The most popular myths about sugar
 Of course, a lot of sugar is harmful. There are studies that say that on average, we eat in the day about 22 teaspoons of sugar. If this is so, then it's a lot. Check yourself, everything you know about sugar. This will help get rid of misconceptions about sugars, as well as form a correct attitude towards it.

Every coin has two sides. Examining some of our errors, we can say that they are only partially true, and it is not necessary to take everything at face value, most importantly - listen to your body and its nature. But the myths and misconceptions are always questioning.

Myth 1. For the most part, we get sugar from sweets and chocolates . Most people think that the sugar we get from chocolates. And it is worth to give up sweets and sugar consumption will decrease. In reality, not only are candy sugar nm. Very much sugar we get from carbonated beverages and a variety of popular sauces. A tablespoon of tomato ketchup, for example, contains an entire teaspoon of sugar.

Myth 2. The sugar contained in fruits and sugar, which is in cakes - different things . Everyone knows that the fruit contains sugar. But many people think that it is some other, more useful sugar. But it is not so! Sugar is there the same. Except that it is in fruits at lower concentrations, moreover, it comes together with vitamins and minerals. While both sugar and cakes, of course, much slower than it is combusted by the body, thereby increasing blood sugar, blood pressure increases. Therefore, the sugar - the same, but the effect is really different.

 The most popular myths about sugar

Myth 3. Sugar causes diabetes . Diabetes and sugar, however, are linked. But it is not so simple. The most common type II diabetes, and it is often caused by overeating. Overeating sugars, including, but not limited to. Too much food is eaten, it causes the body to produce more glucose, which in turn requires the body to produce more insulin. Too much insulin as a result of this process is absorbed by cells, which eventually will not be able to process incoming growing insulin. This leads to a lot of sugar in the blood. Therefore, sugar diabetes and, of course, related, since diabetes is called "sugar", but not limited to sugar - the cause of diabetes.

Myth 4. Sugar can cause aging of the skin . Unfortunately, it is not misleading, it really is. Collagen - a protein that keeps our skin in an elastic state, keeps skin young structure. But when collagen binds to sugar, it loses its ability to make the skin supple, and we can look much older, the skin loses its youth. Well, a good incentive to abandon sugar, if it acts as a good anti-age cream!

 The most popular myths about sugar

Myth 5. Sugar is the cause of hyperactivity . Many people believe that sugar causes hyperactivity, and this is especially seen in children. Everyone saw how children behave at parties with candy and birthday cake. However, studies show that in fact to blame for not sugar. Excitement leads to the release of adrenaline, which causes hyperactivity, not sugar. A lover of fitness, too vain people think that if they eat sweets before training, they will actively move. This does not work". Sugar is also not energizer for us, that is not energizing.

Myth 6. Sugar causes weight gain . Almost everyone believes that in order to lose weight, you need to give up sugar. But actually, no sugar causes weight gain. Under normal conditions, the normal power mode, carbohydrates (including sugars) are not converted into fat. And, among other things, sugar contains less calories (per 1 gram) than alcohol or protein. However, some dependence is still there, and it is also impossible to deny. Sugar causes a decrease in insulin, which leads to the fact that we feel tired and hungry. That this effect can affect sugar that want to have more that lead to weight gain.

 The most popular myths about sugar

Myth 7. Sugar - it's still sugar . But this may be exactly agree. Whatever we call it, no matter what new varieties did not appear in our lives, still sugar - it is sugar, and its effect on the body is quite certain. Brown sugar, palm sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, fructose, concentrate the fructose, glucose, dextrose, honey, lactose, maltose, molasses, raw sugar, sucrose, ... - all this sugar. So do not be fooled by the new names. Just know that it is not in vain with the sugar so many caveats associated specialist nutritionists. Sugar we need, but its excessive consumption can become a health risk. A moderate consumption of sugars is absolutely harmless to the body.
Author: Olga Larsen