The goal: to quickly get in shape. We spend the day fasting
 The abundant holiday feast give beautiful moments hanging out with family, relatives and friends. However, these gatherings are also a significant disadvantage. Measure it can with a high degree of accuracy - in grams and centimeters. What to take action, if the waist increased its volume, and the scales show the "real" price of fries, salad "Tenderness" and jellied fish?

The best option to quickly get in shape is considered to be holding a fasting day. Many women engage in from time to time sitting on kefir, buckwheat or apples. But to be an easy day to arrange wisely, otherwise you will not only not solve the problem, but also do harm to their own health.

Fasting day on all the rules

Under the discharge day compliance professionals understand the special diet of short-term, limited range and quantity of products. Arrange them recommended not only as prevention of overweight, but also to improve health in some diseases. Easy day is able to normalize the metabolism, rid the body of accumulated metabolic products, improve diets.

There are two types of fasting days:

Depending on the nutrients in the diet:
- Protein - meat, fish, cottage cheese;
- Fat - cream, sour cream;
- Carbohydrate - vegetables, fruit, cereals.

Depending on the type of predominant products:
- Milk;
- Meat;
- Vegetarian;
- Fish;
- Liquid;
- Sugar.

Before the fasting days should be considered contraindications. First, it is - bad portability. Manifested headaches, sharp pains in the abdomen, nausea, fainting, low blood pressure, sleep deprivation, mood swings and other unpleasant and sometimes dangerous health conditions during dieting. If you experience these symptoms on the day of discharge should be forgotten. Next fasting day (required another type) can be planned only after the recovery of the body and on the supervision of a physician.

Contraindications for fasting days is also a lack of body weight and type 1 diabetes.

Healthy people the right fasting day will bring only benefits, especially after overeating situation (at the weekend, during holidays, etc.).

Discharge day schedule

The frequency of discharges depends on the goal that you are pursuing. If you are struggling with weight gain and volume due to the feasts, it is necessary to hold them in the next day or strictly through the day. But if you arrange easy days you recommend a doctor according to the state of your health, it is better to plan their weekend. For example, unloading two days a week can be assigned to Saturday and Sunday. If for any reason the discharge fall on weekdays, make sure that you do not have to do hard physical work hard to play sports or participate in brainstorming.

Light days can include a normal diet or a diet to alternate. Change the type of discharge optional: you can for several days to stick to one type.

 The goal: to quickly get in shape. We spend the day fasting

Apple unloading

It will be useful for obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diseases of the biliary tract, kidneys and liver. The daily ration included 1, 5 kilograms of raw apples to be consumed five receptions - conventionally 300 grams each. If your medical card appear kidney disease or cardiovascular system, be sure to add to the diet of 80 grams of sugar a day. In the case of chronic colitis disease, complicated by diarrhea, better to eat apples in grated form.

Kefir discharge

It involves the use of buttermilk sixfold 1-1, 5% fat throughout the day. The nominal amount for one time should be equal to 200-250 milliliters. Thus, you'll need about 1, 2, -1, 1, 5 liters of yogurt. This type of discharge is useful in those cases, as well as malic unloading, as well as gout and type 2 diabetes. The downside of this fasting day can be a disorder of the intestine (30% of men). Alternatively, you can spend kefir fasting day on milk (have warm), yogurt and other types of low-fat kislomolochki.

Vegetable unloading

It involves following a diet that includes all kinds of vegetables - cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce and herbs. This type of discharge will be useful for hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes. Five times a day you need to eat about 300 grams of salad from vegetables which can be refilled with lemon juice, vegetable oil, and even sour cream (in proportion per meal). Sticking to this diet may be for several days.

Unloading on porridge

A good option for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The advantage of this discharge becomes no hunger and tolerability. It is necessary to prepare porridge on the water or 1, 5% milk to eventually get 700 grams of finished product. It must be divided into five equal portions and eat during the day, supplementing the diet of a cup of tea or infusion of rose hips.

 The goal: to quickly get in shape. We spend the day fasting

Unloading on fish or boiled beef

Protein unloading is very effective when the weight stopped losing weight (plateau effect). It should be four to five times a day to eat a portion of the product weighing less than 70 grams. It can be boiled beef or fish without salt. You can supplement the diet with fresh vegetables (up to one kilogram per day) and a few cups of coffee or tea without sugar.

Benefits of fasting days is not in doubt. Hold them as necessary for the sake of your own health!
Author: Natalia Bartukova