss, and water aerobics classes are very useful for pregnant women and people suffering from diseases of the spine.

Today, water aerobics - is an alternative to aerobics. What is important is the fact that during the occupation takes place in water water massage organs and tissues, activates the metabolism, more intensively supplied with blood almost that promotes rapid removal of toxins from the body.

It is interesting:   1 lesson in water = 3 sessions in the gym; walking at 6 km / h - loss 360 kcal / h, the loss of water - 720 kcal / h.

To explain this fact is very simple: water pressure is ten times more air pressure, so every movement in the water a person has to spend a lot more effort, including calories.

Water aerobics classes, as well as any other, must begin with a warm-up period of 10-15 minutes. 20-30 minutes is given to the basic training process. The same time you need to spend, and then to strengthen muscle strength and cardio-vascular system. Lesson completed rehabilitation exercises for another 5-10 minutes.

"Home Sport"
As we had not called home fitness exercises, each of which has a positive effect on our body. It is only important to understand what time of day your body is more predisposed to physical stress. In turn, the American experts believe that the most effective exercise is the morning on an empty stomach and evening before bedtime.

 Perfect body - everything in our power!
 For sports home requires compliance with certain conditions:
- A well-ventilated room with moderate temperature;
- Easy and free movement for clothing;
- To complete the exercises on the floor - a special mat or blanket;
- Music for the mood and rhythm of some exercises.

For morning exercise will suit the most simple exercises: squats, walking on the ground, turns to the side, torso rotation, lifting legs, exercises for the hands, shoulders, neck, etc.

Kathy Keller, a personal trainer Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, we recommend that you squat over. To this must be expanded on the floor 10 of playing cards at a certain distance from each other. Sit down and pick up the first card, and then go up and step to the next. Sit down and put the first card to the second. Stand up, sit down, raise one of the cards, stand up. Then lower for the second card. When in the hands of two cards will, step in the direction of the third. Observe the sequence of movements in the course of the gathering of all 10 cards, and hold the back straight and the center of gravity to the heel.

Classes with dumbbells can be carried out by an average of 3-4 times per week, rising by 8-10 times, and their weight can vary from 1 to 7 kg.

If you choose Pilates, which can be engaged not only in the fitness center, but also at home, it should be remembered that all exercises of this method are slow and require full concentration and control system of breathing techniques and performance.

And they say that the ideals do not happen, but we are constantly striving to him, changing and improving. Turn your sports habit and above all - enjoy yourself! I choose walking and morning exercises throughout the year, but winter further - skiing and skating. And I love you!
Author: Alesya Marchenko